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Greenhouse Kits Australia

When you need a predictable environment to extend the growing season for your veg, a greenhouse is a must-buy. With the advancement in construction techniques and materials, today, greenhouse gardening is within the reach of hobby gardeners. A greenhouse kit contains everything you need to set up a greenhouse from scratch.

When it comes to choosing from the best greenhouse kits in Australia, it is easy to get confused in a market crowded with options. We have listed the top choices to help you pick the greenhouse that best suits your purpose.

The Short Answer: Growfresh Greenhouse and Accessories

Why we love it:

  • A wide range of variants to choose from
  • High-quality materials used
  • Suited for Australian weather conditions
  • Lifetime warranty on some frames

In the past few years, Growfresh Greenhouses has established a solid reputation in the domestic greenhouse market in Australia. It is a family business that offers a great combination of superior quality and value.

Growfresh offers three greenhouse models. These are Hobby, Deluxe, and Supreme greenhouses This gives customers a wide range of choices based on their size requirements and budget.

For hobbyists, the Dorset Petite is the smallest size and has the lowest price tag. It has a robust construction with aluminium frames and a galvanised steel base. The walls are made from twin-wall polycarbonate that is UV resistant. 

Growers needing greenhouses of larger sizes can choose the Dorset Classic and the Dorset Grade variants. Professional growers in residential and semi-rural areas can choose from the Deluxe series.

The Supreme Windsor series has been specially designed for windy areas. The structure is made with heavy box-section aluminium frames for tackling high wind loads. 

Note, Growfresh uses twin-wall polycarbonate instead of glass since it’s 200 times stronger than glass and almost unbreakable. The panel insertion system used for fixing the glazing offers superior longevity.

The walls come in thicknesses ranging from 4 to 10 mm. You need to choose based on your local climatic conditions. Besides, some of the models are available with toughened glass walls.

Growfresh maintains strict control on product quality. All their greenhouses come with a ‘nuts and bolts’ construction to provide high durability. You also get the option of using aluminium base plinths with ground anchors that provide a stable base.

Keep in mind, not all greenhouse models are easy to assemble. While Growfresh provides detailed instructions, it’s best to get help from the after-sales support team

For us, Growfresh greenhouses are the best greenhouse kits in Australia in terms of quality and reliability. 

Other Great Greenhouse Kits

There are some other Australian brands in the greenhouse market that have made a mark with the quality of their products. Here are a few of them.

2. Eco R Us Geenhouses

  • A brand that focuses on environmental sustainability
  • Weather resistant design
  • A wide range of greenhouse models
  • Internal and external anchoring systems

Eco R Us is an Australian brand that manufactures a wide range of home and outdoor products.    Being a family-run business, they focus on environmentally sustainable products without compromising quality.

The greenhouse kits sold by Eco R Us are classified into two main categories- Maze and Glory. The models vary in terms of size and structure. Besides it also has a mini greenhouse model for balconies and patios

Beyond that, Eco R US also has a Green fingers series of greenhouses made from PE mesh with a steel frame. They are a good option for budget buyers.

Eco R Us uses polycarbonate panels that are UV resistant and virtually unbreakable. The greenhouse structure is made from powder-coated aluminium and the base is of galvanised steel. 

For larger models, the entire structure is reinforced for extra support. That makes the entire structure rust-resistant and highly durable, even in extreme weather conditions. The design also makes the structure maintenance-free.

Most of the models offer a high wind resistance of 100km/h and can bear snow loads of between 75kg/m² and 100kg/m². The structure is also hail-resistant.

Other features include roof vents with automatic openers, high headroom, and easy access for wheelbarrows. Since the lids and vent windows are adjustable, the airflow and heat levels can be easily controlled.

The warranty on the products varies between 5 to 10 years based on the model. In addition, the brand also manufactures a wide variety of greenhouse kits.

One thing is, all the greenhouses come with a sliding assembly system. This makes the assembly easier and less time-consuming. However, some users might prefer the rigidity of the bolts and nuts connecting systems.

