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Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Australia

Robotic pool cleaners can climb the walls, steps, and floors of your pool, picking up dirt and debris, to ensure that your pool stays sparkling clean. Using a robotic pool cleaner is an energy efficient way to keep your pool clean, as many of them use very minimal energy.

While robotic pool cleaners can be expensive, they are an investment that will make owning a pool much more manageable. 

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The Short Answer 

Madimack GT Freedom

Why We Like It:

  • Cordless operation, with up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Completely controlable by the Madimack mobile app
  • Painlessly set and manage run times and cycle times
  • Precise control of motor speed and energy usage

Madimack’s cordless GT Freedom unit is equal parts powerful and efficient, making it the perfect combination for your swimming pool needs.

Madimack Robotic Pool Cleaner GT Freedom

And without the hassles that sometimes come with cords and cables, this little unit is truly unrestricted.

The GT Freedom’s dual drive has the power needed to easily overcome obstacles or inclines. Its infrared guidance system allows it to intelligently navigate around your pool quickly and efficiently.

Madimack GT 560

Why We Like It:

  • Fully controllable via the Madimack App
  • 560 litres per minute filtration capability
  • Advanced inverter technology for energy and cost savings

The GT 560’s dual active brushes give you a unrivaled scrubbing performance, so you don’t need to spend more energy going over the same surface again and again.

Powerful vertical climbing action also provides for a pool cleaner that easily cleans pool walls–no matter what the depth or shape of your pool is.

And if you’re worried about the tangles and issues that frequently plague other corded pool cleaners, rest assured, this robotic pool cleaner’s ‘anti-tangle technology’ and swiveling system eliminates hassles and interruptions that might otherwise stem from having a cord.

Finally, thanks to a well-designed mobile app interface, it’s possible to initiate one touch remote cleaning no matter where you happen to be.

Robo-Tek Robo-Plus 

Why We Like It

  • Twin-drive motors can clean pools of all shapes
  • The built-in basket can hold four litres of debris and leaves
  • Travels at 15 metres per minute
  • The remote control is included

The Robo-Tek Robo-Plus features twin-drive motors designed to clean any pool in all sizes and shapes. 

It can easily navigate around your pool, move side to side, climb the walls, and can even move through the corners and steps. The Robo-Tek Robo-Plus contains a built-in basket, enabling it to hold four litres of debris and leaves from the pool, and the micron filter bags catch any small dust particles. 

This robotic pool cleaner is fast-moving, as it travels at 15 metres per minute to clean fast and efficiently. It saves power, as it cleans your pool faster than you can manually. It contains a 15-metre floating cable to help extend the cleaner more when plugging it in. 

This enables you to use the energy efficient Robo-Tek Robo-Plus robotic pool cleaner in larger residential pools. There is even a remote control to help you direct the pool cleaner to any particular area within the pool. This robotic pool cleaner effectively cleans your pool, removing everything from dead worms to dust. 

In addition, the company has excellent customer service in case you need to speak with a specialist or need a replacement part. 

Other Great Robotic Pool Cleaners 

Zodiac TX35 Tornax

Why We Like It:

  • Low maintenance cleaner
  • Works in all types of pools
  • The eBox control panel is easy to use
  • Easy to assemble

The Zodiac TX35 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great low-maintenance pool cleaner. It can work in all shapes of pools, including free-form pools. One cleaning cycle lasts about 2 hours, making it an energy efficient robotic pool cleaner. It saves about 82 percent of power compared to standard pool cleaners.

The brush function on the Zodiac TX35 Tornax pool cleaner helps remove any debris while the cleaner vacuums the rest of the pool. This function makes the pool cleaner more efficient because it does multiple things simultaneously. 

You can control your Zodiac TX35 Tornax robotic pool cleaner by using the eBox control panel, which is simple to use. There is a one-button start; you can also pre-program it to clean your pool. It is simple to clean the filter; all you need to do is remove the canister and empty it out. 

Zodiac VX40

Why We Like It:

  • eBox makes it easy to operate
  • Can capture large debris
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for in-ground pools of all shapes and surfaces

The Zodiac VX40 robotic cleaner is an efficient and fast way to clean your pool while not using much energy. With this robotic pool cleaner, you can simply use the eBox to operate your pool cleaner by touching a button. The eBox also lets you know if your filter canister is full, so you don’t need to physically check when it needs emptying. 

