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Team Poly Water Tanks

In Australia’s most populated regions, Team Poly water tanks are a common option for residential, commercial, and industrial water storage.

People know Team Poly most for:

  • 30 years of high-quality water tank production 
  • Operating nationally as a part of NPI Group
  • Continuous commitment to the environment 


If you’re sorting through Australian water tanks manufacturers, then chances are that you’ve heard of this large company. Team Poly’s accreditations and products have allowed them to become one of the most popular water tank brands in Australia, which models to fit nearly every property and capacity demand. 

Homeowners, businesses, and industrial organizations are all able to benefit from Team Poly’s long-lasting water tanks. While their products are not going to be the best choice in every instance, the price and variety of Team Poly’s water tanks qualify them for consideration on any Australian property.  

Team Poly Water Tanks – Company Background

Team Poly is an Australian owned and operated company that has been producing and selling high-quality water tanks since 1990. In their first three decades in business, Team Poly has installed over 1 million water tanks nationwide and has become one of the most well-known companies in the space.

In addition to traditional home water tanks, Team Poly has branched out into several other water storage solutions for larger capacities and eco-friendly options. Team Poly is ISO 9001 certified and is currently based in Lonsdale, South Australia as part of the NPI Group. The company’s commitment to the environment is evidenced by its low-emission factory and contributions to reforestation projects.

Today, the company’s large network of installers allows Team Poly water tanks to be purchased and delivered all over the country. Primarily, Team Poly water tanks are used in Southern Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Northern Territory. 

Team Poly Product Range

Deriving their name from the materials in the products, Team Poly focuses on manufacturing 100% food grade (BPA free) polyethylene water tanks. The company has a wide range of water tank sizes and shapes, with a commitment to affordable, lightweight, and durable solutions.

The most popular products in their range are:

Round Tanks

First, Team Poly’s round water tanks are the most traditional water tanks that they produce. Round tanks can be sized to meet virtually any water demand, with a few different shapes to fit on most Australian properties. Team Poly round water tanks can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications with a 25-year warranty on every model. 

Variety of tank shapes – Although the bottom is always round, Team Poly’s ordinary water tanks come in a large variety of heights and widths. The company manufactures squat and slim tanks in addition to traditional, circular shapes. 

With this, round tanks can fit practically any property within or outside of a major city. As a bonus, Team Poly’s round water tanks come in a variety of colour choices to best fit the scenery including white, green, red, tan, and more depending on local availability (more on water tank colours here).   

Capacities under and over 10KL – Although the classification of “round tanks” casts a wide net, Team Poly has designated a line in the sand at tanks of 10KL capacity. Here, anything under 10KL is generally reserved for homes and small businesses, whereas tanks over 10KL can be used for apartment buildings, hotels, agriculture, and more.  

As capacity increases, Team Poly includes more reinforcement. Every water tank above 5,000L has tapered walls for increased durability. This benefit is on top of the material’s naturally corrosive and UV resistant design.  

Easy construction – Above all else, Team Poly’s round water tanks are easy to install and maintain. The lightweight, one-piece construction frame is easily transported to your property and in a working condition nearly instantly. Compared to other water tanks, these aspects considerably lower the costs of delivery and installation for Team Poly products. 

Baobab Water Tanks

Secondly, we’d like to feature Team Poly’s Baobab Water Tanks. While these tanks may look an awful lot like the round tanks above, the function of the Baobab Tanks is entirely different. 

Rainwater harvesting – Baobab Tanks are Team Poly’s premier line of rainwater harvesting systems. The high-quality poly tanks are fitted with specialized strainers to filter out leaves and debris from naturally falling rainwater.  

In each Baobab Tank, there are multiple outlets to fit the property’s water systems. The lid is also very easily removed for simple cleaning. If you have an off-grid home or would simply like to incorporate rainwater harvesting on your property, Baobab Water Tanks are a great option. 

Three different capacities (and lots of colors) – If you’re lucky enough to live in a region of Australia with ample rainfall, Team Poly offers standard Baobab tanks up to 5,000L of storage capacity. While large tanks can be incorporated into a roof design, smaller tanks are slim enough to fit on most residential properties. 