For anchoring, each greenhouse has an internal and external anchoring system. It’s designed to offer superior support in harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for a new greenhouse, Eco R Us is a reliable choice with its commitment to quality and customer support,

3. Landera Greenhouses

  • A wide range of greenhouse designs
  • Aesthetic designs that can be used for an outdoor leisure room
  • Offers good value for money
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee

Landera is a relatively well-known brand when it comes to outdoor storage units and garden sheds. In addition, they also manufacture a wide variety of high-quality greenhouses.

Landera offers its greenhouse kits in standard and premium ranges. While both variants are made from high-quality materials, the standard models are more budget-friendly and come with a 5-year warranty. The premium models have some additional features along with a 10-year warranty.

The Silverline series in the standard range is a popular product and offers good value for money. Some of the larger units can be used as a greenhouse or a garden living area. The T-shaped cathedral design also makes them more attractive than standard greenhouses.

As expected, the support structure is made from an aluminium extrusion system and the walls are made from UV-stabilised polycarbonate panels. All the models come with a galvanised steel base for maximum durability.

The premium range consists of the Glory range of greenhouses designed for professional use. These have 10mm thick twin-wall polycarbonate panels and “walk around” height. Other features include automatic opening roof vents and side louvre window.

Since the structures have pre-drilled profiles, the assembly is simple. Each product comes with detailed instructions from Landera. Additionally, the brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the greenhouse.

Landera mentions that all its products have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. However, since they do not mention the wind and snow load ratings, we are not so sure about the weather resistance of their budget range products. 

If you need a greenhouse that has high wind resistance and snow load-bearing capacities, look elsewhere. Landera doesn’t manufacture glass greenhouses either.

Overall, Landera has a wide range of greenhouses for moderate and warm climates. For buyers looking for value for money, they are a good option.

4. Sproutwell Greenhouses

  • Multiple varieties based on user requirements
  • High-quality materials ensure a robust structure
  • Innovative design features
  • Quick assembly time

Sproutwell started as a hobby business back in 2011. In the past few years, the family-owned and operated business has emerged as one of Australia’s largest suppliers of backyard greenhouses.

Sproutwell offers a wide range of greenhouse kits for its customers. The brand focuses on innovative designs that can withstand Australian conditions and provide customers with a comfortable growing space. In addition, they also have glasshouses in their product range.

To start with, they have the Hobby range that caters to the hobbyist gardener with a limited budget and space. The aluminium profiles used for the greenhouse structure have a barb connection to withstand high wind loads. They also come with a unique ‘Slide & Lock’ assembly system for additional longevity.

Next, there is the Imperial/Orangery Series designed for professional gardeners. These models have features like aluminium bar-capping glazing system for more durability. They come with polycarbonate or toughened glass cladding options. Some models can also be equipped with internal partition doors for isolation.

Lastly, they have the Grange series of commercial greenhouses that are made from special 40mm box section aluminium profiles. These tough greenhouses are in line with the Australian Standards AS1170 & AS1664.1 to withstand high wind loads. The other features include side wall bracings, automatic vent openers, and stainless steel hardware.

These greenhouses come with concrete and timber anchoring options. Sproutwell suggests that given the unpredictability of wind speeds, constructing a solid base for your greenhouse is a must.

One unique feature of some Sproutwell greenhouses is they can be extended. Also, some of the models can withstand wind loads of 150 km/hour – the best on the market. 

Coming to the warranty, Sproutwell offers between 10 to 20 years of structural warranty based on the model type. 

Without a doubt, Sproutwelll manufactures some of the best polycarbonate greenhouse kits in the Australian market. However, they are not the best option for budget buyers.

5. Maze Greenhouses

  • A good balance of price and quality
  • A sturdy support structure and durable base frame
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate panels on the roof
  • Easy to assemble

Maze was launched in 2004 and the brand strives to deliver the best quality gardening products across Australia. Their range of greenhouses consists of the Walk-in variety and the Mini variety. A wide range of greenhouse accessories is also available in their store.

