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Natural Swimming Pools Australia: Top Builders and Designers

Natural swimming pools in Australia are popular because they’re a better and more environmentally-friendly option. A natural swimming pool allows you to swim in crystal clear water without using chemicals like chlorine. 

They are designed to meet your unique ideas and idealisations. Whether you want a natural pool with a rounded design or prominent edges, these natural pool builders can make your dreams come true. 

Best Natural Swimming Pool Builders

These are our top eight picks for Australia’s best natural swimming pool builders. The companies we have chosen can help build an all-natural swimming pool that blends in with whatever environment you’ve chosen. 

The companies are top-notch and will ensure you get the natural swimming pool you have envisioned. The pool builders will help build a swimming pool that is better for the environment and will work well in the Australian climate.

Natural Swimming Pools Australia

Natural Swimming Pools Australia is the best natural pool builder in Victoria. They are based in Yackandandah but build natural swimming pools locally and throughout Australia. They strive to provide their clients with the most beautiful and natural swimming experience. 

They create chemical-free and sustainable swimming pools that enhance and complement their surroundings. Natural Swimming Pools Australia will be there for you all throughout the design, construction, and swimming phase of the pool’s lifespan. From the start, they work with you to help make your pool dreams a reality. 

Their highly skilled construction team will work around your schedule to begin the construction of your natural swimming pool. Once your pool is done being built, they will test the equipment and ensure your pool is ready for you to enjoy. They give you an outline of instructions so you know how to care for your pool, but they will be happy to help you at any time. 

Waterscapes Australia

Waterscapes Australia is one of the best choices for a natural pool builder in Queensland. They are located in Yandina but build natural swimming pools throughout Australia. Waterscapes was founded in 2008 and had since been building natural swimming pools in every region of Australia. 

They design for maximum functionality and aesthetics, creating a unique aquatic ecosystem in the form of a natural swimming pool. They never use concrete in their creations but natural rock and a recyclable rubber liner. 

The stones from compliant sources are sourced within 100km of their swimming pool projects. They only use energy-efficient equipment, pumps, LED lighting, and low voltage.

Upkeep for the natural swimming pool is simple, but Waterscapes can help whenever needed. Their natural swimming pools look like ponds, waterfalls, or streams, but they can be personalised to your specific needs.

GartenArt Australia

GartenArt Australia creates natural swimming pools throughout the Sydney area (within a 100km radius), Melbourne, and Canberra. Their main goal is to create natural swimming pools with healthy water and an environmental design. 

Their pool designs can range from natural to formal, whether a freshwater pool with no plants, an attractive landscape feature, or anything you want it to be. They are willing to work with you to design the natural swimming pool of your dreams. 

GartenArt ensures that the water in their swimming pools stays clear throughout the year, even when the climate is harsh. The natural swimming pools contain active microbiological filters, which clear the water. 

Their natural swimming pools are attractive throughout the year, environmentally friendly, safe, and uniquely designed to your specific desires.

Phillip Johnson Landscapes

Phillip Johnson Landscapes creates sustainable natural swimming pools throughout all of Australia. They create chemical-free natural swimming pools that enhance biodiversity. 

Their unique designs are designed to withstand Australian environmental extremes and help to recreate habitat. Phillip Johnson Landscapes works with some of Australia’s best architects, developers, and government departments to recreate habitats in their natural swimming pools. 

Your vision of a natural swimming pool can come to life with Phillip Johnson Landscapes, as they will make your idea a reality. Their pools are known to be low maintenance. However, some maintenance must occur now and again, which is why their maintenance team is available to help. 

Overall, their natural swimming pools are sustainable, beautiful, and simple to maintain throughout the life of your pool.


AquaViva is based in Dandenongs, Victoria, and works throughout Australia and New Zealand. AquaViva biologically balances its natural swimming pools to bring refreshing mountain water into your pools without using chemicals. Their pools are modern and can be designed according to your individual preferences. 

They want you to feel as connected to nature as possible, and their designs allow you to do just that. Since Australia is one of the driest continents, water as a natural resource is available and should be embraced. 

Water restrictions in Australia can make it challenging to fill up a swimming pool every year, but with AquaViva’s natural swimming pools, you can keep the water in the pool at all times. Your pool can be designed to be refilled with rainwater or by a multipurpose water tank

AquaViva will need to dig a hole in the ground, fit the liner in the pool, and put it in the filtration zone to build your natural swimming pool. Then, they will create a rock wall inside the pool and cover the floor to hide the liner. 

Once completed, they will fill your pool with chemical-free water, and you will be ready to go. They even have a handbook explaining how to build a natural filtration system for your pool in case you want to create your pool.

Flo Gardens

Flo Gardens is located in Northern Rivers, NSW, and only services that area of Australia. Flo Gardens can create a biodiverse freshwater ecosystem right in your backyard. Their passion for freshwater ecosystems helps make the most beautiful natural swimming pools based on your design ideas. 

Flo Gardens wants you and your family to reconnect with nature, which is why they create sustainable pools. Flo Gardens will work around your schedule to design and construct your natural swimming pool. 

They find aesthetically pleasing plants to use as a water purification system for your pool, and the plants they use come from their native plant nursery. Their staff is a highly qualified native plant and ecosystem expert, and they will select plants for your pool based on your region, climate, and soil type. 


Grenum helps create natural swimming pools throughout all of Australia. Their all-natural swimming pools use various water filtration methods that do not involve added chemicals. Grenum recreates the environment of a clear river as closely as possible so that you can safely swim in a natural swimming pool with crystal-clear water. 

