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House Plans Australia: The Top House Designs for Aussies

When constructing your home, picking the best house plan is critical. There are beautiful home plan designs that you can choose from. Each person has a personal requirement for what they need from their home. Before you start looking at the house plans in Australia, let’s consider some of the following aspects:

  • Design styles
  • Number of family members
  • Age of children 
  • Your Budget
  • Location of the home

These factors can help you determine the house plan that will work for you. Your home investment will involve huge spending, so you need to make a wise decision. Instead of marching out and selecting the first house you find, take time to research.

The home that you finalize should tick all the boxes for your lifestyle. Photos do a good job of giving you an idea of the home, but aren’t everything. Today, many Australians opt for sleek, subtle, and highly available house plans. However, there is still a demand for historic architecture that carries a modern touch. 

Below are house plans and designers in Australia that offer great options. 

Australian House Plans

If you are looking for an experienced home builder in Australia, Australian House Plans are good options, yielding 50 years of experience in the field. They offer a comprehensive service for homeowners, from design services to floor plan options. 

They also offer a good variety of house plans, which include: 

  • Duplex designs 
  • Double-storey homes
  • Duplex 
  • Single level homes
  • Narrow block homes
  • Sloping block designs

Their designs are often low maintenance and easy to construct, so you will not have to wait too long. Australian floor plans also provide reasonable prices for the Australian homeowner and a streamlined website as an easy purchase method. 

With kit homes at some of the most reasonable prices, the home designer can suit people who want a design house plan at a reasonable cost. 

This is an example of their cost-effective and flexible accommodation house plan. It is a 2-bedroom house plan with a BB patio and an outdoor living space. 

This innovative design is an example of how Australian House Plans help two people live lavishly at a small cost. 

The Australian House plan offers many other designs similar to this home layout. It is located in Deborah Mills and provides house plans with a price range of $100. Their design materials come in timber or steel. 

Hotondo Homes 

Hotondo Homes are local home builders that run a family-owned business in Australia. Each of their businesses is independently owned and has a good reputation amongst the clients. 

One thing that sets them apart from other house plan providers is that they know local areas. 

Along with affordability, you can also find a variety of innovative house designs at Hotondo Homes. 

Since the businesses are locally owned, they offer their customers meaningful advice regarding their house plans and designs. Some of their house plans include advanced architecture and floor plans. 

This home builder service covers all bases, from contemporary house plans to amazing historical designs. 

With their highly local roots intact, workers at Hotondo can provide you with great advice. This way, you can enjoy a house plan in Australia that encapsulates your vision. 

They also have a diverse range of floor plans and provide their customers with the option to modify a house plan and design to suit their comfort. Below is an example of their house plan called the Clara 301. 

This modern and lavish house is a huge design suitable for a big or growing family. Each area of this house is spacious with plenty of open room. 

It also has an outdoor area perfect for a large family. It has four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a garage space that can fit two cars.  

The home builders also have display homes across Australia so that you can experience the beauty firsthand. They have a range of house plan collections that you can choose from, each varying in size, design, and price. 

Australian House Designs

This home design group is innovative, dynamic, and unique to others in the market. They solve the prolonged waiting problem when designing a new home. 

The average time for a house to come to fruition is about 8 to 10 weeks and can take even longer. This puts a financial burden on the individuals.

Australian House Designs groups can solve this problem for house plan buyers and prepare the house in just one 1 week. 

By doing so, these home plan designers can cut the cost of their house to 50%. Therefore, these house planners are an excellent option for home builders. 

With countless house plans, ranging in all categories, this option is great if you are short on time and money. Their house plans and floor plans offer great value for money and accommodate a large number of individuals. 

Their main office is in Brisbane, QLD, and all the staff is in Australia. You can get a quick, affordable, local service if you opt for this business. Let’s look at a house plan. 

As you can see, this is a perfectly executed house plan by Australian House Designs. It portrays a modern design with a square front and aesthetic slope roof. 

They built this home in 2014 and neatly placed it along a slope.

GJ Gardner

This home design collective is dedicated to providing customers with homes that fit their lifestyles and preference. 

The home designer has expertise in collaborating with the customers to provide them with a house plan they imagined. This home builder also yields plenty of experience and can offer home designs ranging in different styles, including: 

  • Sloping designs
  • Narrow blocks 
  • Divided lots 
  • Small blocks 

A unique selling point of this home designer can include your ability to customize the house plans that are already available for you. 

With the help of GJ Gardener’s house plan services, you can incorporate beautiful living spaces inside and outside your house. 

You also have the opportunity to browse across a multi-level range of house plans, ranging from one-story homes to two-story designs. 

