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Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in connecting with more qualified buyers?

We help the best suppliers in the country connect with more qualified prospects. At the moment, we are primarily partnering with hot water providers that can help our readers make better purchase decisions for new systems. If you offer another product or service that you would be interested in partnering on, please contact us here.

If you are a hot water provider, and interested in working together, take a minute to fill out this form, and we will follow up if you are a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Enviro Friendly’s leads so good?

Whereas some companies only collect very minimal information, we collect long form leads from our prospects, so we know they’re serious. Each prospect chasing a quote request gives complete contact information, and provides additional information such as:

  • timeline to purchase
  • current system
  • system location
  • utility to the home
  • household residents
  • and more

This helps our providers to give the most accurate quote possible, and ensures that you’re not wasting time with prospects that aren’t willing to provide complete information, or might not be a good fit.

How does Enviro Friendly get website traffic?

Due to its age, reputation, and website authority, Enviro Friendly ranks highly in Google searches and attracts a great deal of traffic from prospects looking for information on sustainable home upgrades.

What is the term length for partnering?

For most partners we work with, there is no set term length. In fact, we usually prefer to work with new partners on a 1-2 month trial period, to ensure we are a good fit for each other. Afterwards, things remain flexible to best accommodate both parties.

How are leads sent to me?

In an email with complete prospect information, including name, full contact information, and 12 different data points

What if I receive a rubbish lead?

No problem. Although this is rare due to our anti-spam filtering and thorough quote request process, if a rubbish lead does happen to slip through, simply reply and let us know. We will remove it from the ledger no questions asked.

Is it possible to set a limit on the number of leads per week/month?

Absolutely. We work with our partners to provide the right amount of leads. In our form (above), we actually ask about the quantity of leads you are currently getting and how many your business could reasonably handle. If you are interested in working with us on a limited/capped basis, simply let us know what you have in mind and we can configure out systems accordingly.

When am I billed, and how can I pay?

We invoice at the end of every month via Xero, with multiple no-hassle payment options.