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Water Tanks Perth


Perth is taking to water tanks like a duck to water. While there’s reasonable rainfall, most of it occurs mid-year, and Perth suffers a long, hot, dry summer.

Even more than the rest of Australia, Perth is finding its water catchments at very low levels, introducing water restrictions.

As with much of urban Australia, local authorities have moved a long way from opposition to water tanks on urban blocks…

  • If you purchase and install a rainwater tank over 600 litres, you may be entitled to a Waterwise water tank rebate.
  • Rebates of $50 are available for installing water tanks over 600 litres
  • A Waterwise Rebate of $50 is available for the purchase and installation of new tanks with a capacity greater than 600 litres which are used for domestic purposes.
  • A maximum $500 rebate or 50% of the plumbing cost (whichever is the lesser amount) is available for tanks with a capacity greater than 2,000 litres if they are plumbed in by a licensed plumber for use in your toilet and/or washing machine when installed.

Enviro Friendly World opresents the excellent Team Poly Water Tanks– 5 different tanks from 9,000 litres to 27,000 litres- to Perth homeowners. Through an association with a group of forward-thinking local plumbers, we can also offer a wider range

Whichever water tank you choose- we arrange to deliver the tank directly to you in Perth (installation options available also). That means less handling, and the quickest possible delivery to you.

Would you like a truly sustainable home? Consider installing solar panels, solar hot water or double glazing for your Perth home.