Most of their pool systems have European origins but are currently being installed in Australia. Their pool systems include AquaViva, Boptop, and Hydrobalance, all of which are widely used in Australia. Grenum wants to help you reduce your environmental impact on the world, which is why creating an environmentally friendly natural swimming pool is their passion. 

Their swimming pools are water efficient, reduce the cost of fossil fuel energy, are chemical free, and are a great alternative to energy-intensive materials.

River Water Pools

Rive Water Pools is a family-owned natural pool-building business based in Albury-Wodonga. They focus heavily on creating realistic, eco-friendly landscapes that seamlessly join in with their surroundings. River Water Pools is passionate about creating organic aquatic habitats, being creative and satisfactory, and bringing your ideas to life. 

While your typical swimming pool is loaded with chlorine, a natural swimming pool from River Water Pools is full of good bacteria that keep it clean. The water will slowly circulate throughout the gravel in the pool, allowing the bacteria to process the water. 

River Water Pools creates sustainable natural swimming pools, will work around your schedule and will design the pool of your choice.

What Are Natural Swimming Pools? 

A natural swimming pool is a body of water that can function without harsh chemicals or pool pumps. Natural pools have processes to self-clean, like using a self-cleaning ecosystem that is either adjacent to the pool or within it. They typically remain warm during the warmer months due to the weather or use of a solar hot water system.

Ponds and swimming holes in Germany inspired the first natural swimming pools, and the idea of a chemical-free natural swimming pool has become more well-known throughout Australia over the past few years.

Natural swimming pools can differ in design. Some pools are separate from the built-in biological filter. Some may be less separated from these filters. Australia has the perfect climate for a natural swimming pool, which will remain clean throughout the cold months. 

5 Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools have become increasingly popular throughout Australia. They require no chemicals to maintain the pool but use water flora and perennial plants to help keep the water clean. 

While having a traditional pool heated by solar energy or a pool heat pump are environmentally friendly, natural swimming pools offer more benefits than energy reduction. Natural swimming pools offer a few benefits, making it well worth building one. These benefits include:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Natural swimming pools do not use chemicals like chlorine. Instead, they have a built-in biological filtering system where aquatic plants and other plants can mimic nature’s natural habitat. In addition, natural swimming pools minimise the waste of water, which is a significant issue within the environment, 

2. Works in All Climates

A natural swimming pool works in all types of climates. Unlike traditional swimming pools, natural pools do not need to be covered, drained, or refilled yearly. You can let your natural swimming pool freeze during the winter and can even ice skate over it in the winter months. 

Besides the cold months, natural swimming pools are designed to handle various climates, like tropical, humid, and dry climates. No matter what time of the year, a natural swimming pool will stay clean in all environments.

3. Less Maintenance

While a traditional swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep throughout the year, a natural swimming pool does not require much maintenance. Natural swimming pools use biological filtration, such as gravel and plants, to clean the water. 

They have a pump that circulates the freshwater between the regeneration zone and the area where you swim. Since they essentially clean themselves, natural swimming pools lower your year-to-year upkeep costs and require less maintenance. 

4. Flexible in Design

Most natural pool builders consider your unique design for your natural swimming pools. When building a traditional pool, the plans are typically already laid out, and you can choose from various formats. 

With a natural swimming pool, you can design your own pool based on your creative ideas. The design of a natural pool is unlimited, you need to have an idea, and your builders will help bring it to life.

5. Better Swimming Experience

Once you experience what it is like to swim in a natural swimming pool, you will want to stay in a traditional pool. Since no chemicals are used, you might notice less skin or eye irritation due to the lack of chlorine. 

Natural swimming pools mimic our bodies by utilising bacteria and microbes to stay healthy and clean. Overall, swimming in a natural pool feels more hygienic and realistic than in a chlorinated pool.

3 Drawbacks of Natural Swimming Pools

While there are many benefits of having a natural swimming pool, there are a few drawbacks. 

1. Higher Initial Cost to Build

There is a higher initial cost to build a natural swimming pool when comparing it to the price of a traditional pool. Australians can expect to pay between $60,000 and $100,000 to create a natural swimming pool. 

You can lower the cost if you change some features. The cost to build the pool will be on the higher end of that price range if you want a deck, retaining wall, stairs, waterfall, infinity edge, or boulders. A traditional concrete pool in Australia costs between $50,000 and $75,000 to build and can be even less, depending on the size.

2. Requires More Space

A natural swimming pool requires more space than a traditional pool because you need a swimming zone and a regeneration zone. This requires your pool to be larger and have more space than a conventional swimming pool. 

Natural swimming pools are ideal for homes with large yards, and you will need a minimum total area of 45 to 50 square metres for your pool. The depth of the pool will also take up space and will likely be more profound than a traditional pool. 

3. May Not Appear Blue

Natural swimming pools are designed to have clear water, but the water may appear greener than blue. While that may concern you, green and clear water is normal for a natural pool. 

Traditional pools often have clear blue water due to chemicals. Since a natural swimming pool is chemical free, it will have a more natural pool, but the water is clean and safe.

Final Thoughts 

Australia is known to have hot summer days that last from December through February. A natural swimming pool is a perfect way to cool off during the summer. A natural swimming pool is a better option than a traditional one for various reasons. 

A natural pool might be an excellent voice if you are interested in lowering overall maintenance costs, being more environmentally friendly, and creating your pool design. Our choices for the best natural pool builders can help customise the pool of your dreams.