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At Enviro Friendly , we want to make this website a useful resource for our customers, potential customers, and all those who just care about our environment.

We’ll provide you with articles, tips, FAQ’s, reports, rebate application documents, white papers, software downloads, and links to other websites with useful information.


Australia and Water: the Clever Country…Not!
Water Savings From Urban Water Tanks
No Apologies- Renewable Energy Works
The Housing Industry Need To Change Direction Towards Sustainable Design
Australian Governments


ACTEW Water Tank Rebate Information.

ACTEW Water Tank Rebate Application Form.


Victorian Government Water Rebates List of rebates and conditions.

Victorian Government Solar Hot Water Guidelines & Application For Metro Melbourne

South Australia:

South Australia: Approved Greywater Systems


Queensland State Government Tank and Waterwise Rebates (Now closed- details)

Qld. Government Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme (Now closed- details)

Western Australia (WA):

Waterwise Water Rebate Program

Solar Water Heater Subsidy Scheme

Reports, Studies, White Papers, Downloads, Information

A Renter’s Guide To Sustainable Living How to retrofit the house you rent for water and energy efficiency.

Drinking Tank Water: How Safe Is It? An epidemiological study from South Australia finds no difference between tank water and town water.

‘The Management of Water in Australian Cities. A Report to the Senate Committee inquiry by Professors Patrick Troy and Ian White.

Canberra Average Monthly Rainfall. Graph of our local rainfall, complete with the number of rain days.

Household Water Use and Effects of the DroughtFascinating insights from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Analysis of The Performance of Water Tanks in Australia. Coombes & Kuczera’s valuable paper on water supply and stormwater detention performance of water tabks in a number of Capital cities.

Environmentally Friendly Resources

Environmentally Friendly Businesses and Resources

Interesting Websites:

Australian National Centre for Sustainability
The Sustainable House of Michael Mobbs
The House That Mike and Heather Built
Nature & Society Forum
Canberra Environment Centre
Conservation Council of the Southern Region and Canberra
Greenhouse Office Good Residential Design Guide
Cool Communities
H2OdotCON Water-related pseudoscience, fantasy and quackery.
A Gentle Introduction to Water and Its Structure. The chemistry of water.