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6 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Australia

Finding the best reverse osmosis water filter is a one-way ticket to a better life. With the right purchase, an RO filter system can grant you instant access to healthy, great-tasting water for decades, all incorporated into your very own kitchen sink. 

Unfortunately, in Australia, consumers can be overwhelmed with the number of choices they have when it comes to improving their drinking water, and spending hundreds of dollars on the wrong system can be devastating to a home improvement budget. 

Thankfully, Enviro Friendly is here to help. Below, we’ll take a look at the best reverse osmosis water filters and show you exactly how to find the ideal product for more hydration and refreshment in your home.  

Alright, Let’s Get On With It. 

Without taking up any more of your precious time, we’ve done the research and determined that the Clear Choice Water 5 Stage USA Reverse Osmosis filter is the best choice for Australians seeking an under-the-sink, point-of-use RO solution.  

1. Clear Choice Water 5 Stage USA Reverse Osmosis

What to love about the Clear Choice 5-Stage RO:

  • 5 Stage filtration
  • An affordable choice for advanced technology
  • Safe, added benefits, and great taste
  • Lifetime warranty included

Although it’s named after another country, the 5-stage USA Reverse Osmosis Filter from Clear Choice Water is the best choice Down Under with shipping available Australia-wide. Complete with a full money-back guarantee, Clear Choice Water’s 5-Stage RO system is a highly functioning machine built with simplicity and little room for error.

As an affordable solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, the 5-stage system reduces sediments, purifies the water, adds minerals, balances the pH level, and even utilizes a carbon coconut filter to make the water taste great. 

Contained in a compact hard shell, the Clear Choice 5 Stage USA is built to last, membrane certified, and delivered with a limited lifetime warranty. Alongside the company’s reputation for stellar customer support, the Clear Choice Water 5 Stage USA is a high-performance, low waste reverse osmosis system with everything you need for healthy, delightful tasting water.     

Other Great Reverse Osmosis Water Filters 

And while we believe that the aforementioned RO filter is the “Clear Choice” for the #1 spot, there are plenty of other great devices on the Australian appliance market. Below, we’ll take a look at another handful of high-quality products to consider for better water. 

2. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis System

Why the iSpring is a great runner up:

  • A long-standing favorite with great reviews
  • 6 stages of filtration
  • Multiple output lines for extra use
  • Live customer support 

Boasting over 6,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the RCC7AK 6-stage RO system is a highly functional drinking water purification device from the international manufacturer iSpring. For a very affordable price, this 6-stage membrane filters down to 0.0001 of a micron, with healthy, great-tasting water for your sink, ice maker, or another outlet.

While the quality and price of this system could easily make the iSpring RCC7AK the number one reverse osmosis water filter on the market, a few international design flaws have held back some Australians from installing the system without a hitch. 

And although homeowners can get creative with a bit of material from around the house, we highly recommend having a professional take a look at your iSpring before installing it beneath a sink. Thankfully, the company offers live, international customer support, includes installation instructions with every shipment, and maintains an online library of helpful resources. 

3. Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Why choose the Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage RO?

  • Great value for the price
  • A popular product with good testimonials
  • Effective against 99.99% of contaminants
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime support

Next, we’d like to point your attention to the Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, another highly rated American-made drinking water solution. Effective against up to 99.99% of contaminants, the Express Water RO5DX’s five-stage system successfully stops all traces of arsenic, total dissolved solids (TDS), radium, and other common pollutants.

Protected by a 1-year warranty and lifetime support, the Express Water RO5DX has over 400 five-star reviews on, and ships all over the world. With over 7,000 sold and free postage for returns, Aussies can try this device risk-free with a 30-day full refund. 

Best of all, Express Water maintains a 99.7% positive feedback rating on eBay and even includes seven extra filters to get the most out of your purchase. Ready for years of simple use with instructions, support, and easy maintenance, smart shoppers will love the Express Water R05DX+7.  

4. Great Water Filters – Elite Series 3

What to know about the Great Water Filters Elite Series 3:

  • Free installation, Australia-wide
  • 100% first-year guarantee 
  • 10-year savings and support available
  • Easy to use screw-in filter cartridges

Including “great” right in its name, the Elite Series 3 from Great Water Filters is an excellent choice for easy access to long-term healthy drinking water. Complete with delivery and installation Australia-wide, Great Water Filters will personally set up this high-quality product under your sink with a 1-year 100% money-back guarantee.