This home designer provides house plans in Australia for all with house design solutions that provide single, family, and living accommodations. 

They also have an online search bar on the website that lets you search house designs by filters. You can visit their display homes all across the country to get a feel for their designs. 

Here’s a two-storey five-bedroom house plan by the designer. This design urges homeowners to entertain and dabble in luxury living. 

Its endless features and open spaces paired with large windows for natural light mesmerize the eyes. With an attractive exterior design and brilliant interior layout, the house plan is perfect for large families. 

Your Home (GOV) 

There has been a push for sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly homes by the Australian government.  

Passive house designs and plans can help you achieve 90% less energy (similar to net zero homes for those that are familiar). When you combine that with technologies like solar panels, water tanks, high efficiency HVAC (like panel heaters) and hot water heat pumps, you can save incredible costs. 

The Australian government offers “Design For Place” designs that are incredibly sustainable and aesthetically fitting for your profile. 

They are also cost-effective because they use standard construction materials and techniques to lower costs. 

The design for place home designs has high energy ratings, making living safe for the environment and budget-friendly for the residents. There are plenty of ways that these house plans can help you save money, such as: 

  • Specific construction techniques and cost-friendly materials 
  • Higher energy rating, which means lower utility bills
  • Innovating insulation designs, reducing the need for cooling and heating. 
  • Versatile floor plan 

They also provide homes that specifically suit your current lifestyle. 

This house plan is a great example. It is a 2-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and 2 living rooms. A floor plan sized 123-meter square. 

This house plan is ideal for couples that want a comfortable and sustainable space. It welcomes plenty of natural light and welcoming chill spots. 

The orientation of this particular house plan is north of the street and can be potentially converted into a townhouse accommodating two residents. 

Meridian Homes 

Meridian Homes is a great home design that offers all kinds of home designs, from kit homes and single-story homes to large-scale modern spaces. 

They have 20 years of experience in the home plan and design industry. They cater to local Australians by providing excellent house plans at an affordable cost. 

They help walk their customers through the home-building process and ensure that it accurately captures your vision.  

The Meridian Home builder experience is one where you receive plenty of assistance, making it ideal for first-time home buyers. 

This home design service is family owned and provides a range of different options. These options include: 

  • Single Storey
  • Duplex 
  • Rear Loaded 
  • Double Storey 
  • Granny Flat 

Their house designs range according to land frontage, occupancy, and size so that you can browse plenty of available options. 

For instance, this is a large-scale house plan in Australia by Meridian Homes. It houses more than 5 family members and offers incredible living features. 

With this home design, you can enjoy a balcony, porch, three floors, and an Al Fresco.

David Reid Homes 

This home builder truly cares about what their customer wants. They are proficient in providing customers with the best solutions. 

The designer has skills and expertise that can evaluate your needs and wants in terms of a floor plan and come up with a home design that is close to what you imagined. 

The designer has created spaces that provide aesthetics and joy to a homeowner’s lifestyle. Much of his designs pay great attention to detail, and each element on the floor plan is meticulously planned. 

The little design elements this designer adds to a home are sensational and help provide a luxury and wholesome experience.  

For instance, this is a very successful home. Along with prefab and modular homes, the designer is proficiently constructing 4 bedrooms in massive scale designs. 

This design is a true classic and combines functionality with luxury to provide an excellent experience.  

It incorporates hardwood timbers and contemporary brick and slate material. These pave the way for innovative features and details that homeowners cherish for a lifetime. 

This house includes two homes in one and helps attain living areas that elude high quality of life. You also get a resort pool, combined with a wide hallway. 

Green Homes Australia 

Green Homes Australia can be the solution for you if you are looking for sustainable living. 

The house attempts to fulfill our basic human needs, giving us a room to eat, shelter, cook, and sleep. Therefore, it shouldn’t come at a cost. 

Homes have changed. Cheap power options allowed us to construct all home designs. 

Green Homes Australia provides house plans in Australia that make you realize how inefficient and costly it can be to live. 

This home builder attempts to utilize modern materials and building techniques to design a sustainable home that provides shelter and comfort. 

A green home is a smart home that does not exhaust renewable energy sources to provide electricity. 

Green Homes Australia works on a mission to provide sustainable shelter to each Australian for a better, brighter, greener future. Having a home that has a low environmental impact can be great. 

This is an example of a Green home, roofed with solar panels for green energy. It has four bedrooms and two car spaces, perfectly compatible with a large family. 


As you can see, there are plenty of options to browse through if you are looking for a house plan in Australia. Picking the best one that suits you will start by imagining the dream home for you. Pick one that is aesthetic and also improves your current lifestyle.