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Free: Climate Change eBook by CSIRO

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Climate Change Book

Climate Change: Science & Solutions for Australia

Frankly, the science is settled.

  • Climate change happens.
  • Global warming IS taking place.
  • Human activity IS contributing to global warming.
  • There ARE going to be consequences- many inconvenient ones.
  • We need to act more strongly and more quickly than we are to mitigate change.
  • We need to plan how to adapt to the changes that are already under way.


Free CSIRO eBook: Climate Change

CSIRO Climate Change Research

Australia’s CSIRO is one of the world’s leading scientific research bodies. It’s heavily involved inClimate Change research with both general application, and lessons particularly for Australia and our Region. The eBook ‘Climate Change: Science & Solutions for Australia‘ has been published for a wide audience. To quote the CSIRO,

“This book is an accessible guide to underpin decisions that need to be made in business, in government, and in general to respond to the challenges of climate change. It is an important resource for:

  • business community leaders
  • federal, state and local government members
  • researchers and academics involved or interested in climate change science, adaptation and mitigation
  • educators and media
  • general public with an interest in climate change science.”

Download Your Free Copy of the Book

Use this link to download the ePub version, to view on your ebook reader

Global Warming and Climate Change, and the need to do something about them, were both accepted in their day by such well-known socialists as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Howard. In a remarkably-successful disinformation campaign (partly by the same people who denied the link between smoking and health), the world is being diverted from the ever-mounting evidence of a truly momentous problem, and the need to do something about it.

Our future depends on knowledge, and using it wisely, not on the foolishness of ideology and mendacity of vested interests.

The eBook is free, but valuable. Please pass it on to others.