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Neopower Solar Hot Water Review

There are many ways to heat the water in a home, and Neopower Solar Hot Water is on a mission to provide Australians with a sustainable, cost-saving solution. Although the brand name may be new to many first time homeowners, most people that are familiar with Neopower Solar Hot Water systems recognize the company for:

  • 10 years of solar hot water technology in Australia
  • Widespread availability across the country
  • And manufacturing reliable products with excellent warranty periods 

As more and more Australians turn to renewable energy products to save money and the planet, Neopower solar hot water systems are one of many that can help both eliminate utility expenses and carbon emissions. 

Our Verdict

We’ll save you some time and just come right out and say it: Neopower is a great choice for Australian’s looking for a solar hot water heater. The company offers sizes and solutions to meet nearly any residential hot water demand with the easy sales and service processes to earn them a worthy spot in any home’s consideration set.

Neopower solar hot water heaters are rated for excellent efficiency and the company’s warranties help guarantee long-term performance. While no two homes are the same, Neopower can typically supply the ideal parts to any Australian customer, with the assistance from a vetted local contractor.

While large multi-unit buildings or high-demand hot water businesses may need to find a different manufacturer, Neopower’s solar products have been specifically designed to efficiently help Australian homes generate and store plenty of hot water. 

So is Neopower the best solar hot water system for your situation?

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Neopower Solar Hot Water – Company Background

Since 2010, Neopower Solar Hot Water has been serving Australian customers from their headquarters down under. The company was brought to market by NeopowerImaca Pty Ltd after developing “one of the most advanced solar hot water systems in Australia.” 

So from the start, it was clear that Neopower had taken the time to develop a high-quality product for the undeniably valuable Australian solar hot water market. After celebrating 10 years in business with systems running nationwide, it is hard to deny the company’s market share and customer satisfaction.

Today, Neopwoer boasts a nationwide network of parts distributors to offer parts and services in every part of the country. On their Linkedin page, Neopower boldly challenges potential customers to find a superior solar hot water system.

Products and Product Ranges

While some consumers may think that a “solar hot water heater” is one singular appliance, Neopower is actually able to offer a tremendous amount of variety and options to suit customer needs with their different product lines. 

Neopower systems are essentially defined by two main factors:

  1. solar collector type, and
  2. water tank location

Within each of these decisions, customers must also decide on the capacities of the water tank and solar collector. Below, we will dive into the details about each unique Neopower solar hot water product line.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Perhaps the most premium Neopower product is the evacuated tube, modular rooftop system. The evacuated tube solar collectors can be installed to collect the optimal solar input of any area matched with a modular tank to accommodate enough water storage for homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Although it is true that evacuated tube solar hot water heaters are generally more expensive than their flat panel counterparts, these premium products are rated for 80% collector efficiency with heaps of energy and money-saving conservation benefits.

Both Gas and Electric Boosters Available – Essential to the diverse Australian market, Neopower is able to offer its solar hot water heaters with both gas and electric boosting systems. Here, home and building owners generally choose whichever energy is cheaper or more readily available. With an electric boost, a PV solar system can also be incorporated to activate even more solar energy.

Variety of Size- Neopower offers storage tanks between 250 and 400 Litres to accommodate typical home and small businesses’ hot water demands. To match, collectors can be added at the 20, 25, and 30 tube quantities for optimized solar power production.

Incredible Performance  – Most notably, Neopower’s evacuated tube solar collectors are rated to work in subzero temperatures which helps guarantee efficient hot water production through the winter months. Beyond this, the collectors also work well in cloudy conditions and come with a 15-year warranty to guarantee incredible performance for years to come.     

Flat Panel Split Systems

Next, Neopower offers a flat panel solar hot water system that is nearly identical in appearance and options as their evacuated tube systems. Here, the key difference is the technology used by the solar collector, which in this case is a “flat panel” rather than an “evacuated tube.” 

