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Water Tanks Sydney


Sydney is taking to water tanks like a duck to water.

Like the rest of Australia, Sydney and the rest of NSW is finding its water catchments at very low levels, and introducing water restrictions during Summer. As with much of urban Australia, local authorities have moved a long way from opposition to water tanks on urban blocks…

  • The BASIX Sustainable Building Index now requires new homes being built in Sydney and the rest of NSW to demonstrate a 40% reduction in average water use- almost requiring a water tank.
  • Many Sydney Councils require redevelopments to instal water tanks for stormwater retention/detention- often underground tanks.
  • Check the Average Sydney Average Rainfall Graphs

Enviro Friendly World shows a wide range of Australia’s top brands of water tanks to Sydney customers. The range includes…

Delivery and installation options available to most parts of the state. And if you want a more sustainable home, then you should consider installing solar hot water, double glazed windows, and solar panels in Sydney.