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Solar Hot Water Gold Coast

The Gold Coast: A Surfers Paradise & Solar Hot Water Paradise, Too!


The City of Gold Coast Council offers some sage advice…

“Reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stopping climate change.”

They could have added that cutting your energy bills is a good thing, too 😉

How can you do both?

By installing a solar hot water system, you could reduce your hot water bills by around 70%, depending on the system you choose, and your family’s usage.

So what are the best solar hot water systems for Gold Coast?

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How Much Of Your Energy Use Is Hot Water?


The graph above shows the breakdown of power consumption in the average Australian home. The graph shows that on average, 31% of our homes’ power bills are for hot water. That’s almost one-third!

As many hot water systems can deliver you savings of 70% or more, that means you can probably look at knocking over 20% off you power bill. How does that sound? Wouldn’t that money be better off in YOUR pocket?

 You Can Choose from 3 Different Solar Hot Water Technologies

1. Discover The Solar Hot Water System That Works In The Dark! 


They’re called heat pumps, and they work around the clock. Silly as it sounds, a heat pump solar hot water system doesn’t need any sun. It doesn’t even need a collector on your roof. How can that work? Well, the sun heats the atmosphere, and the heat pump basically uses a small amount of elctricity to harvest that heat from the air. The heat is in the air when clouds block the sun, the heat is still there at night- even if there is a bit less of it. In a typical domestic situation, your heat pump could save you 70% on your hot water heating bill (which is around one-third of average energy use). So, is it new tyechnology, which may or may not be reliable?

No. You’ve alreay probably got two or three applianves using the same technology. You Freezer, your Refrigerator and your Air Conditioner are all running the same technolgy. The only difference is that your fridge and freezer are about pushing heat from the inside to the outside; your heat pump hot water system pushes heat from the outside, into where it can heat your water. Easy-peasy!


All the top brands produce heat pump solar hot water systems, Quantum, Dux, Rheem, Stiebel Eltron, Solahart, Siddons and more. 

2. Rooftop Collectors: Flat Plates

These are the original technology developed in Australia over 50 years ago. Most commonly, they are the systems that combine the tank and the panels on the roof. They’re called close-coupled systems, for pretty obvious reasons.

The next development in flat plate systems was to separate the storage tank on the collectors. Seeing as each litre of water weights a kilo. a close-coupled system on your roff could easily approach 500 kg- and many roofs aren’t happy to carry that. There was also an aesthetic angle- many people preferred somthing less conspicuous on the roof. Split systems were the answer to both of these isues. The collectors go on the roof, and the tank goes on the ground. 

3. Rooftop Collectors: Evacuated Tubes

One limitation of flate plate collectors, is that they don’t track the sun. In the morning, and in the afternoon, the sun is striking the panels at a shallow angle, producing less heat. Only around midday can the flat plate work at maximum efficiency. There were other, smaller issues, like weight, and freezing.

Around 40 years ago, Australia, through the University of Sydney, developed an answer that addressed these issues. The technology was called evacuated tubes. Instead of flat plates, there are a series of tubes mounted on the roof, facing North (usually), and spaced slightly apart. The geometry of the tubes meant that the tubes were ‘tracking’ the sun throughout the day. Result? Better efficiency, and more hot water. The advantages of evacuated tubes don’t stop at the increased efficiency. Because there is no water in the tubes- the heat is transferred to water by a manifold at the top of the collector- the weight is reduced. Oh, and because there’s no water in the tubes, there’s no water to freeze. Or glycol to be replaced- but that’s another issue.

Today, evacuated tubes are arguably the most efficient solar hot water system you can install in your home. Leading brands are Apricus and Solargain.

Choose The System That Suits YOU Best

Flat plate, heat pump or evacuated tube solar hot water systems, whichever you choose, we can arrange obligation-free quotes for you. If you’re not sure which system is best for you, the experts quoting you will be able to offer professional advice.

Where Do You Live On The Gold Coast?


The Gold Coast has many suburbs. But no matter where you live, we can help you choose and instal the best solar hot water system for your needs.

Check information on solar hot water from Brisbane, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast.

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