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Water Tanks Adelaide


Compared to other Australian capital cities Adelaide has the highest number of rain water tanks per capita (37% of Adelaide households). Australia wide the average is 15% of households (ABS 1994).

A 1996 study (Heyworth in Cunliffe 1998) revealed that the proportion of people in metropolitan Adelaide using water tanks as their primary source of drinking water was 28%. These figures indicate significant support for potable use of rainwater in Adelaide.

As part of its plan for Waterproofing Adelaide, the Government of South Australia is making mandatory plumbed water tanks on all new homes from July 2006.

Check the Average Adelaide Rainfall Graphs.

Enviro Friendly World offers a wide range of Australia’s top brands of water tanks to Adelaide and SA customers. The range includes…

Some of our range is made in Adelaide. Whichever water tank you choose from our range of almost 60 different tanks, we arrange for the manufacturer to deliver and install the tank directly to you in Adelaide. That means less handling, and the quickest possible delivery to you.

Because we carry FIVE different brands of water tanks, we’re not tied to one Supplier- we can give you professional, impartial advice, and supply a tank that’s just right for your needs.

Make your home even more environmentally friendly, and enjoy big savings in GHG emissions, and money! Consider solar hot water for Adelaide.