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LightWay Systems

lightway-solar-australia-logoLightway solar panels are the product of a major, vertically-integrated manufacturer.

‘Vertically-integrated’ is what separates the men from the boys in the solar industry. It means that the company is not just a marketing company, selling someone else’s rebranded. Not just an assembler, who buys compnents from others, and assembles the product. ‘Vertically integrated’ means that Lightway are one of a small, select group of solar panel manufacturers that control every stage of the production…

– manufacturing the silicon ingot, which are then sliced into
– silicon wafers, which help produce
– solar cells, which are assembled into a
– finished solar panel, or module


Full control of all stages of production makes possible very high levels of quality and performance.

Lightway OP+ solar panels set a new industry standard for features and performance.

  • All LIGHTWAY OP+ panels are fitted with hardened, high
    transparency glass to withstand the worst that the Australian climate can muster.
  • Extensive quality control process ensures that LIGHTWAY panels continually exceed their stated OPTIMISED wattage output – allowing you a faster return on investment.
  • LIGHTWAY’s multicrystalline cells deliver superior performance in high ambient temperatures.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ multicrystalline panels feature an optimised cell design to provide maximum energy return over a longer period of the day.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ includes three Bus Bars per cell for greater low light energy performance.
  • LIGHTWAY OP+ features six bypass diodes, providing optimum energy return in shaded conditions and superior protection against hot spots.
  • All Lightway OP+ solar panels are backed by a 25 year warranty.
  • ISO9001:2008 Certification

Since launching Lightway products in Australia in 2010, they have sold approx. 46MW of solar modules, a testimony to the quality and value of the product & brand.

Lightway solar modules are produced from the best machinery in the world.

Lightway perform strenuous testing for quality assurance to create their Premium OP+ solar panels. As if that isn’t sufficient, Lightway deliver very competitive pricing, which produces some of the best Return on Investment (ROI) in the solar industry.

Light Way Solar’s Exceptional Quality: From Ingot To Wafer To Cell To Module

As a PV manufacturer with one of the world’s leading integrated production lines, Light Way always keeps pace with the developing global standards for PV products, and works to continuously improve the technology and efficiency of their processes.

Lightway’s fully integrated value chain of multicrystalline silicon wafers, solar cells, and solar modules gives them the ability to improve every small detail and closely monitor quality throughout the entire process.

Here’s how the vertically-integrated production process works…


Step 1: Silicon Ingot:

LightWay use advanced heat exchange ingot furnaces with directional solidification technology.

By heating the silicon uniformly with infrared radiation and controlling the temperature variation, the resulting polysilicon ingot is aligned in the most favorable direction.


Step 2: Silicon Wafer:

LightWay employs the world’s leading saw blade equipment with multi-wire cutting technology.

This enables them to produce high quality silicon wafers with flat and even surfaces, uniform thickness, no cracking and minimal waste.

Thanks to their top of the line equipment, coupled with advanced testing processes, only the highest quality wafers pass through to Light Way’s cell production phase.


Step 3: Solar Cell

Light Way’s advanced diffusion technology ensures uniformity in the diffusion process; high-quality wet etching equipment and etching processes increase the parallel resistance and improve the performance of the cell; advanced PECVD filming technology is utilized to produce a dark blue antireflection film that reduces the reflection rate; advanced net printing technology and high quality metal pulp produces the background field and electrode, ensuring high quality and efficiency of the cells.


Step 4: Solar Module

Once Lightway has produced the high-performance solar cells, they are assembled into premium Lightway solar panels.

Hardened, high-transparency glass protects the cells from the extremes oif Australia’s weather, and the whole module is framed in tough, anodised, 50mm aluminium to ensure long life.

Superior performance is provided by the use of 3 Bus Bars per cell, for better low-light performance, and 6 bypass diodes per cell, to ensure optimum energy return in shaded conditions, and improved protection against hotspots.

At Every Step: Rigorous Quality Control and Testing


To ensure that every product passing through their factory to the customers is of the highest quality, Light Way have an advanced team of quality supervision officers that pay very special attention to quality control through the manufacturing process.

Every single wafer and solar cell is individually inspected and sorted in order to increasire efficiency and achieve maximum uniformity of the solar modules.

In addition to the 50 online inspection points there are 10 offline, which guarantee that no defective or unqualified products pass through to the next process. All the online inspection points are completed by very precise state of the art inspection equipment and the offline inspection points are executed by experienced officers and advanced technology.

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