The Zodiac VX40 can capture large debris, such as twigs, gum nuts, and eucalyptus leaves while maintaining a constant power suction throughout the cleaning process. The filter is easy to access and empty, enabling you to remove the debris within minutes. 

This robotic pool cleaner uses 150 watts/hour of energy consumption. It can be used in-ground pools of all shapes and surfaces. It comes with an 18m cable, so you can plug it in and relax while your pool gets cleaned. 

Pentair Prowler Cleaner 920

Why We Like It:

  • Eco friendly
  • Remote control convenience
  • You can set a timer for use
  • Powerful cleaning

The Pentair Prowler Cleaner 920 has multiple features that make it one of the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia. The Pentair Prowler Cleaner 920 has a wireless remote control so you can control the cleaner from afar. 

Using two modes, you can even pre program your pool cleaner to clean your pool for a set amount of time. This robotic pool cleaner does not rely on your pool pump to clean your pool, therefore, it uses less energy.

You can have it clean just the bottom of your pool for one hour or standard cleaning for complete coverage. This robotic pool cleaner is eco-friendly, as its filtration system cleanses the pool water and circulates the chemicals around it to keep it clean. 

It has a low voltage operation and can clean your pool in as little as 15 cents per cleaning. Since you can plug in the Pentair Prowler Cleaner 920, there is no installation required, and you do not need to use a pump or hose. You can set a weekly timer to schedule your pool cleanings when you aren’t home, which makes cleaning the pool super convenient. 

Dolphin X 30

Why We Like It:

  • All-terrain brush
  • Covers walls, floor, and waterline
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • Energy efficient

The Dolphin X 30 robotic pool cleaner offers a superior pool cleaning experience. It features a dual active scrubbing and scanning navigation system and is highly mobile. It will leave your pool’s walls, floor, and waterline spotless. 

The ideal pool length for the Dolphin X 30 to clean is up to 12m, with a cycle time of 2 hours. There is an on-and-off power supply that scans your pool with Powerstream mobility. Since it cleans your pool using an all-terrain brush, you won’t have to worry about any debris being left behind in the pool. 

The filtration basket is easy to clean, and you can use interchangeable fine-line filters in the basket, with the caddy optional. It comes with an 18m cable to ensure you can clean your pool, even if the pool cleaner is plugged a distance away. 

The Dolphin X 30 is climate care certified, which means it is energy efficient. Using this robotic vacuum and solar panels to heat your pool, you will save money each month on your energy bills and create a better carbon footprint.

Zodiac VX50

Why We Like It:

  • Four-wheel drive system
  • Energy efficient
  • eBox makes it easy to control
  • Suitable for various pool surfaces

The Zodiac VX50 robotic pool cleaner is one of the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia. Since it is equipped with a four-wheel drive system, it can overcome all obstacles in your pool with great agility, ensuring it cleans every area. 

It can access walls, floors, steps, and the waterline. The Zodiac VX50 robotic pool cleaner is best used for in-ground pools no larger than 12m x 6m and will work on most pool surfaces, such as pebblecrete, concrete, fibreglass, tile, and vinyl surfaces. 

This cleaner will pick up medium to large sized debris from your pool, including twigs and gum nuts. A 100-micron filter canister is available, but it is sold separately. A helpful feature of the Zodiac VX50 is the 18m floating swivel cable, which prevents the cable from tangling. 

It comes with an eBox to control the cleaner just by touching a button, and you can program your robotic cleaner to clean the pool every day for up to 7 days at a time. This pool cleaner is energy efficient, using 150 watts per hour

Most Important Factors To Look for In Your Robotic Pool Cleaners 

When looking for the best robotic pool cleaner in Australia, certain factors must be considered to ensure you choose the right cleaner for your pool. 

Hose Length 

The hose length is essential to keep in mind before purchasing a robotic pool cleaner. Your house should have enough length to reach the opposite end of your pool from the skimmer. 

If you like a robotic pool cleaner and the hose is too short, you can still buy it and purchase an additional hose to hook up to it. Ideally, the hose to your pool cleaner should still have a few feet left to spare during cleaning. This enables it to go around your pool freely and clean between the stairs, floors, walls, and surfaces.


Before choosing a robotic pool cleaner, you should ensure that it can adjust to the shape and size of your pool. 

You should also be able to adjust your pool cleaner based on the incoming water pressure for maximum efficiency. Adjustable pool cleaners can accurately clean pools of most shapes and sizes.


