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Nylex Water Tanks

Nylex water tanks have a proud heritage as a respected Australian company, specialising in plastic and water products.

In late 2004, Nylex acquired the well-known ARI-Plastank company, that manufactured water tanks in Victoria. This was simply the first move towards what would become a truly national business specialising in water solutions for the home.

Then, in early 2005, Nylex took steps to national status, with new factories opening in Sydney, and Brisbane.

In 2009, Nylex Corporation ceased trading, and the water tank business was acquired by the highly-respected WET Technologies. Now Nylex water tanks are available in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and SE Queensland

Nylex offer their whole range, both large and small water tanks alike for direct delivery to your home. Whether you live in the city or the bush, they can come direct from the factory to you. Arrangements vary, so please check.

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Nylex Underground Water Tanks

Nylex’s new model underground water tank has been released.

There is a 5,000 litre low-profile tank; and a 10,000 litre Combo (2 x 5000 litre tanks at a discount). 


The low-profile 5,000 litre model (pictured here) has been deliberately designed to require the shallowest excavation possible- as little as 900mm. This means less chance of hitting rock or ground water, and a cheaper installation. In some jurisdictions it also means less Worksafe requirements.

Nylex underground water tanks have been designed to provide you with an unobtrusive Water Storage Solution. You will have a water tank system that:

  • Can be completely hidden from view.
  • Is perfect for small backyards in both new and retrofit applications.
  • Is available in different sizes to meet your needs.
  • Is eligible for governments rebates, where applicable.
  • Can withstand vehicular traffic loadings after installation*.
  • Can be installed under carports, garages and driveways*.
  • *See detailed information.

Dimensions: (approx. only)

Model Length Width Height Weight
5,000 litre (low profile) 3500 mm. 2800 mm. 1200 mm. 350kg.