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What are the Best Double Glazed Windows in Australia?

Windows drastically affect how well your building can hold heat and air conditioning. Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass joined together by a spacer. 

Double glazed windows are common in newly constructed homes and are becoming more popular in Australia. If you’re thinking of installing double glazed windows in your home, you’ll want to check out some of these top-rated manufacturers. 

The Short Answer: Magnetite 

  • Maximum thermal insulation
  • Reduces noise levels up to 70 percent
  • Saves money long term
  • Fits existing windows

Magnetite provides the highest quality double-glazed windows throughout Australia. Magnetite offers many benefits to your home or office, such as up to 70 percent noise reduction and maximum insulation against hot and cold temperatures. With maximum insulation in your windows, you will drastically reduce the energy you use on heating and cooling.

In addition, Magnetite also can fit your existing windows. Their systems have minimal impact on the inside of your property and will not affect your home’s aesthetic from the outside. The clear laminated glass and optical grade acrylic will maintain crystal clear views through your double glazed windows. 

You can inquire about and purchase your double glazed windows in Sydney, where Magnetite’s main office is located. However, they have additional offices for double glazed windows in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Melbourne, Wollongong, and South Coast.

Other Great Double Glazed Window Manufacturers in Australia 

You save energy more than you might assume by installing double glazed windows. High energy usage puts unnecessary pressure on our environment, which is where double glazed windows come in. Single pane windows cause significant heat loss and waste energy, as they are not insulated like double glazed windows. 

By switching to double glazed windows, whether in your kit home or office, heat loss and heat gain are drastically reduced. You are saving energy by switching to double glazed windows as you do not have to use as much heat and air conditioning to keep your building comfortably temperature controlled. 

PVC Windows

  • Suited for all types of existing windows
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • All products are manufactured in Melbourne

PVC Windows provides high-quality double glazed and triple glazed windows throughout all of Australia. If you want to install or replace your double glazed windows in Melbourne, PVC Windows is located in Campbellfield. Their products are manufactured in Melbourne and use only German hardware and European profile systems. 

PVC Windows can double glaze all types of windows, including tilt and turn windows, awning windows, French windows, Casement windows, Sliding windows, tilt and slide windows, and bi-fold windows. They are designed for maximum energy efficiency and a clean aesthetic. 

PVC backs their windows by a ten-year warranty and are fully compliant with Australian standards. You can purchase each product in various colours, and there are multiple glass options to choose from. Their double glazed windows are designed for all building types and offer seamless compatibility.


  • Replaces existing glass with genuine double glazing
  • Online quote within 24 hours
  • Easy installation

TwinGlaze offers double glazed windows in Canberra and throughout the rest of Australia. Their glass processing facilities are located in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory and are 100 percent compliant with Australian Standards. 

TwinGlaze replaces glass in your existing aluminum windows with genuine double glazed glass, making your property more energy efficient and sustainable. They can give you an online quote in just 24 hours. To get your online quote, you can use your smartphone to send in pictures of the measurements of your windows. 

You can also upload your house plan, and TwinGlaze will provide you individual pricing for your windows. TwinGlaze offers easy installation, includes security glass, has an argon thermal gap, and uses low “E” solar glass to provide maximum insulation. 

You will enjoy your double glazed windows from Twin Glaze, as they create a wholly insulated barrier between you and the outside. Not only will you notice that your heating and cooling are less costly, but you will also notice a huge difference in sound reduction.

Ultimate Windows

  • Energy efficient and secure
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Affordable and offers low-cost financing

Ultimate Windows offers style, comfort, and sustainability to your property. Their premium quality double glazed windows are UV stabilised specifically for Australia’s climate. They retain heat in the winter and keep your house cool during the summer. 

Ultimate Windows has over 15 years of experience installing custom double glazed windows in homes and businesses. Their double glazed windows are manufactured and designed to cut your energy bill by up to 90 percent, which helps both your finances and the environment. Ultimate Windows is a one-stop shop for your window needs. 

Their windows are manufactured only in Australia, and their in-house installation team does not charge you additional fees to put in their premium-grade windows. Ultimate Windows offers Australian-made, high-quality double glazed windows for affordable pricing, with the option to use low-cost financing. 

Clear Comfort

  • Offers year-round installation
  • Extremely clear insulation material
  • Provides thermal insulation equivalent to a second pane of glass

Clear Comfort is not a double glazed window, but it is equivalent to the second pane of glass. Clear Comfort offers intelligent window insulation for a fraction of the cost of a typical double glazed window. They offer insulation for your windows in three different kits: the mini kit, half kit, and super kit. 

The differences between the three kits are the size of the membrane sheets and the roll of permanent tape they contain. All kits offer complete instructions for a do-it-yourself installation. Like the glass on the outside of your windows, Clear Comfort provides a secondary barrier inside your window to trap the air. 

They use advanced technology from the adhesives and plastics industries to ensure your windows receive the same insulation as a typical double glazed window. You will need to apply strong double-sided tape to your window frame and then attach a thin transparent polymer sheet to the frame. 