After installation day, users will be able to maintain their RO system for the duration of its lifetime with extremely easy, screw-in filters. Should anything come up, Great Water Filters also offers VIP support packages for extra protection on their world-famous productions. 

With a free consultation and stylish tap included, Great Water Filters Elite Series 3 is one of the easiest ways to get healthy, refreshing water without having to put forth too much effort into comparing your own options. Mineral fueled, Ph balanced, and 100% safe from possible sanitation, the Elite Series 3 is a solid, luxury option. 

5. Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Why the Aquasana is great:

  • Ultra-fast system
  • Unique ​​claryum selective filtration
  • Potassium ion exchange and remineralization 
  • 90-day guarantee, 2-year filter warranty

Fitted with Australian parts and delivered nationwide, the Aquasana Optima H20 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is a one-of-a-kind device for enhanced drinking water Down Under. By combining claryum selective filtration with traditional RO technology this 3-stage system is designed to eliminate more contaminants than your average water filter.

More than anything, however, the Aquasana OptimH20 Reverse Osmosis water filter system is ideal for anyone that is tired of waiting for their old faucet to work. As an ultra-fast system, the Aquasana Optim H20 delivers endless fast, healthy water with a 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.

When considering the Aquasana OptimH20 RO, please note that in some parts of Melbourne with extreme sediment levels, this 3-stage filter may not provide quite enough purification for highly contaminated water to be considered the best option.   

6. Clear Choice Water – Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

Why go with the Countertop system? 

  • Ideal for homes without under sink space
  • Easy installation with no plumbing required
  • The membrane has a service life of six years

Remember our friends from Clear Choice Water? Well, if you don’t have enough space under your sink to accommodate any equipment, we recommend choosing a Clear Choice Water countertop reverse osmosis system to filter your water efficiently and effectively.

Built in Australia to fight local contaminants and fit domestic systems, the Clear Choice Water Countertop RO System is an affordable four-stage option to purify superb tasting water. And even though it is made to sit on a countertop, the device does not occupy an excessive amount of physical space and easily connects directly to your tap. 

Although usually a bit slower than under-the-sink installations, countertop RO systems such as this product from Clear Choice Water are equally capable of filtration and durability. Complete with a long membrane service life at 100 gallons per day, the Clear Choice Water Countertop Reverse Osmosis System is a very easy way to drink better water instantly and for years to come. 

How to Choose the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

If you need help choosing the best reverse osmosis water filter for your kitchen, here are some of the things to consider when debating between multiple high-quality options. 

Intended Use

Before you choose the best RO system for your home, you’ll have to know exactly where it is going to be installed. While everyone would certainly love to have their reverse osmosis water filter stowed away, some living arrangements simply do not have enough room for a water filter under the sink, and installation costs will apply if a hired plumber is warranted. 

If you’re looking for something incredibly simple, there is no shame in purchasing a countertop RO system. However, for the best overall lifestyle upgrade and experience, we can firmly say that an under-sink RO filter is always the best choice to consistently purchase a powerful and minimally invasive system. 

It’s also important to remember that as a “point of use” system, the typical RO filter is intended to be used at one sink only, not as a whole house water filter.

Filtration Process and Stages

When it comes to filtration, more steps in the process are almost always going to be better for you and your home. And while there are some models out there boasting “10-stage” filtration processes, this may just be a bit of clever marketing, and four, five, and six-stage systems are typically the sign of higher-end materials. 

If you are seeking out a reverse osmosis water filter to protect your water against a specific containment, we highly recommend you review all of a product’s details to ensure that it is fit to do the job. When in doubt, you will not regret any added purification when it comes to the health and quality of your drinking water. 

In a scenario in which your budget will restrict you from purchasing a deluxe system, you can also choose a less expensive, specialty RO filter that is designed specifically to reduce acidity, block sediments, or purify taste, based on what is most necessary for your home.  


Around the world, the NSF Filter Certification is recognized as the gold standard for high-quality drinking water. NSF International (which originally stood for National Sanitation Foundation) is headquartered in the United States and has been certifying water quality since 1944. Any products endorsed with its label can always be trusted.

Within the NSF Filter Certification system, there are many different standards that relate to both the quality of the filtration membranes and the safe use of an entire system as a whole. In the search for the best reverse osmosis water filter, keep an eye out for Standard 58 (NSF/ANSI 58-2009) which is used to specifically certify point-of-use RO systems. 


