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12 Best Shed House Designs in Australia

Shed houses in Australia have become a popular trend. Shed homes can be considered tiny homes, studios, kid’s playrooms, home offices, granny flats, man caves, and much more. 

You can even use a shed home as an alternative living accommodation when you are building a home. Building a traditional home can cost a hefty price. If you are willing to downgrade your home in size for an affordable price, a shed home could be a good fit.

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Similar to Australians who choose to build modular, kit homes, or shipping container homes, many people choose shed homes because they want to downsize and participate in a minimalistic way of living. While the price of building a shed home only covers the outer space, you can spend more on the inside if you are determined to make a shed home furnished with living space.

12 Best Shed Homes in Australia 

Shed homes in Australia are tiny compared to average-sized homes; therefore, they take less time to build. A shed home can be made in half the amount of time it would take you to create an average-sized home. 

While shed homes take less time to construct and use fewer materials to build the house, they are also better for our environment than average-sized homes. 

Materials like wood are an essential natural resource, so the less we use, the better it is for our surroundings. You can also add things to your shed to make it more environmentally friendly, like solar panels or a rainwater harvesting system.

Living in shed homes also requires less energy, which means we help reduce carbon emissions in our environment. Overall, modern shed homes are a great way to become more minimalist and lessen our carbon footprint on the environment.

1. Shed House Australia

Shed House Australia provides a design and consultation service for your custom shed house on your budget. They manufacture and deliver the shed home kit to your property and work with their trusted building partner to build your dream shed throughout all of Australia. 

Their company wants you to feel empowered by the building process, so they make it a point to inform you that they use recycled materials to build your shed. They want their customers to understand how important financial freedom is, so they want to help you create an eco-friendly shed home. 

There are multiple designs of shed houses to choose from. Their shed home options include a tree house, Torquay house, byron, house, and blue mountains house. These designs are simple, yet modern, and come in various colours, roof designs, and options for double-glazed windows.

The shed houses are made using recycled materials, are non-combustible, approved class 1a buildings, cost-effective, termite and fire resistant, and come in various colours. Their building process is time effective, as they give you the flexibility to finish your shed home in your timeframe. Their central belief is that your shed home should be unique without costing the Earth. 

Shed House Australia does its best to take the worry out of the build to lock up, which includes a concrete slab, the house frame build, external cladding, set up for plastering, and window installation. Overall, Shed House Australia is great for building your shed homes in Australia. 

2. The Shed House

The Shed House provides exceptional shed housing solutions to those looking for an alternative home, those looking to create a granny flat, and everything in between. Their company strives to bridge the gap in the building industry by creating more affordable shed home options that are widely available. 

Their extensive packages meet everyone’s needs, offering lock-up, kit homes, and turnkey build options. The Shed House is perfect for those living off the grid. They are passionate about helping people reduce their environmental impact. A shed house suits those utilizing off the grid solar as it helps reduce their monthly costs and harnesses clean energy from the sun and wind. 

The Shed House is located on the Sunshine Coast. They specialise in delivering personalised alternate housing solutions throughout the Sunshine Coast, particularly in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. 

To achieve energy efficiency in their shed homes, they use quality materials that last longer and are durable, and they use renewable and recycled resources wherever possible. The Shed House is excellent for off-the-grid livers and anyone looking to build a granny flat, have an alternative home, studio, and more.

3. Fair Dinkum Builds

Fair Dinkum Builds creates safe, livable sheds that meet Australia’s building code requirements. Fair Dinkum Builds can efficiently do the job if you are looking for a temporary home, need extra living space, or want to build a barn shed house. 

Formerly known as Fair Dinkum Sheds, they recently changed their name to Fair Dinkum Builds to reflect a more substantial offer to their customer and make it known that anything is possible. They have been considered a trusted shed and patio manufacturer in Australia since 2007. What makes Fair Dinkum Builds exceptional is that they have many perks. 

They work with over 140 outlets nationwide, have over thirty years of experience, offer a thirty-year warranty, use quality materials, are SafeShed accredited, and allow you to design your shed. 

Another reason Fair Dinkum Builds is an excellent choice is because they have multiple locations and can deliver and build throughout Australia. They have many locations throughout QLD, WA, NT, VIC, NSW, SA, TAS, and ACT.

Their website allows you to design your shed; they feel it is best to see it first before choosing a design. The Fair Dinkum Builds Designer App is available on Apple IOS, Android, or on your desktop. 

4. is the perfect place to find your ideal garden shed, workshop, man cave, large farm or commercial shed, or alternative home. They offer Australian-made sheds and garages with free design service. 

You can entirely design the shed yourself, and their range of sheds can be adjusted to meet your unique requirements at no additional cost. They use Australian BlueScope steel for structural components and sheeting and can design your shed to the millimetre, so it minimises waste to ensure you get the best price possible. 

