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Water Tanks Canberra

canberraCanberra is taking to water tanks like a duck to water.

Even though new pipelines and dam extensions have helped ‘secure’ Canberra’s water supply, they only encourage the wasteful practices of the past.

If you want to minimise your water bill, insure against future water restrictions and enjoy the security of your own water supply, installing a water tank in Canberra makes a lot of sense.

There are now many places that you can buy water tanks in Canberra. Traditionally, they have been supplied to rural properties either by local rural supplies stores, or direct from the factory.

Now, with urban customers wanting to buy rainwater tanks for their homes, the number of suppliers has multiplied. Hardware stores such as Bunnings and MagnetMart now stock rainwater tanks. A few specialist companies have sprung up, such as Get Tanked, and of course, our own Enviro Friendly World.

Urban customers may find it hard to get good advice on what options they have, and which tank will do the best job for them. There are two main reasons…

  • the business is traditionally a rural one. The customers know what they want; retailers spend little time on the sales, and as a consequence, the profit margins are very low. The result is that businesses really can’t afford to spend much time to talk about your possible purchase. It’s not their fault.
  • it’s a complicated business. Working out which water tank is best for you involves working out what you want to achieve (now, and in the future); the fall on your block; the roof area you can capture water from, how much space you have, whether you are going to use a pump, where and how is the best place to install your tank and more. The local hardware store part-timer can’t even start to give the right advice.
Installing a water tank in Canberra.

This site showcases a wide range of Australia’s top brands of water tanks available to local Canberra customers. The range includes…

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