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Smartflo Guttering Review

For generations, Australians have put up with guttering systems that sag, block, overflow, increase fire risk and need constant cleaning.

Why don’t they invent a home guttering system that…

  • doesn’t collect leaves and rubbish?
  • virtually never needs cleaning?
  • provides cleaner water to water tanks?
  • lasts years longer?
  • is safer in fire-prone areas?
  • stops overflow from getting into the house?
  • is pleasing to the eye?

They have !

It’s called SmartFLO Guttering System (formerly known as Enviroflow Guttering, and often SmartFLOW Guttering), and it’s been developed right here in Australia.

SmartFLO Guttering is arguably the worlds strongest, best-designed and lowest maintenance gutter, providing many benefits to you, the consumer. These include…

Leaf Shedding Design – leaves and debris are blown away during light breezes of as low as 3 knots. Beats cleaning the gutters yourself, doesn’t it?

Cleaner Safer Tank Water – SmartFLO eliminates up to 94 % of debris and pollutants from rainwater.

Increased Bush Fire Protection – SmartFLO prevents build-up of dry leaves in the gutter. That means less chance of ignition during a bush or forest fire.

Longer Serviceable Life – minimal buildup of debris leads to less corrosion.

Overflow Protection – SmartFLO Guttering is higher at the back than the front, allowing excess water to overflow harmlessly away from the house.

Greater Strength, Durability and Capacity – SmartFLO is the strongest gutter in the world, and collects up to 200mm of rainwater per hour without overflowing.

Aesthetics – Complementing all forms of architecture from traditional to ultramodern, with a pleasing style, and a wide range of Colorbond colours.

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia.