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Water Tank Accessories

Water tank accessories help improve the quality of the water you get from your water tank.

Poor quality water can clog up soaker hoses, and provide poor-tasting, poor-smelling discoloured water. Not good.


Let’s follow the path of the pure rainwater as it falls on your roof, all the way into your tank, and look at how it’s quality can be protected.
Leafless Guttering.
The first step in the journey comes when the water hits your guttering. If you’ve been clever enough to instal SmartFLO guttering, then the vast majority of leaves and other rubbish has dried, and blown away. Failing that, one of the better gutter-guard products available will help keep rubbish out of the gutter, where it tends to collect and decay. Eventually, the decayed rubbish is carried through the downpipe to your tank by the next rain. Stopping rubbish collecting in your gutter is the first step to high quality water. From that point, we have a range of quality tank accessories to improve water quality, and make life easier.


 Our Water Tank Accessory Range
1. Rainheads.
The next place water quality is compromised is when the water leaves (no pun intended!) the gutter, and starts its journey through the downpipe. In many instances, the top of the downpipe will be blocked with accumulated rubbish. Not only does this cause a degradation of water quality, but it often means that water can’t pass quickly enough, and the gutters overflow. Installing a Rainhead between the gutter and the downpipe solves these problems. Any rubbish passes easily out of the gutter, and is directed onto the ground, while the filtered water passes straight past. Fitting a Rainhead removes leaves and rubbish from the water, and the downpipe.

first-flush-diverters (1)

2. First Flush Diverters. While SmartFLO guttering, leaf-guard and rainheads all help remove vegetable matter from the water, they can’t remove particles less than 1mm in size. The first line of defence against dust, dirt, pollens etc., is a First-Flush Diverter. The diverter takes the first part of the water coming from the roof, and directs it away, so that the ‘first-flush’ of water carrying dirt, pollens, bird droppings etc. doesn’t reach your tank. Fitting a First Flush Diverter prevents the majority of the smaller particles from reaching your tank.


3. Tank Level Gauges. Now that you’ve got all that beautiful, high-quality water flowing to your tank, just how much water is in there?

If you’d like to know, then fitting a tank Water Tank Level Gauge will do the job.

Enviro Friendly suggests three different water tank level gauges…

– the budget tank gauge
– the famous Yaktek Levetator (illustrated on left)
– the brilliant new Rain Alert™ wireless water tank monitor

4. Fire Plugs. If you happen to live in a fire-prone area, that’s another reason to choose SmartFLO Guttering when you have the chance. Leaf material dries and blows away, instead of remaining in the guttering and providing a very dangerous place for sparks to start a fire.

If you’re in a fire-prone area, you’ll also be interested in the brilliant Fire Plugs (illustrated left). Installed on your downpipes, Fire Plugs give you the ability to easily and quickly fill your downpipes and gutters with water if fire threatens, without having to go up a ladder.