Neopower’s flat panel, or “flat plate” thermal solar collectors are only slightly less efficient than their evacuated tube systems. Their flat panels save approximately 60% in annual hot water expenses, which is roughly 20% lower than estimated savings with an evacuated tube collector. Of course, this does not always mean that a flat panel system will be suitable for any home or business. 

Lower Upfront Costs – If you’re in between jobs or simply don’t want to invest too much into a new kind of hot water system, a flat panel system is generally one of the most affordable options for going solar. Neopower’s systems may vary in price depending on location and part specifications, but in general, their flat panel systems will be lower in upfront costs than their evaluated tube systems.

Long Term Savings – The undeniable cost savings of the sun are one of the main reasons why most people choose to install a Neopower system. While the systems are still backed by gas or electric boosting, any home that installs a Neopower flat panel solar hot water heater will still have access to the same amount of hot water, but with the benefit of free solar energy nearly every day of the year. Knowing this, a Neopwoer flat panel system may even “pay for itself” against ordinary utility bills throughout its 7-year product warranty period. 

Low Profile – If you have a low-demand household, where 20% more solar energy efficiency won’t really make difference to your hot water supply, then a flat panel solar system may win you over with its low profile design. Flat plate thermal solar panels closely resemble photovoltaic (electricity-generating) solar panels, with sleek designs that can easily blend into dark-colored roofing materials.    

All-in-One Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems 

Lastly, Neopower offers all-in-one solar hot water systems with the flat plate solar panels and water tank attached and installed together as one unit on the roof of a home or business (sometimes referred to as “thermosiphon” systems). With fewer moving parts and easy installations, roof-mounted solar hot water systems are generally seen as one of the most reliable options for reliable, low-maintenance performance. 

Space and Stress Saving Solution – More than anything, Neopower’s all-in-one rooftop systems save space and stress for home and building owners. In addition to a decrease in necessary piping and materials, a rooftop tank allows for more ground space to be available for residents and guests. Plus, adding more water storage can be as simple as adding another all-in-one collector on guest houses, mother-in-law-suites, and more.  

Gravity Fed System – Unique to a rooftop water tank, a gravity-fed system that allows the entire appliance to run without the necessity for a controller or water pump. Here, less energy is used and therefore ordinary costs on hot water heating are saved with the free and ever-present resource of gravity. 

Longevity – Most importantly, Neopower guarantees longevity with their roof-mounted all-in-one solar hot water systems with adequate warranty periods for all parts and labour. The stainless steel water tank and gas booster included in most systems are each warrantied for ten years, while the collector itself is warrantied for seven. Thankfully, Neopower also has a good reputation for honoring and fixing issues under product warranties.     

Accounts In the Wild

To give you an idea of how well Neopower solar hot water heaters perform in real life, we’ve captured a few customer reviews from all across the country. Impressively, at the time of publishing this, Neopower Solar Hot Water’s Product Review Page has the company rated at an unbeatable 5.0 out of 5.0 from 14 customer reviews. 

Diving into the details, Neopower’s systems are rated at the same 5.0 out of 5.0 for build quality, value, maintenance, heating speed, and temperature consistency. In fact, the only less than perfect mark that Neopower has on the site is a 4.8 out of 5.0 for noise level from six reviews. 

Not bad, right? Take a look at these reviews from real customers:

First, let’s begin with a recent review from Product Review user ‘Lea I.’ in Gippsland, Victoria. In the midst of a global pandemic, the reviewer title’s their 5.0 rating as “The best decision was going with a Neopower gas boosted solar hot water system.” Spelling and grammar mistakes aside, anything referencing a “best decision,” is worth applauding.

After several months of operation, this reviewer was happy with the quote, contracted installation, and system performance thus far. Most importantly, the solar boosted system has significantly cut down on monthly gas expenses. 

Next, let’s travel back in time 10 years, to 2011 when product review user ‘JRR’ purchased their Neopower solar hot water system. Approximately 6 years into the system’s lifespan, the homeowner alerted Neopower of a slight leaking problem. Within “3 working days,” the reviewer received a brand new hot water tank. 

