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Chromagen Midea Heat Pump Review

If you’re looking for an economically friendly way to warm up your home’s water, consider the Chromagen Midea heat pump. As a relatively new product, it has become an increasingly popular option.

Most people recognize the brand for:

  • It’s an extensive background in solar thermal heat pumps 
  • International appliance acclaim
  • And the quick advancement in Australia’s heat pump market

The Verdict

To save you time, and hopefully some money, we will get right to the point. As far as hot water heat pump owners are concerned, the Chromagen Midea is one of the best options on the Australian market today.  

While every new product has its growing pains, the majority of Australian Chromagen Midea heat pump experiences have been positive thus far. The Chromagen Midea may not be the absolute best heat pump for every property, but its reliability, customer support, and market expansion make it a great option.  

With sustainability as the goal, the company is doing all it can to make its heat pump hot water systems economically efficient for Australian homeowners and businesses. Using the on-board electric boost, the Chromagen Midea heat pump is the perfect partner for photovoltaic solar panels, for optimized self-consumption, energy-savings, and carbon footprint reduction. 

So is the Chromagen Midea the best heat pump for your situation?

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Company Background and History 

The Midea Group is a Fortune 500 company founded in China and currently operating in over 200 countries around the world. Midea began manufacturing air conditioning parts in the 1980s and has since expanded into new markets and territories with production facilities in over a dozen countries. 

Chromogen was established in Israel, with over 50 years of experience in hot water technology, focusing on solar thermal and other eco-friendly solutions. Officially incorporated in 2015, Chromagen Australia is headquartered in Victoria with additional offices in Western Australia, Southern Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Together, the Chromagen Midea heat pump product line began to debut around Australia in the late 2010s. Australian consumers now have the opportunity to incorporate a heat pump system into their homes alongside already popular Midea products such as laundry facilities, refrigerators, and small appliances.

Inside the Chromagen Midea Heat Pump 

Okay, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty. Here, we will explore all of the aspects of a Chromagen Midea Heat Pump in order to illustrate the system’s parts and capabilities.  

The Water Tank – 2 Options

Today, there are two different sizes of the water tank that are sold as part of a Chromagen Midea heat pump system:

  1. The standard and most popular capacity features a 170 Litre water tank that is ideal for households with 2 or 3 people living inside. 
  2. In warm weather territories, the 170 Litre tank is likely to be large enough to supply hot water comfortably to homes of 4 people all year round. This efficiency will also likely be met in spring, summer, and fall across the country. 

For larger families of 4-6 people, households can adopt the new 280 Litre heat pump, which Chromagen Midea offers with the same great technology as the 170 Litre version. Although the 280 Litre tank will not be able to warm up as quickly as the smaller version, households will enjoy a large overall hot water supply capacity.

Style and Design

Looking a bit like a stacked mini-fridge and microwave one might find in a hotel, the Chromagen Midea imitates the appliances for which the brand is known. Sleek, modern, and overall non-invasive, the Chromagen Midea heat pump is the most attractive outdoor appliance in the world.

Perhaps the best thing about the Chromagen Midea’s design is the small physical area footprint. As a tall, slim device, the Chromagen Midea heat pump can be installed in most outdoor spaces, even in the tight-knit quarters of most Australian cities. 


Utilizing both built-in frost protection and auto-disinfection, the Chromagen Midea is built to last, and able to handle whatever the Australian climate may throw at it. Infections from bacteria and legionella are some of the most common issues that people experience with their hot water tanks, so the system is designed to periodically heat up and eliminate possible growth. 

As a bonus, all of your personal settings are saved on the Chromagen Midea system even in the event of a power failure. Here, you will not have to worry about reprogramming your hot water heater every time there is a power surge or outage in your area. 

Operating Temperature Range

Speaking of frost protection, the Chromagen Midea heat pump’s purposefully built system can handle a wide operating temperature range. The system is designed to operate efficiently from as low as -20°C all the way up to 45°C (not that you’ll want a nice hot shower then, anyway). 

Knowing this, the Midea is meant to handle all Australian climates with the assistance of an electric boost. To keep energy costs low, the Chromogen can still operate in “Eco-mode” at temperatures as low as 5°C. 

Operating Noise

Operating noise is one of the most overlooked details that one must consider when buying a large home appliance. Thankfully, the Chromagen Midea is a low-noise machine, operating at an average of 48 dBA. 

Placed outside your home, it is likely that your system will not be loud enough to be bothersome while you are indoors. Although you may be able to hear it running while spending time in your yard, if you are enjoying warm outside temperatures, then it is unlikely that your Chromagen Midea will be working hard enough for you to notice the noise. 

Simplicity and Ease of Use

The built-in controller on a Chromagen Midea heat pump is mounted on the system’s front-face, with large, well-defined buttons to control the device. Relatively straightforward, the Chromagen Midea heat pump does not overcomplicate things–temperature adjustments and mode settings are both easy.

Here, it is incredibly simple to set timers and safety locks or program your device to operate in “vacation mode.”  There is a clear LCD screen that displays all of the information that you will need, even when troubleshooting possible issues.

Performance and Efficiency

In terms of technology, the Chromagen Midea heat pump rides right alongside the best hot water heat pumps in Australia. Although the coefficient of performance (COP) will vary drastically depending on the ambient temperature surrounding your device, efficiencies can reach all the way to 5x the amount of energy input. 

The Chromagen Midea heat pump is able to average COPs between 3 and 5 with its tank-wrapped condenser coil. Not only does this provide an extremely efficient heat transfer, but it is also one of the most sanitary ways to prevent water contamination. 

Accounts In the Wild

Now that you know what the Chromagen Midea heat pump is made of, let’s take a look at some real-world examples of the product’s performance. To give you a fair and balanced look at this product, we’ve located a series of reviews from actual customer experiences with the Chromagen Midea. 

First, here is a one-star review from user “dashdown.” In their experience, purchasing a Chromagen heat pump was a “big mistake” as they are struggling to pay for their electricity bill with an out-of-commission heat pump sitting useless in their home. 

In this review, the homeowner has expressed their frustration both with the system performance and the customer service from their local distributor. It is very easy to sympathize with this reviewer as it seems that they have put in a considerable amount of effort to fall short of their expected system performance. 

Next, here is a 5-star review from user “Pascale” in Langwarrin that showcases a completely opposing experience. In their review, this Midea owner expresses one full year of product use with nothing but satisfaction to show for it. Their electricity bills have been cut in half and it seems that they are not shy to share that fact.

Here, the reviewer addresses other negative feedback that has been left about the product before going on to express their positive experience with the delivery and installation. With no issues in 12 months, it is obvious that the reviewer is one happy customer. 

Critically, there are a handful of 1, 2, and 3-star reviews that dot the Chromagen Midea heat pump’s digital reputation like flies. In this review from user “Westy” in Victoria, we find out what happens when things go wrong with a faulty system and the results are actually quite good.

In this review, the customer outlines their experience with a poorly performing system that they sum up in the one short, sweet word of “Noisy.” Thankfully, the system was still under warranty, so the appliance was replaced without costing the customer any additional money.  

Finally, here is another 5-star review from user Eleni Alexandrou which shouts out the assistance from a few specific employees with their Chromagen Midea heat pump.  After days without hot water, a system repair team not only showed up, but they also repaired the system and left the customer feeling satisfied.

We can confidently say that Chromagen Australia is actively doing what it can for its customers. While some people can never be satisfied, ignoring some of the hard feelings expressed in one-star reviews is a bit easier when analyzing positive customer experiences. 

As a relatively new product delivering huge amounts of efficient water heating, there are bound to be some issues with most brand-name hot water heat pumps. Whenever things break down, however, it appears that Chromagen Midea is prepared to rectify issues when possible. 

Performance Notes: How does the Chromagen Midea Heat Pump stack up?

As we’ve noted, the Chromagen Midea heat pump is a good option for Australians looking for a low-emission way to lower their hot water heating expenses. While it has many great features, the system may not be ideal for all homeowners with specific property demands. 

Below, we will break down the Chromagen Midea heat pump part for part to showcase where it stacks up against the competition.  

Shape and Size

As an all-in-one standalone system, we like the way the Chromagen Midea heat pump can be easily incorporated onto nearly any property. While other heat pump systems have a detached fan component, the Chromagen Midea has a much lower profile, nearly indistinguishable from your hot water tank itself. 

Although the Chromagen Midea heat pump weighs 90 Kg, you will likely never have to handle or move your device once it is installed. 

Energy Efficiency

The Chromagen Midea heat pump is very energy efficient, adaptable for all climates. Whereas the COP drops dramatically once freezing temperatures are reached, the frost protection keeps it running. 

