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Adelaide Rainfall


Adelaide’s average rainfall is low-around 520 mm. a year.

The pattern is for a dry period from November to April, which receives a paltry 160 mm., with a wet season from May to October enjoying more than twice as much rain- about 360 mm.

In Adelaide, it definitely makes sense to stock up your water tanks well before summer arrives.

Here’s how to calculate how much water you can collect from your roof.

Take the number of square metres of roof, muliply by the number of millimetres of rainfall, to give the number of litres. e.g. If you have 150 square metres of roof, and the average Adelaide rainfall is 520 mm, then you could collect over 78,000 litres a year.

A 10mm rainfall would yield 1500 litres! In both cases, it’s safest to subtract 10% to allow for absorbtion, evaporation etc.

For your information, here is the official Adelaide monthly average rainfall graph, together with the average number of rain days, supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology.

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