To complete the job, you need to use a hair dryer on the transparent sheet to shrink it to an invisible membrane. Clear Comfort is not a tinted film and will not get stuck to your glass. While it is excellent for insulation against cold and hot temperatures, it does not insulate against sound transmission. Clear Comfort is an affordable alternative to double glazed windows.

Double Glazing Masters

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • It does not require any maintenance
  • BAL40 rated for bushfire zones

Double Glazing Masters provides secure and energy efficient double glazed windows throughout Australia. Double Glazing Masters has offices located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle. Their double glazed windows are highly secure, reduce unwanted noise, and are energy efficient. 

The windows do not require any maintenance, except for cleaning, and will help keep your property thermally efficient. The double glazed windows are BAL40 rated for bush fire zones to help minimise the risk of injury or fatality during a bushfire attack. 

Their double glazed windows range from tilt and turn windows, sliding windows, fixed windows, casement windows, awning windows, and shaped windows. They also come in various colours like white, turner oak toffee, turner oak malt, black, Sheffield concrete, and anthracite grey.


  • Fast turnaround times
  • Lowers your energy bills
  • Family owners business that provides exceptional customer service

Malplas is a family-owned business that provides its customers with durable and sustainable double glazed windows. They manufacture their windows to offer the best possible pricing for their double glazed windows in the ACT region. 

Their business offers excellent customer service and provides fast turnaround times to install your custom double glazed windows. Malplas is based in Canberra but has servicing partners in Victoria and New South Wales. 

Double glazed windows from Malplas ensure your property will stay cool in the summer and warm in winter because the windows and frames are high quality. Malplas will provide a free measure of your windows and offer a quote on the same day to help you determine what your double glazed windows will cost.


  • Offers shade and solar control
  • Family-owned for the last three generations
  • Many options of double glazed windows

Miglas double glazed windows offer many benefits. They have a low U-value, have shade and solar control, have self-cleaning coatings, offer bushfire safety, control noise, are safe and secure, and stop the loss or gain of heat in your home. They provide various types of couple glazed windows. 

There are soft coat low E options, acoustic options, bushfire glazing options, lead lighting, and security options. Miglas is located in Montrose, Victoria, and requires appointments before stopping into their showroom due to Covid 19. Miglas has been owned and operated by the Miglas family for the last three generations. 

Their company continuously develops to provide your homes with the best high-quality double glazed windows. They have two different types of solar options to choose from. OptEma Plus is for high solar heat gain, and the Solarban 60 is for low solar heat gain. Miglas will ensure you get affordable windows that are energy efficient and sustainable. 

Go Green Glazing

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Made using recycled materials
  • Reliable and efficient

Go Green Glazing supports using recycled products for manufacturing their double glazed windows. Their motto is reuse, replace, and recycle to ensure their products do not harm the  environment. Go Green Glazing offers retrofit double glazing, so you do not need to replace your existing windows. 

Retrofit double glazing allows you to get all the benefits of double glazed windows without requiring invasive work. It also cuts back on construction waste and other materials that need to go into a landfill. 

Go Green Glazing will reduce your energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, add value to your home, improve home security, and improve liveability. Go Green Glazing is an affordable and green way to install double glazed windows in your home. 

Go Green Glazing is based in Geelong, but they provide double glazing to the surrounding areas, including Surf Coast, Ballarat, Moorabool, and more.

What Is Double Glazing

The process of double glazing involves installing multiple glass panes into one single window system. Since double glazing uses two panes of glass instead of one, inert gas and dehydrated air get trapped in the space between the two panes. 

This provides extra insulation and allows your heating and cooling to be better maintained throughout your home. Single pane windows are not insulated as well as double glazed windows. 

Factors of Double Glazed Windows to Think About 

There are some essential factors to know when getting double glazed windows for your property. They increase energy efficiency, provide sound insulation, add extra security, are durable, and can help raise the value of your home. 

Energy Efficiency 

Single paned windows are likely the reason your energy bills seem high, as heat can be easily lost in the winter and gained in the summer due to no insulation. 

They do not provide an effective barrier to the outside because of the poorly fitted frames. Double glazed windows can be done on various types of glass coatings, increasing energy efficiency throughout your home.

Double glazed windows are energy efficient because they can reduce heat gain or loss by almost thirty percent when compared to single-pane windows. In addition, double glazing can contribute to a six star or higher energy-efficient home and is a valuable addition to your property.

Soundproofing, Privacy, and Money Savings

Double glazed windows eliminate the need to use curtains or blinds, except where you still need them for privacy. In addition, they reduce the risk of mould formation and condensation in high moisture areas of your home. 

While double glazing might seem expensive initially, it is an investment to help your home become more energy efficient. Double glazing in Australia typically costs about $800 per square metre of your home. This cost is based on many factors, like your location, the number of windows you need to install, and installation costs.

Types of Glazing 

There are many types of glazing you can choose for your windows. The types of glazing have different functions depending on the type of windows you gave and what you are looking for. 

Low-Emissivity Glass

Low-emissivity glass double glazing, also known as Low-E glass double glazing, is a standard clear glass with a special coating on one glass surface. Low-e describes the capacity of a surface and how it radiates heat. 

