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Hydronic Heating in Australia

Hydronic heating systems are known by many names–radiant floor heating, hydronics, hydronic heating, in-floor heating and in-slab heating, to name a few!

The principle of under-floor heating was well-known to both the ancient Romans, and to the Koreans. Today, modern hydronic heating systems are the most efficient form of space heating available, and particularly suitable for the Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne regions.

How Does Hydronic Heating Work?

Hydronic floor heating systems use pipes laid in the concrete floor slab to circulate heated water. The heat is then transferred to the surface of the slab, where it provides a comfortable, gentle warmth to the room.

We’ve all experienced the limitations of traditional heating systems. Sometimes you just can’t get warm. Sometimes the front of you bakes while the back of you freezes. The sound of fan-forced systems can be annoying. Fan-forced systems blow dust around the house creating extra work. Many systems produce polluting smoke.

Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

  • Because there is no fan-forced circulation of air, dust is minimised.
  • Individual zones can be set up to be turned on or off, or set at different temperatures.
  • Further heating can be supplied by convector panels on the wall or skirting boards.
  • Programmable thermostats start up and shut down the system according to your individual needs.
  • High efficiency boilers and heat pumps mean that running costs are greatly reduced.
  • Whole-of-life costs put you way in front, with a superior system.

Can I Get A Hydronic Heating AND Cooling System?

Yes, you can!

How Much Does Hydronic Heating Cost?

Truthfully, there’s no one answer, because everyone has a different home and a different family.

Choosing a hydronic system for a new home is cheaper than retrofitting the same system to an existing home.

Sometimes the best installation can be all underfloor, sometimes all radiators, sometimes a mixture of both.

The important starting point is to work out what will be the best system for you. your home and your family. Then a specialist provider can provide a formal quote. You’ll want one that combines good quality product, good advice, good service, and a fair price price.

In Sydney and Canberra, we have an association that goes back 10 years with SmartHeat Heating and Cooling. Check out their website, and ask for an obligation-free hydronic heating quote.