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Sustainable Home Retrofitting For Renters

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Sustainable Retrofitting

Free Sustainable Living Booklet For Tenants.

john-paynePeople who own their own homes can undertake a wide range of upgrades and retrofits to increase their water and energy efficiency.

People who rent properties may only be there for  year or two, and aren’t going to be installing a solar hot water system, solar panels, heating and cooling systems or insulation. So what CAN they do to cut down their bills, and live more sustainably?


Renting, or want to help your tenants live more sustainably? Here’s a free download that will help.

Some very good answers come in the form of a free downloadble booklet produced by theAlternative Technology Association of Australia (ATA). It’s called “The Renters Guide To Sustainable Living”, and you can get your copy here  

The Guide goes through the house, room-by-room, suggesting ways to save water, energy, and money! There are things that you can do yourself without talking to the landlord, and there are things where you’ll need to seek permission. These are all explained well in the Guide, and it even provides a template letter that you can be sent to the landlord.

So this is a must for tenants who’d like to live more sustainably. Enlightened landlords, who like happy tenants, could pass on a copy. Real Estate Agents could do the same.

An Evaporative Cooler That Moves When You Do.

I’d like to add one suggestion that the Guide misses out on. The Guide assumes that a tenant is not going to instal an efficient cooling system- that this is a capital outlay that is up to the landlord. That’s normally true. However, in areas where evaporative coolers are effective, there is a way for tenants to purchase a system, and take it with them when they leave.

The Bonire Durango is an evaporative cooler that fits through a window. Installation is easy, and the Durango will cool an area of up to 75 sq. m.

Go have a look at “The Renters Guide To Sustainable Living” now- you and people you know, will get good value from it. The price is right- it’s free!