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Double Glazed Windows in Australia

Slash Your Energy Bills In Canberra And Around Australia

Double glazing of windows and doors is pretty much standard in many markets around the world. It’s particularly valuable in cooler climates, with Canberra being one classic example.

  • It’s universally accepted that double glazing dramatically reduces heat transmission through glass windows and doors.
  • In summertime, double glazing prevents most of the sun’s heat from entering your property.
  • In wintertime, it keeps the warmth you pay for inside your home, rather than losing much of it through you windows.
  • All year-round, double-glazing provides excellent sound insulation, making your home quieter and more peaceful.
  • All year round, it’s saving you money on your energy bills.

How Important Is Glazing To Energy-Efficiency?

According to the excellent Your Home Technical Manual,

“Glazing has a major impact on the energy efficiency of the building envelope. Poorly designed windows, skylights and glazed surfaces can make your home too hot or too cold. If designed correctly, they’ll help maintain year-round comfort, reducing or eliminating the need for artificial heating and cooling.

Windows in a typical insulated home can account for more heat gain or loss than any other element in the building fabric. In summer heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times greater than through the same area of insulated wall. One square metre of ordinary glass can let in as much heat as would be produced by a single bar radiator. In winter, heat lost through a window can be ten times more than through the same area of insulated wall.”

So What Exactly Is Double Glazing?

To quote Wikipedia…

“Insulated glazing (IG) also known as double glazing are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.” Having that gap between the panes also reduces noise transmission.”

double-glazed-doorsFitting Double Glazing To A New Home:

Building a new home? Now is the time when you’re tempted to cut costs on heating, cooling, hot water, insulation, appliances, lighting and glazing, to name a few areas.

Unfortunately, many home-builders cut costs by buying cheaper options now, ones that will cost them a fortune in energy bills later. A wise course is to cut out some of the things that aren’t necessary, and spend the money on things that will reduce expenses in the years ahead.

Consider energy-efficiency investments such as double glazing. The likelihood is that the savings on your energy bill will more than pay for the cost of the extra mortgage repayment.

Don’t forget, the cost in the mortgage of an energy-saving product remains the same over the life of the mortgage, but you pay for it in devalued dollars. The savings on your energy bills from fitting double-glazed windows and doors keep climbing every year, as energy prices run well ahead of inflation!

National Double Glazing Suppliers:


See Double Glazing Australia’s Canberra Double Glazing Information

Ultimate Windows Serving Canberra and the surrounding Region since 2007.


See Double Glazing Australia’s Melbourne Double Glazing Information

Ultimate Windows Superior uPVC and thermally-broken aluminium double glazed windows and doors.


See Double Glazing Australia’s Sydney Double Glazing Information

Evergreen Windows Double Glazing. Servicing Sydney, the Blue Mountains, South Cost and Southern Tablelands.

Easy Windows. Sydney Double Glazing Suppliers of superior uPVC double glazed windows and doors.


See Double Glazing Australia’s Adelaide Double Glazing Information

Retrofit Double Glazing To An Existing Home:

Retrofitting double glazing to your existing home reduces heat gain in summer, heat loss in winter, cuts noise. lowers your carbon footprint. and slashes your energy bills. What’s not to like?

If your existing frames are in poor condition, then having custom double glazed windows and doors manufactured to replace existing ones, is for you

If your existing frames are in good shape, you can save money by having retrrofit double glazing units made to fit into them. It’s an easy process…

How Important Is The Frame Material Used In The Double Glazed Windows & Doors?

In this table, reproduced from Your Home, the relative performance of different combinations of single and double glazing, and various materials is shown The lower the U-value, the better the performance.


uPVC, or unplasticised PVC, is gaining ground as a frame material for double-glazed windows and doors, that has excellent thermal properties. In the most advanced markets in the world- the United States and Europe- uPVC is the frame material of choice.

Worldwide, uPVC is used in over 50% of replacement windows for homes.

Aluminium frames used to suffer from heat transmission, but modern aluminium double glazine features a thermal break in the frames to minimise heat transmission.

An alternative to double glazing is to consider applying an external film such asEnerlogic. This will emulate the thermal properties and energy-saving advantages ofdouble glazing, but without the sound insulation benefits.

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