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Free: The East Solar Expo & Conference

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Solar Energy Conference


The East Solar Conference & Expo, being held in Melbourne in August, is free to attend.

The East Solar Conference & Expo

For many years, I have been a Committee Member of the Australian Energy Society (AuSES) in the ACT. For those interested in solar and renewable energy issues, the Annual AuSES Conferences have been an important date on the calendar.  Only cost has kept many away.

This year, AuSES will be conducting a 2-day Conference and Expo in Melbourne on August 21st. and 22nd. Being run to celebrate 50 years of Conferences held by the Society, entry is free to both the Conference, and the Expo.

The East Solar Expo and Conference will be held at Melbourne’s popular Exhibition Centre.

The Conference will feature an impressive lineup of Speakers, including leading researchers, producers and innovators- principally from the Eastern Hemisphere. The CEO of the second-largest producer of solar cells in the world Dr. Peng Fang,  of JA Solar, is among the Speakers.

The Expo will be well worthwhile visiting… “Solar entrepreneurs, researchers, project managers, manufacturers and buyers from countries encompassing the region from China, to India across to Korea and Japan and through to Australia and New Zealand will exhibit their latest solar technologies, report on latest insights, and discuss the outlook for solar energy innovation and production.”

The price is right (free!), so if you can make it along, now’s the time to Register. Click this link to join us.

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john-payneJohn is the webmaster of Enviro Friendly World. Since 2001, he has been involved in the environmental field, educating, and helping popularise water and energy saving products such as water tanks, grey water systems, solar hot water, heat pumps and solar panels. He is a Commitee Member, and Past Vice President of the Australian Solar Energy Society (ACT). Join him on Google+