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Suntech Systems

Suntech solar panels are produced by Suntech Power, the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world.

The story of Suntech solar panels begins with Dr. Zhengrong Shi.

Shi was born in China, and finished his undergraduate study at Changchun University of Science and Technology in Changchun He then obtained his Master’s degree from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Afterward, Shi went to the University of NSW’s School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering where he obtained his doctorate degree on solar power technology.

He acquired Australian citizenship, which he still holds, and returned to China in 2001 to set up his solar power company – Suntech Power. The growth of Suntech has been amazing, and according to Forbes Magazine, his personal net worth in 2010 was US$725,000,000. Here are some historical milestones of Suntech solar panels… 

Dr. Zhengrong Shi discusses lower solar panel prices. 

Here are some historical milestones of Suntech solar panels… 

  • September 2001 Suntech founded. Solar expert Dr. Zhengrong
    Shi founds Suntech in Wuxi, China, to produce solar panels.
  • December 2005 Initial Public Offering on NYSE.Suntech debuts on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • April 2006 Suntech wins Olympic arena contract.Suntech supplies solar panels for Beijing Bird Nest Stadium for 2008 Games.
  • December 2006 Production expansion. Solar panel production capacity expands to 300MW, ranking Suntech as the third largest global solar manufacturer.
  • December 2007 Nellis Air Force Base plant completed. Suntech is the lead solar module supplier for the largest photovoltaic solar plant in the Western Hemisphere.
  • April 2008 Suntech named solar energy development company of the year.Frost & Sullivan recognizes Suntech for excellent products and performance.
  • March 2009 Suntech solar cells set efficiency record. Suntech Pluto solar cell efficiency reaches 19% for monocrystalline cells and 17% for polycrystalline cells.
  • March 2011 2 Gigawatt production milestone. Suntech achieves a record 2 gigawatt solar cell and panel production capacity. 

Suntech solar panels are amongst the largest sellers in Australia, and are well worth your consideration.

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