There are shed options, including shed heights up to 9mm, clear spans up to 30mm, uneven bay widths, two bay sheds, three bay sheds, four bay sheds, multiple colours, and roof types like skillion, open gable, and gable. 

The optional extras to choose from include mezzanine floors, roof ventilators, fibreglass skylight roof sheets, lean-to, window openings, sarking products, and roof Australia has various offices throughout NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, NT, and PNG. 

They can design and deliver your dream shed home throughout these areas. Check out their catalogue to get a better idea of the types of sheds they offer and what you might be looking for in a shed home. Their catalogue includes helpful pictures, floor plans, and descriptions of their shed homes.

5. Totally Sheds

Totally Sheds is excellent for those looking for a kit-only shed, custom shed, or a livable shed home. 

They are an independent and locally owned distributor of quality steel kit buildings from sheds, garages, carports, farm buildings, and workshops to gable roof sheds, patios, DIY kit shed homes and skillion sheds. 

Their owner, Alisdair, offers terrific customer service and directly speaks with customers over the phone regarding their shed concerns. All the products they use are Australian-made and affordable. 

Totally Sheds is located on the Gold Coast and they will supply and build your custom-made shed home in South East Queensland. 

Totally Sheds specialises in custom design sheds, farm sheds, workshop sheds, commercial and industrial sheds, barns, and all Australian Colorbond sheds. They work with reliable builders to assure you have a quality experience with their company. 

Their design capacity includes wall heights up to 9.5 metres, spans up to 30 metres, and almost infinite lengths. 

The steel is covered by an up to 20-year warranty, and you can choose from various colours through Colorbond. Their website offers the option to receive a free quick quote. With Totally Sheds, you will receive reliable service and get the shed you envisioned for a fair price. 

6. Sheds n Homes

Sheds n Homes offers a wide range of impressive residential, rural, and commercial sheds made from Australian steel. Their sheds are strong enough to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Their livable shed homes are unique and beautiful, and you can design them yourself. 

Their livable shed kit is not much different than a class 1a habitable dwelling, as they meet the criteria of the building code of Australia. Their shed uses solid and robust portal frame systems, making them designed to withstand strong winds. 

The sheds come in various colours through Colorbond, and steel cladding has many options of sheeting profiles. 

Sheds n Homes has multiple locations in SA, WA, NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, NT, and TAS. They will deliver and build your shed home throughout the surrounding areas. 

Shed n Homes understands that not all shed homes are specifically for you, which is why your input on design is essential. Whether the shed is for yourself, a granny flat, a playroom for the kids, or additional space, they will do what they can to ensure the shed meets all your requirements. 

7. Wholesale Homes and Sheds

Wholesale Homes and Sheds is one of Australia’s most affordable kit home suppliers. Their company has more than thirty years of experience with building and has recently developed the best techniques to allow their customers to build their own shed home. 

Their shed home designs range from two-story homes and one-bedroom granny flats to small studio and acreage home designs. Their kits are available in steel and treated timber frame construction, and both assure that your shed home complies with Australian standards. 

Wholesale Home and Sheds’ design process is simple. Their homes are broken down into four stages – the lock-up stage, lining stage, final stage, and floor stage. While every build is different, these stages allow you to choose your home’s design. 

This company is affordable, offers complete engineering for structural and footing designs, over fifty pre-designed homes, is flexible, has fantastic customer service, and offers delivery throughout Australia. All their products are made using BlueScope steel and are designed to withstand intense weather conditions. 

As for the colours, you can choose various options from Zincalume or Colorbond. Their premium Australian products will not disappoint. The sheds are all cut to size and are ready to be assembled.

8. Modular Building Australia

Modular Building Australia creates custom-made shed homes out of Sydney, NSW. There are multiple designs of shed homes to choose from, as they are all different sizes and designs. 

Modular Building Australia aims to solve the issue of housing affordability in Australia, which is why shed homes can be a great choice. 

Their team specialises in manufacturing, architecture, and distributed building systems. There are various colours from Colorbond to choose from when customising your livable shed. Modular Building Australia provides some of the leading shed homes in Sydney and can deliver throughout Australia. 

You can obtain a free quote using their website and check out the various shed designs. Whether you want to create a tiny shed home or an office space, Modular Building Australia will ensure that the job gets done no matter how large or small. 

To find your ideal shed, you can shop online and can include customisations. Modular Building Australia offers full metal sheds, including gable sheds, skillion sheds, office sheds, large sheds, caravan sheds, and American barns.

9. All About Sheds

Located in South Nowra, All About Sheds will work with you to build your custom-made shed house designs. They will create a durable shed to meet your specific needs while also being strong enough to handle Australia’s climate. 

All About Sheds offers livable sheds, Shoalhaven cabins, and granny flats to their customers in Nowra, Callala, Tapitallee, Sanctuary Point, Bowral, Shoalhaven Heads, Cambewarra, and Bomaderry.

