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Solar Panels Sydney

Invest in Your Future (and your children’s)

Quite simply, solar panels are probably the best investment you will ever make!

Firstly, there’s the environmental return. With a grid-connect PV system on your roof, you’ll be producing your own electricity, avoiding the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power stations. That’s your investment in a better world for your kids. Then, there’s the financial return…

Clever customers who invest in a PV system today can enjoy savings through Renewable Energy Certificates, and great prices that have dropped dramatically over the last few years.

A word of warning. The solar business is booming. There are a lot of new businesses, selling ‘no-brand’ solar panels, in a ‘race to the bottom’ on price and quality. Many of them have gone out of business, and many more will follow, as will many of the Chinese factories supplying them. Some of the 20 and 25-year warranties being bandied around today will be worthless. Caveat emptor- Buyer Beware.

At Enviro Friendly World, it’s a bit different. We feture multiple brands on this site, and can arranges free, no-obligation quotes to install leading brands of solar panels on your home in Sydney, or regional and rural NSW. 

sunpower-logo (1)

We’re proud to include in our range Sunpower– the most efficient solar panels on the market. US- based Sunpower has a pedigree stretching back 24 years. As well as making high-efficiency domestic panels, Sunpower excels is commercial and infrastructure-sized projects. Check out Sunpower Grid-Connect PV systems here…


Sungrid is an Australian-owned Company, and their solar panels are designed in Australia.

If you’re looking for a combination of high-performance, the best warranties in the business and great value, you really need to considerSungrid. Check out the Sungrid PV System range here… 

sharp-solar-logo (1)

We also feature the world’s leading brand of photovoltaic systems- Sharp Solar. Sharp Solar produce a full range of packaged Grid Power™ PV systems, from 1 kW to 5 kW, as well as stand-alone RAPS systems and components. Sharp have been in the sollar business for almost 50 years, and have delivered more panels than anyone else in the world.


Our selection wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion ofSuntech, currently the world’s largest producer of solar panels. With a strong Australian connection and a reputation for quality, Suntech currently offers very competitive pricing. Check out the SunTech Solar range here...