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8 Best Mould Removal Companies in Sydney

Mould can be a serious problem in any home or commercial space. Besides physical damage, it can also be a major cause of indoor air pollution.

If the affected space is just a small patch, you might handle the problem on your own. But in case the problem has spread over a larger space, you need to call the pros.

Since not every mould removal company is a reliable option, it is necessary to pick carefully. We have listed the top options for mould removal in Sydney to help you make the right choice.

The Short Answer:

ABC Mould Removal

  • Comprehensive mould inspection and removal process
  • Two-stage removal process
  • Minimises chemical odours and irritations
  • Offers a solution to rising damp problems

We have chosen ABC Mould removal as our top pick for their dependable and efficient service through certified methods. The brand also has a knowledgeable team of professionals who are helpful and friendly.

Originally, the brand consisted of a team of licensed pest control professionals, serving in Sydney for over 15 years. After seeing the high rate of mould infestation in homes and commercial spaces, the business focused on the mould removal industry.

What stands out is the brand’s commitment to using advanced methods for mould removal and continuous development for better services. Also, they do not use chemical-based solutions for the treatment to avoid corrosion and foul odour. This makes their process ideal for homes as well as commercial buildings.

The process begins with a mould removal survey that identifies the cause behind mould growth. ABC looks into the various factors like indoor air quality, ventilation, humidity, and structural dampness that can lead to mould formation. The target is to discover the source of the problem and eliminate the roots.

Once the inspection and analysis are done, the technician will share the results and the solutions with you. ABC also believes in transparency and provides cost estimates upfront.

Besides, ABC uses the Goldmorr System, one of the most comprehensive methods for mould removal. The removal process uses a GM6000, a sodium hypochlorite-based product that is used to clean the visible moulds. 

Next, they use a fogging agent, GM2000, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-bleaching, and non-irritant. This product is extremely effective for removing mould spores and preventing regrowth.

In addition, the second stage removes the associated VOCs with GM6000. It will prevent damage to the paint or any other sensitive components that might get exposed to the treatment. Overall, it is a comprehensive process that ensures complete mould removal.

Customers also praised the friendly, on-time service and customer service. Overall, if mould is invading your walls, ABC Mould Removal is a dependable choice.

Other Great Mould Removal Services in Sydney

The Mould Doctor

  • Mould removal and testing
  • An effective two-stage removal process
  • Minimises bacteria and chemical VOCs
  • One year warranty on service

The Mould Doctor Pty Ltd is an Australian company operating in Victoria and New South Wales. It has a team of highly trained technicians who operate as per the IICRC world standards for mould removal.

Beyond that, The Mould Doctor also provides mould testing services to ascertain indoor air quality if necessary. This includes professional sampling and microbial testing for mould. This is followed by post mould removal testing to ensure that the mould levels have returned to normal.

Since mould can be a problem in boats due to dampness and enclosed spaces, The Mould Doctor also offers mould remediation services to support boat owners.

To start with, you can get a free mould inspection and report from the brand. The actual cleaning process begins in the next stage where the visible mould is removed from the hard surfaces. The process not only removes the staining but also reaches the root system of the mould. 

In the next stage, a special chemical designed by the Mould Doctor is used for the fogging process. This eliminates the invisible spores that can cause mould regrowth. It also eliminates other contaminants like bacteria.

Note, the fogging chemical is non-toxic, non-irritant, and biodegradable. It has been tested and validated by the Monash University microbiological department and is safe for all surfaces. Since it is not scented, it does not lead to odour sensitivity.

Keep in mind, there will be a two-hour containment period after the treatment. This will ensure consistent mould removal from the entire living space.

Unlike many of their competitors, The Mould Doctor provides a one-year warranty on a mould cleaning service. Also, all their technicians are police-checked to ensure complete safety and security.

In terms of price, The Mould Doctor offers a price match guarantee to ensure the best price for mould treatment. Considering the professional quality of the service and the warranty we consider the brand as one of the top mould removal services in Sydney.

Sydney Mould Removal

  • Mould inspection, cleaning, and prevention services
  • IICRC-certified team of technicians
  • Experts in decontamination and sanitisation
  • 24/7 emergency relief service

Sydney Mould Removal offers comprehensive services for testing, inspection, and removal of mould from all types of buildings. Actually, the brand is an extension of Sydney Forensic Cleaning company. Their technicians are trained to handle all types of biological remediation. The service range covers Sydney and most areas of New South Wales.

As expected, the process starts with an inspection that determines the root cause of the mould formation. Since the reasons for mould formation can vary, the company provides a detailed room-by-room analysis. Based on the report, a long-term mould elimination plan is recommended and a quote is provided.

Since all their technicians are IICRC-certified, you can expect professional service from the company. The treatment process consists of the removal of the visible mould, followed by the fogging of the entire affected area. 

The two-step process is designed to remove mould for the long-term from bedrooms, bathrooms and carpets. Beyond that, the technicians will also suggest preventive measures to keep the mould from coming back.

