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Renewable Energy Scam: The Howard Johnson HoJo Motor

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Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor

Perpetual Motion, Internet Scams, and the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Motor.

Today I received a spam email with a Subject field that promised ‘Free Energy’, thanks to the ‘HoJo Motor’. Now I love ‘Free’ as much as the next man. Also, being a Member of the Solar Energy Society, I know that once you’ve paid for your solar panels, the sunlight comes for free. However, these spam emails normally have something else in mind, and it normally contravenes the laws of physics and thermodynamics.

scam-alert-graphicIf it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a hoax or a scam.

Now Wikipedia defines four Laws of Thermodynamics- the Zeroeth, First, Second and Third. Humbly, I’d like to add an extra one. Payne’s Fourth Law of Thermodynamics.

“Whenever somebody tries to sell you a product that defies any of the first Three Laws, it is BS.”

The particular ‘product’ offered via the email is apparently a set of plans for some US$47, to help you build a ‘Howard Johnson (HoJo) Motor’.  You’re even told that the motor is covered by 3 US patents. In likelihood, the motor works, and no better than any other. The claims made in the scam that the motor is , in effect, a ‘perpetual motion’ machine that can deliver ‘free energy’, are BS. And if you wonder how the US Patent Office could issue 3 Patents for a ‘perpetual motion’ machine, well, they didn’t. None of the three patents claim anything of the sort- only the people after your $47.

If you’d like to read some more about the scam, here are a few links…

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How I Can save You 50% on the Hojo Motor Scam.

If you are completely gullible, please leave our Blog, never to return, and make your way to

Yes, they’ve actually got a page on the website that says, No, it’s not really a scam! On that page you’ll find a graphic of a book titled ‘HoJo Motor’, which includes the statement, “The United States’ Patent and Trademark Office Certified That The HoJO Motor Actually Produces Free Energy By Giving Us 3 U.S. Patents!” The graphic is a link. Click the link, and you’d expect to find a book called “HoJo Motor”. HoJoMo? No.  Well, sort of. You’ll be switched through a number of websites to arrive at another place taking poor Nicola Tesla’s name in vain, and breathlessly offering a copy of the Nicola Tesla Secret TM. For only $47, you get a complete DIY kit, and bonuses ‘worth’ over $200.

Or how about you save 50%- just send me $23.50. You’ll save half the money, and all of the time you’d waste.

Psst. Don’t tell President Obama, Europe, China or the Academy of Sciences, it’s a SECRET.