Whenever you decide which capacity best fits your needs, the next step is to land on a color. This may be tough, as the 5,000 L Baobab Water Tank comes in over 20 different colors! 

25-year warranty – Best of all, Team Poly includes their standard 25-year prorated warranty on Baobab tanks, as they are largely the same as the round tanks in material quality and design. With this in mind, Austriailinas interested in rainwater harvesting can easily afford to invest in a low-cost Team Poly Baobab Water Tank with the assurance that it will deliver a long product lifespan.  

Underdeck Water Tanks

Along with bladder tanks and underground tanks, underdeck water tanks are a popular means of storing water in otherwise “dead” space (particularly if you have a limited outdoor footprint). Team Poly has introduced a specific solution designed to help Australians with large deck spaces to be able to inconspicuously store water.

Two capacities – Team Poly manufactures a 1000L and a 2000L Underdeck Water Tank. If your deck is raised on stilts, then there is a very good chance that either one of these tanks will fit in the space below. In rare instances, some digging may be necessary to fit a Team Poly Underdeck Tank beneath a ground-level outdoor living area. 

Slim design – The Underdeck Water Tanks are rectangular and intended for low-maintenance water storage beneath a large deck. Both the 1000L and 2000L models are merely 1,225mm wide and 2,420mm long. The only difference between the two is a 310mm increase in the height of the tank. 

Limited availability – Unfortunately, Team Poly’s Underdeck Water Tanks are limited only to a few select regions of the country. While other parts of Australia generally have more space, Team Poly’s Underdeck Water Tanks are only available where residents need it most: in NSW, South Australia, and Victoria.

Slimline Water Tanks

For homeowners without a deck, slimline water tanks are a great, space-saving solutions for Australian water storage. Inner-city and suburban residents are able to maximize their storage capacity nicely with Team Poly’s Slimline Tanks. 

Endless Options – Within the Slimline realm, Team Poly currently manufactures four distinct models: the Thintank, Razor, Modular, and Aqua Spring Slimline Water Tanks. Each of these models comes at different capacities, dimensions, and colors as well. Choosing between designs is largely going to be determined by the property’s available space as well as the budget and price point.

Easy linking tanks together – To make it even easier, like all of Team Poly’s tanks, Slimline tanks can be linked together for optimal storage. With this in mind, residences with small spaces between buildings can easily accommodate a few small, slim tanks, rather than one large round one. 

Rainwater harvesting – Within the Slimline range, Team Poly offers both water storage and rainwater harvesting products and accessories. Knowing this, large fence-like designs such as the Thintank make it possible to harvest and store rainwater in a compact tank, without having to sacrifice storage capacity. Keep in mind, if you want to make your water potable for drinking and household use, you should use any harvested rainwater with a whole house water filter.

Industrial Storage Tanks

Beyond residential water tanks, Team Poly also manufactures and ships enormous liquid storage solutions for business and industrial customers all over Australia. In addition to drinking or greywater, Team Poly’s industrial tanks can be used to store chemicals, foods, fertilizers, and more. For large capacity storage solutions, it is best to contact Team Poly directly. 

Accounts In the Wild (Screenshots)

With over 1 million units sold, you may have a neighbor or two in NSW or VIC with a real-life Team Poly water tank experience. As part of our Team Poly water tanks review, we’ve hunted down a few other testimonials to showcase what the online community is saying about the company and its products. 

To start, Team Poly has a large number of testimonial reviews directly on their website. Although the company obviously has full editorial control over this page, the shining customer experiences such as the one pictured above are hard to ignore. 

In this review from a customer in Mt Barker, the customer has rated the company’s overall performance at a +10/10. A perfect score is pretty hard to beat, but this customer seems elated with Team Poly’s communication throughout its sales process. 

Beyond their customer service, Team Poly’s products have also received some acclaim from users around the web. Take for instance this forum post on from user “kaptainkaos.” In this review, the contributor notes a few key purchasing considerations about Team Poly water tanks:

  • Pricewise, they are “definitely cheap than others”
  • A 25 year pro-rata warranty (15 years more than the competitor, Bushman)
  • And there are discounts available for multiple units. 

