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Yingli Systems

The World’s Largest Solar Panel Manufacturer

Yingli Solar, founded in 1998, have grown to become the largest producer of solar panels on the planet- enjoying an amazing 10% market share of the whole world. Yingli solar panels are produced by one of the compatratively few vertically-integrated manufacturers.

‘Vertically-integrated’ is what separates the men from the boys in the solar industry. It means that the company is not just a marketing company, selling someone else’s rebranded modules. Not just an assembler, who buys compnents from others, and assembles the product. ‘Vertically integrated’ means that Yingli are one of a small, select group of solar panel manufacturers that control every stage of the production…

– manufacturing the silicon ingots, which are then sliced into
– silicon wafers, which are used to produce
– solar cells, which are assembled into a
– finished solar panel, or module

Companies like Yingli can control all stages of the production process, which makes it possible for them to maintain very high levels of quality and performance. 

Background Briefing:

Panda 60-cell Solaer Panel Series
Yingli Product Downloads- Manuals, Specification Sheets, Brochures etc.,

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