Like its competitors, Maze uses polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable and resistant to shattering. These walls offer 90% light transmission and are UV-resistant.

The support structure is made from powder-coated aluminium frames and the greenhouse base is galvanised steel. In the case of larger greenhouses, additional support beams are added to provide extra strength. 

For ventilation, there are roof vents or hinged lids. All the greenhouses can be fixed to a concrete foundation slab. Since all the profiles are uniform and pre-drilled, the sliding assembly system is simple and takes less time.

Maze greenhouses are designed to resist wind speeds of 75km/hour. By using a Maze anchoring kit this can be increased to 90km/hour. All their greenhouses come with a comprehensive warranty of 5 years.

Maze also offers some high-end greenhouses like the Victory model. This unit has spacious interiors with vaulted ceilings and a T-shaped cathedral design. The hexagonal Oasis and the premium-grade Glory are other greenhouse options for growers looking for more space. 

Most Maze greenhouses come at affordable price points which make them a good choice for buyers on a budget. As a result, they lack some of the advanced features that some competitors offer. But considering the sturdy design and superior material quality, they offer excellent value.

In terms of customer service, Maze is not one of the top greenhouse manufacturers in Australia. However, if you want an affordable product that offers solid reliability, they are worth checking out.

Most Important Factors to Look for In Your Greenhouse Kit

A greenhouse makes gardening an even more enjoyable task when you pick the right size and add the correct accessories. While a wide range of greenhouse kits are available in Australia, not all of them offer the right quality.

Once you have decided that you need a greenhouse, here are a few points to keep in mind before choosing a product.


For estimating the greenhouse size, the first thing that you need to think of is the purpose of the greenhouse. If you are starting from scratch, a relatively small “starter” greenhouse should be a good option. If you want to expand your garden, you will need a “grower” setup that offers more room.

To start with, consider the available space for setting up a greenhouse. You will need a level, and well-drained site to set up a greenhouse and lay the foundation. Locating the greenhouse close to your home and near to a water supply is also a good idea.

The shape and size of the greenhouse should also match your house and landscape in terms of aesthetics. It’s best to pick a model that offers enough interior space for you to move around. A wider design will also allow you to place the shelves or staging on both sides. 

Moreover, taller greenhouses capture more light, which makes it easy to heat them up and also assists with ventilation. So, make sure that your greenhouse has sufficient headroom.

For those with minimum requirements, cold frame models or mini-greenhouses that come in the shape of a compact box are the best options. These boxes can be moved anywhere around the garden floor or beside a tiny home. Advanced growers can choose the larger Walk-in options which can support commercial gardening operations.

Apart from traditional freestanding greenhouses, lean-to models are also available. These greenhouses can be placed by drawing support from an external wall. There are also abutting greenhouses that are attached to the side of a building.

If you have an irregular piece of land, round or dome-shaped greenhouses can be a good option.

If you are planning to grow only houseplants, it is best to pick a greenhouse that is larger than your current gardening requirements. The fact is, most hobby greenhouse owners find out they need more space than they originally thought. Upgrading in the future can turn out to be more expensive.

In addition, the budget also plays an important role in the process of selection. Larger greenhouses made from top-grade materials come with a higher price tag.

Ideally, you should buy the largest available greenhouse that meets your space and budget requirements.


When choosing greenhouse material, you have two main choices- glass and plastic. In the past years, the rise of plastic materials has transformed the greenhouse market.

Glass is the traditional choice and looks better. However, most small greenhouse kits in Australia use modern plastic materials that have superior durability and weatherproofing. On the other hand, glass is a natural material and has no fading or discoloration.

Both glass and plastic transmit almost equal amounts of light. Single-layer glazings transmit 90% light while double-layer glazings transmit around 80% light.

A big advantage of plastic or polycarbonate material is that they are lighter, cheaper, and unbreakable. Since polycarbonate is more resistant to stress than glass, they are stronger and shatter-proof. That also makes it a safer option for your family.