Here, the user chose a few of Team Poly’s compact tanks to best fit their property and seems very satisfied with the amount of water stored on a minimal footprint. With a low cost, practical design, and strong warranty period, this Team Poly water tanks review has strongly made its case for an educated purchasing decision. 

Of course, not everyone is going to have the same experience with their water tank. A few reviews from Team Poly’s Facebook page, have indicated that some customers have received damaged tanks with little to no help from the company. In the image above, you can clearly see that the customer has received tanks that are both broken and dirty. 

Describing it as a “waste of money and time,” the review above is scathing and clearly written to warn potential customers about their poor experience. In fact, a review from a few days prior (below) seems to be referring to the same instance.  

Here, the previous review from Team Poly’s Facebook page indicates that the customer had purchased the “old design,” which the company has had issues with. While this is believable, we feel that no matter what product is purchased, anything delivered severely damaged should be entirely replaced or refunded.

While one unfortunate incident is generally not enough to write off an entire company, this customer’s dissatisfaction is hard to ignore as Team Poly representatives may not have been able to fully rectify the issue. Although most customers will not have to worry about pre-damaged goods, some upkeep may be required to keep water tanks in shape once in full operation. 

How do Team Poly water tanks stack up where it matters? 

So far, we’ve made a few allusions as to how Team Poly water tanks compare to other top brands on the market. Now it is time to dive into the details to truly get the full picture of how Team Poly water tanks stack up against the competition. 

Water Tank Material 

First and foremost, Team Poly’s water tanks can be viewed as an alternative to water storage products of other materials. A polyethylene tank will generally come as a cheaper option when compared to stainless steel, concrete, or galvanized steel. In addition to material cost, polyethylene is considerably lighter, making it easier and cheaper to ship and install. 

Polyethylene tanks are manufactured in such a way that they are not subject to corrosion, rust, or rotting. As a bonus, Team Poly reinforces all of their tanks with added-UV resistance so that long bouts of sunlight do not damage the unit. 

Despite their strength and durability, polyethylene tanks are still plastic, which comes with a few downsides. Team Poly water tanks may lose their color over time, fading in the sunlight. The water inside may also become heated, as polyethylene tanks are less insulated than steel tanks. Overall, however, polyethylene tanks are of high quality without being overly expensive. 

Water Tank Shape & Size

Secondly, Team Poly’s wide variety of water tank shapes and sizes truly give the brand a huge advantage in the overall market. If water storage is necessary on-site, Team Poly probably makes a product that is perfect for the specific instance. For both ordinary water and rainwater storage, Team Poly manufactures tanks with Australian properties in mind. 

Here, Team Poly’s products can easily be compared to many manufacturers who specialize in both round or slim tanks. As a growing player in the market, it is good to know that Team Poly is essentially a one-stop-shop for any customer.  

Customer Lifetime 

Lastly, Team Poly’s water tanks offer a good customer lifetime for easy water storage. In all of its products, the company has designed durable solutions that require very little maintenance over long lifetimes. While a filter may need to be changed every now and again, Team Poly’s products are great for non-technical customers that enjoy a hands-off experience. 

Here, it is important to note the manufacturer’s 25-year warranty on most full-sized tanks. Against other top brands, this can be seen as a premium that is standard among other high-quality products. Of course, the difference here is that Team Poly’s products are generally less expensive than other top water tanks on the market.    


Overall, Team Poly water tanks come at a tremendous value to Australian homes and businesses looking for long-term water solutions. Upfront, Team Poly water tanks generally cost less than other brands, yet are still able to safely manage a building’s water supply for 10-25 years, based on the size and model. 

Depending on the type of tank, Team Poly’s storage solutions generally require very little upkeep, which also holds to their value overall. The poly tanks do not rust and are designed to be very durable. While even cheaper options are available, Team Poly is one of the few nationally-known brands that can deliver affordable products with guaranteed performance.   


Under Australian Common Law, Team Poly water tanks are protected in the event of a major system failure or malfunction. If the water were to leak onto your property, you may also be entitled to compensation for the repair of any major damages to your home or business.  

Team Poly offers pro-rata warranties with warranty periods between 5 and 25 years. While most large home systems are on the upper end of this range (25-year warranty on the Baobab), smaller tanks such as the Slimline have shorter warranty periods. 

