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Best Rainheads

Over time, leaves and other debris build up in your roof gutters. When rain comes, this material often blocks up your downpipes, causing gutters to overflow.

Even if their is no blockage of downpipes, if you’re saving the rainwater to a tank, this debris will clog a first flush diverter (if you have one), or the leaf strainer of the water tank. In both cases that means regular checking and cleaning. There is a better way- rain heads.

The rainhead sits directly below the outlet from the roof gutter. A coarse mesh sits on the front of the rainhead, at 45° to the vertical. All leaves and debris carried with the roof water hit the mesh, and are directed to the ground. Inside the rainhead, a fine mesh stops anything else over 1mm., including mosquitos, from going down the pipe.

Even if you have a first-flush diverter, a rain head makes sense. It will not only cut down the amount of cleaning of filters and diverters, but it will stop clogged downpipes.

Rainheads should be a standard fitting on every downpipe, but where water is going to a water tank, they are essential. Enviro Friendly Products are proud to supply the famous Leaf Eater rain head. The Leafeater Rainhead can be wall or gutter mounted, and is made from lead-free PVC. You can also paint Leaf Eater to match your gutters- just wash it down with white spirit, and spray with the Colorbond™ paint of your choice. Your new Leaf Eater Rainhead will…

  • prevent blocked gutters or flooded eaves
  • deflect leaves and debris away from the flow of water
  • eliminate a fire hazard
  • prevent debris, mosquitoes and vermin entering the water system
  • improve rainwater quality
  • reduce tank maintenance