Emissivity is measured using a scale from zero to one, with one being the highest emissivity. Low-e double glazing is excellent if you are specifically looking for your windows not to let in so much heat, as they reduce the amount of heat that shines through your windows.

Toned Glass

Toned glass is made by using colouring additives to regular glass when they are manufactured. Toned glass typically comes in shades of grey, bronze, green, or blue and dramatically reduces heat gain and glare from the sun. 

You will notice that solar heat transmission is reduced by around 30 to 40 percent in a toned glass when compared to regular glass. This is especially true if the toned glass is used for an insulated glass unit for double glazed windows. Toned glass double glazing is perfect if you want to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your home. 

The thicker the toned glass is will also lead to a deeper coloured tint and a darker appearance. It is essential to remember that tones glass double glazed windows will only reduce the amount of sunlight that shines through your windows, not the heat that is conducted through them. 

Fitting Double Glazing To A New Home:

Building a new home? Now is the time when you’re tempted to cut costs on heating, cooling, hot water, insulation, appliances, lighting and glazing, to name a few areas.

Unfortunately, many home-builders cut costs by buying cheaper options now, ones that will cost them a fortune in energy bills later. A wise course is to cut out some of the things that aren’t necessary, and spend the money on things that will reduce expenses in the years ahead.

Consider energy-efficiency investments such as double glazing. The likelihood is that the savings on your energy bill will more than pay for the cost of the extra mortgage repayment.

Don’t forget, the cost in the mortgage of an energy-saving product remains the same over the life of the mortgage, but you pay for it in devalued dollars. The savings on your energy bills from fitting double-glazed windows and doors keep climbing every year, as energy prices run well ahead of inflation!

Retrofit Double Glazing To An Existing Home:

Retrofitting double glazing to your existing home reduces heat gain in summer, heat loss in winter, cuts noise, lowers your carbon footprint, and slashes your energy bills. What’s not to like?

If your existing frames are in poor condition, then having custom windows and double glazed doors manufactured to replace existing ones, is for you. If your existing frames are in good shape, you can save money by having retrofit double glazing units made to fit into them quite easily.

Laminated Glass

Laminated double glazed windows are similar to a sandwich, as they are made using a piece of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB)  plastic between two or more glasses. The PVB sticks to the glass, forming mechanical bonds. 

Laminated glass is made from a thin layer of clear glass that is bonded together by an electroless nickel layer. The result is a new glass layer that provides protection against airborne contaminants, like moisture. This is known as tempered glass. The standard size of laminated glass is somewhere between 5mm and 9mm, while regular glass is 3mm to 4mm thick. 

This type of double glazing protects against UV rays and offers excellent sound insulation. Laminated glass double glazing is best to use in situations where you want to minimise sound levels, like from a busy road.


Are double glazed windows worth it? 

Yes, double glazed windows are worth it. It is an upfront investment, but you will enjoy the long-term benefits of double glazing. 

You will notice a reduced energy bill, noise reduction, limited condensation, more safety, and heating and cooling reduction once you install double glazed windows. There are also advantages of PVC in double glazed window frames when compared to wood or aluminium:

  • Available in coloured finishes
  • Does not chip off or warp
  • Does not rust
  • UV protected
  • Cost efficient
  • It is not corroded by salt
  • Great insulator
  • Low impact on our environment

Are there any disadvantages to double glazed windows? 

There are some disadvantages to double glazed windows. They usually can’t be repaired, but they can be replaced. Double glazing is also not typically a good match for older homes, as it might look mismatched with the aesthetic. Double glazed windows can trap heat during the summer too, which could lead to a stuffy room.

Does double glazing reduce noise? 

Yes, double glazing reduces noise. When sound travels through the air as a pressure wave, the wave hits a single pane window and vibrates on the other side of it, creating sound. 

When sound hits a double glazed window, it must pass through multiple chambers before getting to the other side of the glass. Therefore, double glazed windows provide sound insulation that single-pane windows do not.

If I can’t afford double glazed windows, is there a good alternative?

One alternative to double glazing to consider is applying an external film such as Enerlogic. This will emulate the thermal properties and energy-saving advantages of double glazing, but without some of the cost (or the sound insulation benefits).

Is UPVC a good material for double glazed windows?

uPVC, or unplasticised PVC, is gaining ground as a frame material for double-glazed windows and doors, and it has excellent thermal properties. In the most advanced markets in the world (the United States and Europe), uPVC is the frame material of choice. Worldwide, uPVC is used in well over 50% of replacement windows for homes.

Bottom Line 

These double glazed windows in Australia are the best choices if you consider changing your windows. You can choose from multiple types of double glazing, like laminated glass, toned glass, and low-emissivity glass. 

Whether you would like double glazed windows in Adelaide or double glazed windows in Peth, there are many options to choose from that are affordable, energy-efficient, and reliable. One of our favourite choices for double glazing in Australia is Ultimate Windows. Ultimate Windows is an excellent choice as it is energy efficient, secure, requires low maintenance, and is affordable. 

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