Now, the brand doesn’t mention the details about the chemical compounds that it uses for the removal process. However, it does mention that the chemicals used are non-toxic and  non-allergenic. Their processes are thoroughly tested and follow the necessary standards to ensure the best results.

Still, if you prefer a more transparent approach, it’s best to check out the other options.

The other positive aspect of the brand is the 24/7 support service. Their service also ensures minimum disruption to the occupants.

While Sydney Mould Removal is not the cheapest mould removing services in Sydney, they are a dependable choice.

Mould Removal Australia

  • Professional-grade mould removal services
  • Mould causation and prevention report
  • Advanced and non-toxic fogging system
  • Non-toxic surface cleaning

Mould Removal Australia offers a comprehensive service through a team of trained professionals. They mention that their service is fast and efficient to ensure a safe and healthy environment in your home. Their services are available across Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Gosford regions.

Apart from visible mould, the company also helps in eliminating condensation, and mildew odours in damp spaces. They use the most effective mould treatment techniques to ensure a long-term solution.

The highlight of their service is the Premium Eco Fogging System that removes invisible mould spores and mould mites from all surfaces. This is necessary for internal spots and subfloor areas with a high level of moisture.

If you are concerned about the chemicals used in the fogging process, note that Mould Removal Australia uses professional-grade products that are EPA registered. The specially formulated fungistat polymers used for the fogging process are free from ammonia and other harsh chemicals.

The surface cleaning is conducted by using a non-toxic sodium-based solution. This does not leave behind any harmful chemical remnants in your home.

Apart from directly treating the site of growth, the technicians also offer prevention insights as a part of the long-term solution. This involves an initial inspection to determine the exact cause of mould growth.

The inspection is carried out by a qualified mould inspector and the process is followed by a comprehensive. Mould Causation and Prevention Report. 

 Customer reviews also mentioned that the majority of users were satisfied with their service. When it comes to process quality and safety, the Mould Removal Australia is definitely one of the best in Sydney


  • IICRC certified company and technician 
  • In-depth mould report preparation
  • Focuses on preventive measures
  • A trusted brand

PureProtect is an IICRC-certified company with a team of experienced mould remediation technicians who are IICRC certified too. Besides, they are licensed builders and can undertake restoration and remedial measures for buildings.

The process starts with an inspection and an in-depth consultation to determine the exact cause of the problem. Quite often, the inexperience of inspectors may lead to an overlooking of the contributing factors behind mould growth. 

However, PureProtect ensures comprehensive mould investigations. This involves the use of moisture metres, thermal imaging cameras, dust particulate counters, hygrometers, etc. In case there are issues like mould related illness, samples are collected for DNA analysis, mycotoxin testing, and testing for bacterial contamination.

The company provides the customers with a thorough mould report based on the investigation and suggests remedial action plans in line with the IICRC S520 (2015) Standard. In addition, recommendations to prevent the recurrence of the mould problem are also given.

Keep in mind that PureProtect believes that the inspection process is an exhaustive activity and not a “quick fix”. So, the inspection services are not provided for free.

Since the objective of the company is to remove mould and not kill it, it does not recommend the use of harsh chemicals for fogging, ozone, or bleach.  

The exact remediation process implemented depends on the site conditions. The process involves containing the affected areas through specific containment methods. If needed, dehumidifiers and negative air machines are used for the removal process. Fungicides and natural cleaning compounds may be used to complete the process.

Besides, the complete process involves fixing the moisture problem and getting the wet materials dried or replaced. As per the brand, unless these measures are taken, the mould problem will not get fixed.

To sum up, PureProtect offers an in-depth cleaning service that is great for large professional spaces. Most customers also appreciated their expertise and service quality. But for homeowners on a small budget, there are other mould specialists in Sydney who offer better value.

Doctor Damp

  • One of the oldest mould removal services in Australia
  • A certified brand
  • A wide range of services related to mould and ventilation issues
  • Cost-effective service

Doctor Damp is one of the oldest Australian companies that has been providing solutions for fixing damp and ventilation problems. They offer their services all across Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Their services include providing in-house mould assessment and non-toxic mould and mildew removal. Apart from being effective, they also offer competitive rates that make them stand out from the competitors.

Doctor Damp is a fully licensed brand and is approved by the federal government. They also install ducted fans, vents, and other ventilation solutions to reduce indoor condensation and prevent mould growth. In addition, they provide comprehensive solutions for rising damp issues.

While the brand assures quality-assured workmanship, they do not mention the details or specifications of the mould treatment process. While they guarantee that their treatment will prevent mould regrowth, no specific warranty on the service is provided.

If you are looking for an affordable mould removal service, Doctor Damp is one of the best options. However, we suggest that you check out the details of their cleaning process to ensure that the methods used are effective, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.

AllAces Cleaning and Restoration

  • An in-depth mould cleaning service
  • Comprehensive inspection and report package 
  • A qualified and experienced team
  • Uses specialised equipment for the best result

AllAces is an Australian owned business that commenced its operations in 1988.They offer a wide range of specialist cleaning and restoration services across Sydney, Northern NSW, and South East Queensland. 