They believe the sky’s the limit to your shed house designs, so nothing is too far-fetched. Their website provides a gallery of their shed house projects to give you a better idea of what methods you like. Their modern shed homes are made using durable, quality materials and come at a great price. 

Customer service is vital to All About Sheds, so it is essential to them that they offer you the best experience possible. Their sheds are fully certified for your area and are designed to meet local specifications and standards. 

To get a free quote on your custom shed home, check out their website and input your info to receive a phone call.  They offer various designs, colours, roofing options, and external claddings to match your home’s existing features or your ideas for your custom-built shed home.

10. True Blue Sheds

True Blue Sheds is an excellent company for turning a shed into a house in Australia. Their modern sheds are built to be Aussie tough to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. 

Their livable sheds are affordable and are an excellent way for a first-time homeowner to break into the real estate market. True Blue Sheds has many years of experience and is willing to make livable sheds for studios, granny flats, teenager retreats, man caves, she sheds, or recreation rooms. 

Their website and mobile app allow you to design the shed of your dreams. You should use your computer or phone to design it. Once you have completed it, you can get a free quote from True Blue Sheds. Their sheds can incorporate bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, and so many aspects into a small space. 

True Blue Sheds are a great choice because they are Australian-made, offer custom designs, and are ShedSafe accredited. Their delivery and service locations include NSW, SA, QLD, TAS. NT, VIC, WA, and ACT.

11. Superior Garages

Superior Garages creates quality livable sheds that are durable and reliable. Given the current economic state, building a home has become too expensive for some. Superior Garages can help Australians create a beautiful shed home for a fraction of the cost of building an average home. 

They offer in-house engineering for your shed house and will help you customise and construct your dream shed home. They only use 100 percent quality Australian steel to build their sheds and are also termite resistant. Building a shed home with Superior Garages will allow you to relax, as you can feel better knowing your shed home is durable and robust for decades to come. 

There are various colours to choose from through Colorbond, making it easier for you to create the shed you envision. With service locations in Gympie and Sunshine Coast, Superior Garages has over thirty years of experience and will assure you get the shed you want for an affordable cost. 

12. The Shed Company

The Shed Company can create livable shed homes anywhere from small granny flats to five-bedroom country homes. They have a wide range of steel kits to allow you the flexibility to design your home cost-effectively. No matter what type of shed house in Australia you need, The Shed Company can help create a shed to suit your specific requirements. 

They use Australian BlueScope steel for all of their sheds, so you can be assured that your investment in a shed home will last a long time. All their shed houses are backed up by an up to twenty-year warranty. 

The engineers at The Shed Company will create a home specifically for you based on a few factors. They will consider wind speed, building type, site-specific factors, and property design. Your shed home can be created in various colours through Colorbond, and it can be customised even further. 

You can add cantilever awnings, skylights, roof ventilation, wind lock roller doors, steel sliding doors, diving walls, mezzanine flooring, and more to your shed house. The Shed Company has multiple locations across NSW, ACT, SA, NT, QLD, TAS, WA, and VIC and will deliver and service sheds throughout Australia.

Can You Live in a Shed in Australia? 

You can live in a shed in Australia, but it has to have class 1 engineering for it to be legal. Standard sheds are classified as 10a buildings, making them non-habitable. Class 1a buildings are single dwellings like houses or groups of attached homes (townhouses).  

What Makes a Class 1a Building Livable?

While each local council has specific regulations, these are typically the major construction standards that must be met.

  • Connection of town water or tank water
  • Foundation design must meet the Building Code of Australia’s criteria
  • Kitchen sink and booking facilities
  • Compliant with flood and bushfire regulations
  • Installation of smoke alarm
  • Sanitary facilities like toilet, basin, and a shower
  • Space for a washing machine

Benefits of Shed Living

Like tiny homes, shed homes are considered a prevalent choice for many Australians who strive to live a minimalistic and cost-effective life. While it may appear that shed living is just a trend, it seems to be here to stay for many reasons. Shed living is a more simplistic way of living and offers many benefits. 

  • Helps the environment
  • More affordable
  • Excellent addition to your living space
  • Great for downsizing
  • It does not take up much space

Drawbacks of Shed Living 

There are few drawbacks of shed living, as the good outweighs the bad. Shed living in Australia has become one of the most affordable ways of living, while also helping the environment. There are almost no drawbacks to shed living, but there are a couple of disadvantages to be aware of before committing to the shed living life.

  • Shed homes do not last as long as a traditional house and will require maintenance over time
  • Can become cluttered 

Final Thoughts 

Living in a shed house in Australia is a great way to save money and improve our environment. Shed houses make great additions to existing homes, are ideal for granny flats, and make great studios, kids’ playrooms, and teenage retreats.