If you live in an area of the country where you experience all four seasons, then the Chromagen Midea Heat pump will likely deliver some of the most efficient water heating possible. However, homeowners in warm climates that stay hot all year may be overpaying with the Chromagen Midea, as there are cheaper hot-weather only heat pumps that may do the trick just fine. 

Ease of Use

With an onboard system featuring easy controls, the Chromagen Midea heat pump can be meticulously operated or left alone to intelligently heat a property’s hot water. Although we sort of wish that the system featured a remote control, going outside to adjust your settings every once in a while is not going to be the end of the world. 

System Component Warranties & Repairs 

Compared to other products on the market, the components of a Chromagen Midea heat pump are protected under average warranty periods. As 5 years for the tank and 3 years for the compressor has become somewhat of a “norm” for new heat pumps, the Chromagen Midea does not set itself apart from competitors in this category. 

Instead, Australians looking to invest in a high-quality product with a longer warranty period are encouraged to shop around for other heat pump brands. Whereas the Chromagen Midea heat pump may be cheaper upfront, systems or tanks guaranteed for 10 and 15 years can help guarantee a better return on investment for Australian homeowners. 

Brand History Recognition 

With two powerhouse companies coming together to create a premium product, it is difficult to find a heat pump with more reputable history than the Chromagen Midea. To some people, internal acclaim is very important, while others may value domestic manufacturing in a much greater sense. 

Homeowners looking to support purely local businesses should look elsewhere for heat pumps from 100% Australian-owned companies. Despite their global mission of sustainability, many consumers may value local economies more than marginal cost savings. 

Operating Noise 

Lastly, the Chromagen Midea heat pump has an average operating noise level of 48 dBa. Although this is impressive, it is still over 10 dBa higher than some of its competitors. If you are a person who is going to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors near your heat pump, then every decibel counts if you do not want to be disturbed by your hot water system.  


As a relatively affordable hot water system designed to save you money on monthly energy costs, the Chromagen Midea Heat Pump can be a very valuable investment. Although installation costs will vary depending on your location, the flat product costs of a Chromagen Midea heat pump system are right in line next to other top-tier brands without breaking the bank entirely.

Most importantly, COPs up to 5 enable Chromagen Midea Heat Pump owners to drastically lower the current cost to heat their hot water.  Knowing this, households with hot water expenses upwards of $200 a month will likely recoup their investment within the product’s expected lifespan. 


As a system made of multiple moving parts, each of the components of a Chromagen Midea heat pump falls under different warranty periods.

Standard with all systems, the details are as follows:

  • Tank Cylinder: 5 years product warranty and 3 years labour warranty
  • Compressor: 3 years product warranty and a 1-year labour warranty 
  • A 1-year warranty on all other components such as the
    • Valves 
    • Elements
    • Thermostats
    • And Sacrificial Anodes

Whenever your system is purchased, local suppliers may use other parts in their installations, which would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. New Chromagen Midea heat pump owners can register their system on the manufacturer’s website here. Officially, warranty periods will begin when the system is installed on a property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap things up, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked Chromagen Midea heat pump questions. 

Are Chromagen Midea heat pumps any good?

Compared to the rest of the products on the Australian market, Chromagen Midea heat pumps are pretty good for the money. Midea has a track record of international product performance and the Chromagen has been specifically designed and manipulated to fit Australian climate and energy conditions. 

Who makes Chromagen Midea heat pumps?

Although Midea is a company that is based in China, Chromagen Midea heat pumps are manufactured in Australia. Sourcing solar and other utility parts internationally, the Melbourne-centric Chromagen Midea heat pumps have been sold in Australia and New Zealand for about a decade.  

Where can I find the Chromagen Midea 170L heat pump manual?

Available as a pdf, the Chromagen Midea 170L heat pump manual can be viewed in full on their website here. If you are unable to troubleshoot your issue or cannot find the information you were looking for, here is the company’s customer support information, with phone numbers, contact details, and locations for Victoria, Queensland, NSW, South Australia, and Western Australia offices. 

Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, the Chromagen Midea is a well-designed, efficient heat pump that is competitive against similar products on today’s market. Although product malfunctions may occur, just as with any heat pump brand, the Chromagen Midea’s warranty and customer support help make it a sound investment for a home’s hot water. In fact, we believe that the Chromagen Midea 280L Heat Pump is one of the best heat pump hot water systems for family homes in the Australian market.