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Solar Hot Water Ipswich


The City of Ipswich Council recognises the benefits of solar hot water. They say

“For most Queensland households, around 35 percent of annual energy use is for hot water. However, by using the sun’s energy with a Solar Hot Water System to heat water, the average household can reduce its annual hot water costs by around 85 percent when compared to conventional electric systems. As well as costing less to run, solar hot water systems have a significant environmental benefit as their reduced energy use means less greenhouse gases produced.”

In fact, the climate of Ipswich, with it’s sunshine, warm weather and hunidity, means that you can choose from all of the solar hot water technologies on the market.

So what are the best solar hot water systems for Ipswich?

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On-the-roof Hot Water Systems

Flat panels work well when you have a north facing roof area to use. This is the technolgy you’ve seen around for the last 50+ years. It was pioneered by Solahart, and can be found today as Edwards, Rheem, Solargain, Solahart and others.

Enter Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems


About 30 years ago, an advance on the older flat plate technology was introduced to the market. This was called evacuated tube solar hot water.

Instead of a flat plate that lost efficiency in the morning and in the afternoon, the geometry of the tubes effectively tracked the sun throughout the day, increasing efficiency.

Leading brands include Apricus and Solargain.

Heat Pumps: Solar Hot Water Heaters Go Topless

Many people can’t take advantage of these two technologies.. they have no north-facing roof; their roof is shaded; they are heritage-listed, or Mum or Dad simply don’t want a system on the roof visible from the street. If you’re one of those people, you can take heart. There’s a solar hot water system designed just for you. It sits outside the house, much like an ordinary hot water storage tank. It’s called a heat pump, and it’s pretty clever. In a nutshell, it uses a little bit of electricity to extract a large amount of free heat from the air. While the idea is clever, the technology is very familiar. It’s the same gear as in your fridge, freezer and air conditioner, except it’s running in reverse. The longest-established brand is Quantum.

Heat Pumps: The Solar Hot Water Systems That Work At Night, When it’s Cloudy- 24/7!

So, there’s no ‘bleeding edge’ technology to worry about- just a clever application of existing technology, that gives you cheap hot water 24/7. That’s right- heat pumps give you solar hot water at night. There’s still plenty of heat in the air at night. Heat pumps don’t have to worry about direct sunlight, either. It can be 100% thick cloud, but your heat pump will be happily working away with the warmth in the air.

Choose The System That Suits YOU Best

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