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18 Years Helping Australians Save Money and The Planet

Enviro Friendly was founded in 2002, by John Payne and his son David. The business originally started by selling water tanks online, and was headquartered in the 3rd bedroom of John’s house.

From those humble beginnings, it quickly grew to become one of the largest water tank retailers in Australia, and incorporated additional product ranges of grey water and solar hot water systems. In fact, in Canberra, Enviro Friendly was one of the true “pioneers” of evacuated tube solar hot water, becoming the largest dealer in Australia for the largest evacuated tube solar hot water supplier of the time, Hill Solar.

Enviro Friendly went on to operate a physical, “brick and mortar” store with a staff of 25 employees, plus contractors and installers and a presence in 3 different states. The product range ultimately included water tanks, solar PV systems and accessories, solar hot water systems and much more (actually became the first retail shop to sell grid-connected solar PV systems in the National Capital).

In response to legislative and economic shifts, the brick and mortar portion of Enviro Friendly closed in 2012. However, the website has remained continuously live, as a resource for like-minded Aussies trying to make sound decisions and purchase environmentally friendly products and home systems.

In 2020, Dan Carpenter joined the Enviro Friendly team, taking over the day to day operations. John remains in contact, and continues to maintain an active presence in the industry, particularly with TruGlaze, his double glazed windows website. Nowadays, Enviro Friendly functions primarily as a hub to connect homeowners in need of sustainable home upgrades with manufacturers and installers who can provide them. We

Over the years, we have tried diligently to always recommend the highest quality products, with a particular focus on companies that provide fantastic customer service, and offer solid warranties. While the last couple decades have seen a lot of exciting innovation and progress in our industry, the truth remains that even the fanciest product is rubbish if there’s not a dedicated team looking after it with service.

We are happy you’ve included us on your journey to live more sustainably, and we hope that you’ll come away with a lot of sound, actionable intel to help you save money and tread more lightly on our planet.

If you have a specific question or request, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help however we can.