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Commercial Hot Water Systems in Canberra’s business, educational and institutional buildings, represent a dramatically-increasing expense. In most buildings and businesses, the rising cost of hot water will be the largest cost increase faced by the owner.

While you can’t do much about the tariff rate your energy retailer charges you, you CAN achieve dramatic savings by replacing old, inefficient systems, with a new energy-efficient and cost-saving commercial hot water system. In many cases, the payback period can be less than a year. Sound good so far?

On this site, we bring together a portfolio of quality products to draw from in designing your commercial hot water system. We pick and choose the most suitable elements, to design a system that will peform the best, and save you the most money. These include state-of-the art gas boilers, solar hot water systems (including evacuated tube solar hot water setups), heat pump hot water systems, standard storage tanks, heat-exchange tanks and more. 

The Stiebel Eltron and Siddons Solarstream ranges use proven heat pump technologyto provide economical solar contribution. Heat pump commercial water heaters work on the same principle as reverse-cycle air conditioners do in winter- they use a small amount of electricity to recover the heat the sun has supplied to the atmosphere.

Bosch Condensing Gas Boilers provide the highest efficiency gas-fired heat source on the market.

Rotex and SmartHeat Heat Exchange Tanks provide the best heat exchange tanks available in Australia.

It’s time to consider investing a commercial hot water system- one that will supply you with the right mix of competitive capital cost, and low running cost. Below are some recent commercial hot water projects in the ACT Region, all with solar contribution…


Reid College of TAFE Canberra:


Reid College of TAFE Canberra:


Aust. Defence Force Academy Canberra:


Canberra Southern Cross Club: Woden


Gungahlin College Canberra:

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Money-saving Commercial Hot Water Systems can be supplied to Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, and many regional areas.