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SunPower Systems

The World’s Most Efficient Solar Panels Now Available For Your Home

SunPower is truly one of the giants of the solar panels industry. Their story begins in 1985, but has become a headline act in recent years…

  • SunPower is the highest-efficiency solar panel on the domestic and commercial market
  • SunPower is not simply a domestic producer- in late 1997 their
    14mW solar farm was opened at Nellis Air Force Base in the US- the largest PV installation in North America, with 72,000 panels
    • In early 2009, SunPower has reached an agreement to build a 505-kilowatt ground-mounted solar power installation for Horizon Power in Western Australia
    • SunPower commissioned the largest commercial solar panel system in Australia at the time, 350kW on the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs
    • Domestic and commercial customers with limited space can fit much larger SunPower systems than competing brands
    • YOU can have SunPower, the world’s most efficient solar panels, on your roof at a very competitive price
    • SunPower technology means you are fitting the world’s most efficient solar panels- over 19% efficiency compared with around 14% for most of the competition.

Background Briefing:

Nation’s Largest Solar Panel System Takes Flight at Nellis Air Force Base
SunPower’s 238 watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunPower’s 318 watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunPower’s Serengeti 228 watt Solar Panel Specification Sheet
SunPower Panels 10 Year Warranty 

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