The price of your robotic pool cleaner is essential, especially if you are on a budget. While keeping your finances in check is critical, you should also remember that your robotic pool cleaner is an investment, so it may seem expensive. 

While the price seems high initially, your pool cleaner will save you time and money on energy bills. If you are still deciding whether to commit to this investment, other options are available for a lesser cost. However, the price you pay for your energy efficient robotic pool cleaner is usually worth it. 

Smart Scanning Features

The best types of robotic pool cleaners include smart scanning features, which scan your pool to learn the geometry of the pool and determine the most efficient plan to clean the pool. Smart scanning saves time and energy, ensuring every inch of your pool gets cleaned. 

Types of Pool Cleaners

There are four main types of robotic pool cleaners. Depending on your pool and budget, you can choose four types of pool cleaners.

Suction Pool Cleaners

A suction pool cleaner uses your pool’s existing filtration system to keep your pool clean. A suction pool cleaner connects directly to your skimmer and pulls water into the pump. The cleaner moves around your pool, sucking up debris and sending it to your filter basket. 

While pools generally already have a system to keep the pool clean, your pool’s pump, the suction pool cleaner, helps to further pick up sediment and debris from the bottom of your pool. A suction pool cleaner is affordable but does not work for every pool type. Some benefits of using a suction pool cleaner include:

  • They run using your existing filtration system in the pool
  • Safe for most pool types
  • Climb walls and scrub at the waterline
  • Quiet
  • It can be used as often as needed
  • Picks up small to medium-sized debris

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners can be used for above-ground and in-ground pools. It connects to a return outlet in your pool or a dedicated pressure cleaner line. 

The pressure line is the last part of your pool’s filtration system. Once your pool is done filtering, the pump releases clean water back into your pull from the return outlet. Most pressure pool cleaners are ideal for collecting large debris, such as acorns, pebbles, and twigs. Pressure cleaners are generally:

  • Simple to use
  • Have a long lifespan
  • It covers the whole pool
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Able to scrub the pool’s surface
  • Can cover walls up to the waterline and the floor

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners have an electric motor that creates suction to remove any debris and dirt from your pool. Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most eco-friendly options compared to the other types of pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners do not produce air, water, noise, or pollution. 

These pool cleaners do not emit harmful elements that can mix with water. They are also energy efficient, as you do not need to turn on your pool’s pump and filter system. Robotic cleaners are the most expensive option, but they work well and efficiently clean the pool.

Battery Operated Pool Cleaners 

Battery-operated pool cleaners are best used to clean above-ground swimming pools or spas. There are no hoses to connect, and you do not need to manage outside power sources. 

When the battery is fully charged, this pool cleaner can roam around your pool when needed without getting tangled. It is effective in removing debris, algae, leaves, or sand. Battery-operated pool cleaners do not work well for in-ground pools, as there is too much area to clean for a small vacuum. 


Are robotic pool cleaners worth the money? 

Robotic pool cleaners are definitely worth the money. They are an investment for your swimming pool, as they effectively clean large and small debris, scrub your tile lines, and scrub the wall. 

What type of robotic pool cleaner is the best for above-ground pools?

The Robo-Tek Robo-Plus is a great robotic pool cleaner for above-ground pools or any pool type. This robotic pool cleaner works well on any size or shape pool. This specific cleaner is equipped to handle all the elements of the Australian climate and will keep your pool sparkly clean.

What is the lifespan of a robotic pool cleaner? 

Most robotic pool cleaners will last around four to five years but sometimes can last up to eight years if you take good care of them. Over time, the chemical water in your pool causes the vacuum to wear out, so it is best to take the vacuum out of your pool when it is not used.

Final Thoughts

You can become greener in many ways, such as using solar energy or minimising your energy usage. A robotic pool cleaner is a highly efficient way to keep your swimming pool looking good and easy to be enjoyed.

Considering some of the best robotic pool cleaners in Australia can reduce energy costs and keep your pool clean. Robotic pool cleaners offer many benefits, as they are energy efficient, easy to use, and effective in keeping your pool clean.

We recommend the Madimack GT Freedom robotic pool cleaner, as this powerful little unit can clean any shape or size above-ground or in-ground pool. This cleaner uses less energy when compared to your pool’s massive pump motor and will reduce your energy costs. The GT Freedom is a reliable and efficient robotic pool cleaner that eliminates the hassle of keeping your pool clean, so it’s always in prime condition when you’re ready to have a swim.