Due to the lighter design, plastic also needs less support structure. That cuts the costs and installation time. However, twin-walled polycarbonate sheets should be sealed properly during installation. Otherwise, moisture can accumulate between the sheets and cause the growth of algae.

Twin-walled polycarbonate greenhouse kits also have a better ability to retain heat than glass. Lastly, polycarbonate doesn’t need frequent cleaning like glass. Some plastic greenhouses are designed to withstand heavy snow loads and can come with a triple-walled construction.

The other factor is the quality of light in the greenhouse. The light that gets scattered by objects in its path is called diffused light. Some theories state that diffused light is better for stimulating photosynthesis in plants and aiding in better growth. The reason is, diffused light can reach the plants from multiple angles.

Since plastic is a better diffuser of light, it can be a better option. Some gardeners also prefer semi-diffused covers that provide both direct and diffused light. Modern polycarbonate materials also filter UV rays. This makes them better for plant growth.

To sum up, polycarbonate greenhouse kits are a good choice for beginners. But make sure that you pick quality material and not an inferior variety of polycarbonate.

Support Structure

The support structure is a crucial part that supports the greenhouse and anchors it to the foundation. The quality of the structure will also decide the amount of wind and snow load the greenhouse can withstand. Since wooden structures are rarely used, the choice is mainly between aluminium and steel.

Generally, aluminium frames are the most popular choice for support structures since they are lightweight, rust-proof, and can resist high stress. These frames are powder-coated to enhance their weather resistance. On the downside, aluminium has low insulation properties. So, there will be some heat loss through the members.

Steel is another option since it offers excellent strength and durability. Most greenhouse manufacturers use steel frames and plates for the greenhouse base frame. Steel structures can also withstand heavier wind loads and are often used for larger commercial-grade greenhouses. However, steel members are heavier and it takes more time to connect them together.

Frames made from plastic resins are used in some greenhouses. They are less expensive and do not conduct heat. But they are not as strong as steel or aluminium and offer low resistance to rough weather conditions.

Product Reliability

Buying a greenhouse takes a significant investment and a certain amount of time for setting it up. That makes it necessary for you to choose a quality product from a reliable brand.

Firstly, learn about how long the company has been in the business and its reputation in the market. Check the quality of the material used and the wind load the support structure can withstand.

Take a look at the type of warranty that is offered and the shipping costs involved. The top brands offer free delivery and support during installation. Many brands also have a dedicated support service to help customers troubleshoot issues that may arise in the future.

You can consult experienced gardeners or check the garden forums to find out more about specific brands. Veteran gardeners will be able to assist you with the long-term performance records of some products.


How do I choose a greenhouse kit?

Choosing a greenhouse kit involves balancing multiple factors like size, material, available space, and budget. Basically, it depends on what your exact gardening needs are and also on your personal preferences.

What style of greenhouse is best?

You can choose from various types of greenhouses based on your space requirement and budget. Each style has its own set of pros and cons. The shape of a greenhouse you choose is based on personal preferences. In general, greenhouses with sufficient area, durable aluminium frames, and a high-quality polycarbonate cover is a good choice.

Do I need a base for a greenhouse?

All greenhouses need a level foundation or a footing to provide stability and durability. Proper anchoring of the greenhouse structure with the base is essential to keep the greenhouse stable in storms. Concrete, stone, and bricks are some of the common options as foundation materials.

Bottom Line

All in all, these are some of the best greenhouse kits in Australia that you can pick. We have included the top brands that offer the best product variety in a wide range of prices

These brands not only offer product variety to match buyer requirements but also ensure uniform quality across their product range. Even so, before you pick a greenhouse, make sure to check out the important points that determine the overall quality.

We have picked Growfresh as the top choice in this category. They are one of the premium brands in the domestic greenhouse market in Australia and all their products offer excellent quality. In short, their greenhouse is built to last for years without fail.