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Water Tanks Melbourne

melbourne-waterMelbourne is taking to water tanks like a duck to water.

Like the rest of Australia, Melbourne and Victoria is finding its water catchments at very low levels, and introducing water restrictions during Summer. As with much of urban Australia, local authorities have moved a long way from opposition to water tanks on urban blocks.

Victorian Government Water Tank Rebates are now available for Melbourne home-owners who install water tanks on their homes. Up to $1000 to connect to toilet and laundry. That’s on top of the…
State building regulations in Victoria require a minimum 4-star design, plus either a water tank or solar HWS fitted.
Many Melbourne redevelopments are installing water tanks for stormwater retention/detention- often underground tanks.
Check the Average Melbourne Rainfall graphs.

Enviro Friendly World offers a wide range of Australia’s top brands of water tanks to Melbourne customers. The range includes…

Clark Tanks Australia’s best poly water tanks!
Nylex Water Tanks– 27 tanks from 1000 litres to 45,000 litres.
Tankworks Australia metal water tanks- design your own!
Precision Poly Slimline Tanks– 1100- 3000 litres
Team Poly Water Tanks– 5 different tanks from 13,000 litres to 27,000 litres.
Tankmasta Underground Water Tanks– 2 models- 3,000 litres and 5,000 litres.
Bianco Water Pumps- tank water pumps discounted for our Melbourne customers
Onga WaterSwitch- supply tankwater to your house, with mains backup
Many of our water tanks are made in Victoria- in Melbourne! Whichever water tank you choose from our range of almost 60 different tanks, we arrange for the manufacturer to deliver and install the tank directly for you. That means less handling, and the quickest possible delivery to you.

Your new water tank will save you water. If you’d like to save real money in Melbourne, installing solar hot water is well worth considering. Check out our Solar Hot Water page for Melbourne here..