This 5-star review showcases both great longevity and favorable service expectations for Neopower hot water systems. When things went wrong, Neopower was able to keep the customer satisfied after years of money-saving solar energy hot water production. 

Furthermore, the great customer service of Neopower is well documented in this five-star review from user ‘LG.’ Even though Neopower does not typically physically install its own systems,  a representative was able to arrange for a local contractor to provide a quote. 

After two years of system ownership, the review reports minimal boosting required, implying that the system is very affordable to run. Plus, the 15-year warranty provides him with a comforting security blanket knowing that his system may last as long as his previous electric unit.  

Neopower Solar Hot Water vs. Other Manufacturers

While Neopower is likely to deliver a high-quality solar hot water system with years of guaranteed performance from a successful installation, there are many other equipment manufacturers that may be able to do the same. 

As Australia has one of the leading global solar hot water markets, let’s take a minute to outline some of Neopower’s most notable advantages and limitations of the company’s equipment and services.   

Solar Energy Collectors

Solar energy-wise, Neopower supplies quality parts that have yielded undeniable results. If you are a low-demand hot water user, a flat plate system may be efficient enough to cover your home’s needs, while an evacuated tube system can help achieve even better results, and provide peak performance to the coldest climates.

Here, the only real limitation that Neopower faces is its current offerings with all-in-one rooftop systems limited to flat plate solar collectors. There are a few different manufacturers that create evacuated tube all-in-one systems which create some of the most efficient solar hot water solutions possible.  

System Lifespan and Longevity

With quality parts and components alongside a nationwide network of verified contractors, Neopower solar hot water systems are offered with tremendous peace of mind. For the past 10 years, Neopower systems installed all over Australia have successfully delivered heaps of low-cost energy with little to no maintenance required.


In terms of value, Neopower’s products can generally be seen as a wise investment in your home’s hot water expenses. Although the actual buying price of your system will specifically relate to your water demand and property location, Neopower heaters are designed to save money, with a pretty good reputation for doing so. 

When looking into a solar hot water system, be sure to consider your current hot water expenses. As Neopower’s products can be installed with either a gas or electric booster to help power systems through the winter or evening, there are very few drawbacks of upgrading to solar. 

Warranty, Customer Service, and Support

Neopower Hot Water Systems manufactures over 100 unique products, with varied warranty periods on separate system components. Notably, the company’s evacuated tube solar collectors are warranted for 15 years of efficient production, while the flat panels are warrantied for seven.

Over the past decade, Neopower has developed a good reputation for honoring warranty periods and providing quality customer support. Although their products are generally low maintenance, when things go wrong, they can be contacted through any of the methods listed on their website.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap things up, we’d like to take a moment to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about Neopower solar hot water heaters. 

Are Neopower Solar Hot Water Heaters worth it?

Yes, in almost all residential applications, Neopower solar hot water heaters are worth it compared to traditional gas and electric hot water heating methods. Paired with either an electric or gas boost, a solar hot water heater will continue to supply reliable production with minimal costs from free, solar energy.

Of course, there are some instances in which solar hot water heaters simply do not make sense financially for properties with minimal or excessive demand. We recommend getting a no-obligation quote from one or more local installers to determine whether any home appliance upgrade will make financial sense.   

What are the best solar hot water heaters?

Today’s best solar hot water heaters are able to efficiently maximize the energy of the sun to minimize the costs of a property’s energy demands. While physical space, geographical location, and expected use all factors to create a unique solution for every property, we’ve developed this resource for the best solar hot water systems in Australia for further reading. 

Should I use a flat plate or evacuated tube solar collector?

Typically, the decision to use a flat plate or evacuated tube solar collector for your Neopower solar hot water system will be made by budget and local resources. In general, evacuated tube solar collectors are more expensive but also utilize more productive, cost-saving technologies.  

Final Thoughts

We hope that this has helped you understand the products, services, and real customer experience when purchasing a Neopower Solar Hot Water system. Today, Neopower offers products and services to help Australians nationwide, so the company may be considered by nearly anyone looking into the installation of a solar hot water heater.