Their service is in line with the best industry standards and all their technicians are IICRC trained and certified. Beyond that, the team has also received training from the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Note, the entire process of mould removal and remediation conducted by them is as per the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation.

In the first stage, a mould inspection is conducted and a report is prepared to determine the most effective mould remediation strategies. This involves identifying the severity of the problem, measuring humidity and moisture levels and suggesting remedies.

Once the root cause investigation is completed, the technicians advance to the next stage. To remove the surface mould, an antimicrobial surface treatment is done. In the next stage air scrubbing and fogging treatment by using chemicals like hydroxyl, and ozone is conducted.

Moreover, the materials affected by mould are specifically identified and treated. Any non-restorable materials are removed. Finally, long-term solutions are provided to check the growth of mould.

AllAces has a qualified team along with a 24/7 emergency response service. With a dedicated team of technicians and advanced equipment, they will provide you with a reliable mould removal service.

That said, if you prefer a more environmentally friendly and toxic-free process of mould removal, there are other options.

Why is Mould Removal Important? 

Moulds are a kind of microscopic fungi that play an important role in nature. Since they feed on organic matter, they help in breaking down various organic elements. 

Reproduction in moulds is through spores that are invisible and float through the air. In the presence of high humidity and the right temperature, they propagate at a fast rate. They can damage furniture and walls, and can even cause structural damage to buildings.

Keep in mind, mould does not cause only cosmetic damage to furniture and clothing. They can have a negative effect on human health too. 

Sensitivity to mould can cause symptoms like a running nose, skin or eye irritation, and wheezing. People who are allergic to mould can experience breathing problems. Patients with lung diseases like asthma or a weak immune system can develop infections from mould exposure.

In most cases, children and older individuals are the ones most affected by mould. Most importantly, for children who are genetically susceptible to asthma, mould exposure can lead to asthma development. However, not all mould species cause allergic reactions.

Some research has pointed out that mould produces microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). These volatile compounds can enter the body through the skin and lungs. These can have more toxic effects on the body than industrial toxins.

Mould exposure can also cause neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity. Constant mould exposure by staying in damp environments can lead to suppression of immune function and cell damage to the neurological system.

In reality, the number of studies on the effects of mould exposure on human health is limited. But there is sufficient evidence that suggests that mould has multiple harmful effects on our health. This makes mould removal an important step for your family’s health.

How to Know if You Have a Mould Problem? 

What makes mould easy to spot is their colour. Mould can be of various colours including black, white, grey-green, or spotted. They can be powdery in nature or can appear in small black clusters. Generally, the material it is growing on shows signs of wrapping or peeling.

Other than the visible signs, you may also notice a musty odour in rooms and places where there is mould growth. This is more likely in places showing long-term effects of water damage. There can also be hidden water leaks behind walls that can lead to mould growth.

In fact, mould is extremely common in public buildings and homes in Australia. Once you have identified the problem, you need to take the right steps to prevent mould growth. The first step involves removing the source of moisture. Then it comes to removing the actual mould.

If you feel that mould has spread more than you can handle on your own, it’s best to get help from a professional mould removal service in Sydney

Choosing the Best Mould Removal in Sydney

Remember, surface cleaning of the mould does not mean that you have remediated the mould underneath. If you are living in a wooden cottage or a remote tiny home with structural limitations, unchecked mould can be a devastating issue.

In many cases, a professional assessment is necessary to determine the source and the exact damage caused by the problem.

Before you pick a mould specialist in Sydney, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind.


It is important to do the right research before choosing a mould removal service. Merely doing a Google search on “Sydney mould removal” is not enough. Start by getting referrals from your friends and neighbours. Check out the testimonials and customer reviews to find out about the quality of service.

Make sure that the company you choose has the necessary expertise and the right technology to get the job done in the best possible manner. Basically, you need a reliable company that will stand behind the service it provides.

Ask the Right Questions

Start by asking the right questions about the health effects caused by mycotoxins released by moulds. That will help you to assess the technical knowledge of the service personnel.. It is also important to confirm if the company provides you with a comprehensive inspection report for the problem along with a plan of action.

Additional questions include inquiring about the cleaning techniques and containment methods. Another important point is to ensure that the company has the necessary certificates and insurance. Generally, an IICRC certification is considered the industry standard. 

At the same time, the company should be able to ensure the full safety of your home and your family members during the removal process. Also, confirm whether you can or cannot stay in your home during the cleaning process.

Define The Scope

It is important to define the scope of work with the company and determine exactly what you are paying for. Apart from mould remediation, the contractor should also be able to remove or correct the moisture problem. Note down the services that are not included in the mould removal process.

Final Thoughts 

These are the best options for professional mould removal in Sydney. As you can see, mould removal is a specialised process that involves an in-depth investigation and certified cleaning techniques. A delay in the process can cause further damage to your living conditions.

We have picked ABC Mould Removal as the best choice in this category. With its professional service, proven techniques, and friendly customer service, it is a brand you can depend on.

However, at the end of the day, you know your home the best. So, pick a company that suits your requirements and budget in the best possible way.