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Underground Water Tanks in Australia

We’re all used to above-ground tanks- they’ve been used in rural Australia for generations, where there’s plenty of space. However, urban Australia has different needs.

In urban areas, space is a problem. Big tanks and small blocks don’t go together! Yet our need for more tank capacity in urban homes is increasing.

Not only are we increasingly being encouraged or compelled to use rainwater tanks for gardening, or supply within the home, but we have a problem with stormwater.

As building densities go up, and more homes are built, our old stormwater infrastructure struggles to keep up

News Flash: The Federal Government Has Just Announced A New Rebate Program For Water Tanks. The rebate is $400 or $500 (depending on size) For Tanks Connected Into The House.


Authorities in an increasing number of jurisdictions are requiring new homes to have water storage for stormwater detention/retention purposes.

The NSW BASIX system requires new homes to demonstrate a 40% saving on average water use. With groundspace getting less all the time, a new answer is needed. We see the answer every day. It’s so glaringly obvious!

If you haven’t got room above ground- put your storage underground! When was the last time you saw rows of 44-gallon drums at the local petrol station? You don’t. They put the amount of tank storage they need inground, then build over it. That’s the model for the future of urban water tanks, and Enviro Friendly is leading the field, working with the specialist Tankmasta and Nylex underground rainwater tanks.

“Save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment.”