Besides the price of a system, those purchasing a reverse osmosis water filter should be prepared to pay for some sort of delivery or installation. RO drinking water systems are large, oftentimes heavy, and usually require a professional to install the parts safely and efficiently. 

While many companies will offer “free installation” or “free delivery,” these products are usually (conveniently) a few hundred dollars more than similar products from retailers with itemized costs. Either way, consumers should do their best to add up all of the possible expenses associated with an RO water filter installation before purchasing a specific system. 

Ongoing Costs

Over time, sediment builds and filters wear out until the point where they will need to be replaced. Because of this, most consumer-forward companies produce reverse osmosis drinking water systems with easily replaceable filters that do not require an expert plumber to install.

In most scenarios, consumers are able to simply purchase a new round of filters from the original manufacturer once it is time to refresh your system. To ensure that buying more parts will not run you bankrupt, it is always advisable to research the predicted filter life cycles and prices of new units before you settle on a specific brand. 

To ensure ongoing parts will be available, we also recommend working with a reputable, long-standing company that will likely be in business for the next decade. Without easily interchangeable filters, you may have to replace your entire system, which is a future cost that everyone would certainly like to avoid. 


Last but certainly not least, you should always check the warranty of a reverse osmosis water filter before investing in a new system. As they are designed to last for years, high-quality RO parts are typically warrantied for at least 12 months, and anything less than should be seen as a slightly riskier choice without proper expertise.

Warranties on RO filters will vary between the different parts of a system, with separate insurance periods on tanks, filters, fittings, etc. Systems may also be protected by a service warranty, which is great for anyone uncomfortable maintaining the equipment themselves. 

Most importantly, every RO filter that we have featured on this list is sold with some sort of money-back guarantee. We know that things happen and occasionally systems just aren’t going to fit or work efficiently in your home, which is why finding a refund-ready option is always a safe bet. For the best overall insurance, try to look for the RO in your price range with the longest money-back guarantee period.   

Common Q&A for Reserve Osmosis Water Filters

Finally, let’s wrap things up with a series of frequently asked questions to help answer any lingering confusion about reverse osmosis water filters. 

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (sometimes called simply RO), is a process used to purify drinking water. Although it sounds overly scientific, reverse osmosis is simple. Most RO filters simply use a partially permeable membrane that separates the “good” ions from the “bad” ions to leave you with the absolute best drinking water possible. 

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis water filters are typically powered by a high-pressure pump that forces the water through the partially permeable membrane. As a one-way process, RO systems are usually very effective in capturing up to 99% of unwanted matter behind before it reaches your faucet. 

How many stages are in the reverse osmosis process?

Although you can never be too sure what they’ll come up with next, most modern reverse osmosis water filters have three, four, and five stages of filtration. Knowing this, four-stage RO filters are among the most common for homes in Australia and around the world, with many systems including additional filters to block new contaminants and create better-tasting water. 

What does a reverse osmosis diagram look like?

Reverse osmosis diagrams are typically included with every home system. While the process is also used commercially and industrially, there are many resources online to see how RO works, and we recommend this guide and diagram from Crystal Water Perth. 

What is a reverse osmosis membrane?

A reverse osmosis membrane is a semipermeable filter used to block out the majority of dissolved salts, bacteria, organics, and pyrogens. They are usually made of cellulose acetate or polysulfone and are most commonly used to remove chlorine, sediment, and other common water contaminants. 

How often do you need to change a reverse osmosis membrane?

There are many variables that influence the frequency that a reverse osmosis membrane will need to be replaced including the size of the system and consistency of use. For frequently used home drinking water systems, most reverse osmosis membranes are suggested for replacement every 12 months. 

How do I know if my reverse osmosis filter is bad?

Clogging up with contaminants and debris, RO filters usually show signs of aging by slowing or stopping the flow of water completely. In rare cases, long-standing blockages can also lead to leaks, strange noises, or unpleasant tastes or odors that will call for emergency replacement. 

Can I use a reverse osmosis filter with my rain water tank?

If you have a rain water storage tank on your property, good for you. Harvesting your rain water is a clever way to make use of one of our most precious resources. Unfortunately, filtering rain water with a reverse osmosis filter isn’t the smartest idea. Due to the process that RO uses, much of the water is wasted as it is being filtered.


And there you have it: the best reverse osmosis water filters in Australia. We hope that this guide has helped you both learn more about the technology as well as pointed you in the right direction to find the best product to fit your lifestyle. For more information about great, eco-conscious home improvements, feel free to check out all of our guides.