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Water Tanks Brisbane


Brisbane is taking to water tanks like a duck to water.

Like the rest of Australia, Brisbane is finding its water catchments at very low levels, and introducing water restrictions during Summer. As with much of urban Australia, local authorities have moved a long way from opposition to water tanks on urban blocks. Brisbane City Council give residents a rebate to buy a tank. Now the Australian Government does, too.

But now, the Brisbane City Council water tank rebate is finishing on June 30th. You have to have purchased and installed it by then, so get cracking!

  • Purchase and install a rainwater tank, and you may be entitled to a water tank rebate from the Brisbane City Council (up to $1150 if it is connected to the inside of the house). Check YOUR local Council for local rebates.
  • Check the Average Brisbane Rainfall Graphs

Enviro Friendly World offers a wide range of water tanks from Australia’s top brands to Brisbane and Qld. customers. The range includes…

Whichever water tank you choose from our range of dozens of different tanks, we arrange for the manufacturer to deliver and install the tank directly to you in Brisbane and SE Queensland. That means less handling, and the quickest possible delivery to you.

Because we carry different brands of water tanks, we’re not tied to one Supplier- we can give you professional, impartial advice, and supply a tank that’s just right for your needs. Of course, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Why not give us a call, NOW?

A number of other Councils in Queensland also currently provide water tank rebates. Check yours!