For more details about Team Poly’s warranty policies, you can visit their full product warranty page here. Current customers seeking information about submitting a warranty claim can do so on their dedicated terms and condition page

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a quick answer, here are some of the most common questions potential customers ask about Team Poly water tanks. 

How much are Team Poly water tanks?

Tramp Poly water tank prices variety on the model and size. Compared to other manufacturers, Team Poly water tanks are generally more affordable. Water tank prices typically range from AU$600 to AU$2500, plus the costs of shipping and installation.  

How much does a Team Poly water tank weigh?

One of the best things about poly water tanks is that they are very lightweight. This makes it both easier to install and significantly reduces the cost to ship or transport the tank compared to other, heavier materials. Residential Team Poly water tanks usually weigh between 60 and 200 kg. Industrial tanks can weigh several thousand kg. 

How long do Team Poly water tanks last?

Team Poly water tanks are built to last for up to 20 years or more. The high-quality material is built to withstand potential weather and UV damage. Depending on the model and size of your tank, a warranty between 5 and 25 years may be included. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re interested in a high-quality water tank from an Australian manufacturer, then Team Poly may just have the right product for you. The company’s longevity, network, and credibility make them a trusted producer of water tanks designed for long-term use. 

Of course, Team Poly isn’t the only full-service water tank company in Australia. For more information about other brands and water storage possibilities, feel free to check out our full guide on water tanks in Australia. 


We are proud to be able to offer the large tank range of Team Poly water tanks in Victoria, NSW, ACT, Queensland, NT, and SA. Smaller tanks are available in the ACT and Region.

Team Poly Rain Water Tank Features


1. Traditional corrugated walls for style and strength. The corrugated design provides an even wall thickness and strength from top to bottom. This eliminates weak spots due to uneven distribution of polyethylene during the roto-moulding process. The tanks are manufactured thicker at the transition from floor to wall, maintaining the strength of the tank where pressure will be at its greatest.

2. Every Team Poly rain water tank is manufactured from food grade polyethylene to meet the Australian Standard AS 4020 covering contact with food and water

All Team Poly tanks meet the Quality Standard ISO 9001 and they maintain an ongoing commitment to ensure compliance with the Quality Management Systems standard, through regular Quality Audits by Standards Australia.

Team Poly tanks are made from the latest grade of Ultra UV polyethylene. This raises the UV protection up from UV 8 to ULTRA UV ensuring your tank will have the best possible protection against the harsh Australian sun.

3. Team Poly tanks of large volume are supplied with a centre pole to safely support the roof. Team Poly tanks that have supporting centre poles installed utilise lead-free PVC, eliminating the risk of lead contamination.

4. Team Poly rain water tanks have the provision for locating the centre pole into a fixed position. Centre poles are installed by the company driver on site, eliminating the need for the customer to enter the tank.

5. Team Poly tanks are manufactured in one piece and have their lids cut and re-fitted for two reasons: Transport and Access.

Removable lids will give the customer easy access later for regular cleaning. Having the lid cut and replaced does NOT reduce the strength or performance of the tank at all. The removable clip-lock lid design screws back into place with stainless steel screws to prevent the entry of contaminants, vermin etc.

Over the past 13 years, around a quarter of a million Team Poly rain water tanks have had their lids cut and re-fitted. These tanks will service homes, farms and properties for many years to come.

Team Poly tanks help the environment – they strive to be industry leaders by fully absorbing all emissions of carbon dioxide emitted during production and distribution of our products.

Steps they have taken to achieve this goal include:

* Reduction of energy wastage.
* Recycling programs in place at the point of manufacture.

Team Poly Is Planting Trees

Injinya Woods afforestation project has begun with 43,000 trees already planted with a further 105,000 planned over the next 4 years. (calculations in accord with the Government Gas Office Formula indicates that 200,000 trees will totally absorb all greenhouse gas emissions by Team Poly).

We are proud that Team Poly rainwater tanks are helping the environment.

So far 43,000 trees have been planted to help absorb greenhouse emissions created in manufacturing and distribution of Team Poly products. A further 104,000 are due to be planted over the next 4 years. It’s an effort to be proud of.