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Factory Seconds Water Tanks (NOT “Used”)

Factory seconds water tanks are a great way to save some money. While the market for factory seconds is ever-changing, we’ve developed this guide for everything you need to know about finding, purchasing, and owning a budget-friendly option

But First… What Are “Factory Seconds” Again? 

Before we get started, let’s make sure we are all on the same page. “Factory seconds” is a common phrase used to describe items that are sold by a manufacturer to the public at a reduced rate.  

The reason they are called factory “seconds” is simply that they are not “factory firsts,” which would refer to items that have been developed exactly as intended, ready to be sold and used. As such, factory seconds are still sold to provide value to consumers, but with slight manufacturing defects such as scratches or dents.  

Other Names for Factory Seconds

Factory seconds can be found around the world and thus have acquired several other monikers. Both in life and throughout this article, you will see “factory seconds” also referred to as: 

  • Seconds
  • Second quality items
  • ​​Factory rejects
  • Rejected items
  • Factory rejected goods
  • Damaged goods
  • Scratch and dents
  • Ex-demo
  • Ex-display 
  • And more

Other Examples of Factory Seconds Products 

Of course, water tanks are not the only factory seconds items on the global market. Seconds can be purchased directly from manufacturers in nearly every consumer industry, including clothing, appliances, electronics, furniture, and homegoods. 

Depending on the type of product, factory seconds may or may not be suitable for immediate use. Factory seconds are extremely common in the clothing industry, with clearance racks and outlet stores often selling items with slight damage or discoloration at very low rates. 

However, factory second items like water tanks should be fully inspected before installation and use. While a thread in a shirt is not the end of the world, a damaged water tank could lead to property flooding if not properly repaired.  

Factory Seconds Water Tanks

In Australia, there are a few different kinds of water tanks that may be available as factory seconds sales. Depending on their function, factory seconds water tanks may be plastic (polyethylene or simply poly), concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass, or another material.  

Occasionally, water tanks are sold within a larger system which may include other parts included in the purchase price. Below, we will explore a few of the most common factory seconds water tanks available on the Australian market. 

Rainwater Tanks and Storage 

First and foremost, large polythene rainwater tanks are some of the most commonly purchased factory seconds water storage devices. By trapping rainwater and storing it safely, tanks such as these can significantly reduce the costs of water on a property. For more information about the process, please see our complete guide to rainwater harvesting

Once on a property, large tanks can be used to help a home, business, or agricultural operation have access to clean water throughout the entire year. By purchasing a factory seconds model, it is possible to instantly reduce your property’s regional water dependency at the lowest possible rate. 

How Much Do Factory Seconds Water Tanks Cost?

So… how much do factory seconds water tanks actually cost? Well, the prices are obviously going to be different every time. However, factory seconds water tanks are typically only sold at a margin of retail rates, often as low as nearly half off the original price. 

To help you understand how company’s value their factory seconds tanks, we’ve broken down the aspects that determine how items are priced and sold below. 


First, a manufacturer will likely try to make up their material cost for any seconds item on the market. If the tank was truly damaged beyond repair, the company would be more likely to recycle the parts or rescue them in further manufacturing. 

To many peoples’ surprise, material cost is likely only a small majority of most retail water tank sales. When selling directly from the factory, this means that seconds can be sold at rates of 75% retail price and below.  

Damages and Repairs

Second, the amount of damages or repairs needed is the most important factor in determining a fair price for a factory seconds water tank. If damages are exclusively aesthetic, they will not likely be factored in very heavily if the water tank is still fully functional. However, marks, chips, and dents will automatically necessitate a company to sell a tank as a second, and thus the price is reduced.

If there are functional damages to your water tank, it is very important to understand the issues and solutions before making a purchase. Small repairs can be made by those with the technical knowledge, however, large issues will likely need the resolve of a hired professional. 

Shipping, Delivery, or Pickup

And lastly, like in all large items, it is very important to consider the shipping, delivery, or pick-up process when purchasing a factory seconds water tank. Shipping and delivery may add a large number of unforeseen costs that could be avoided by purchasing something locally. 

For this reason, we strongly encourage buying factory seconds in person so that you can not only save money on transportation costs, but you will also be able to be present and fully inspect any damages on the tank. 

Factory Seconds vs. New Water Tanks

Critically, most factory seconds purchases can be compared to the option of simply buying a brand new water tank. With a new tank, consumers are much more likely to receive a fully functional item that is backed by warranties and other manufacturer’s guarantees. 

While it is certainly never a bad idea to purchase the highest quality water tank possible, factory seconds tanks should be considered on a case-by-case basis. For those on a budget, factory rejects may be the wisest purchase possible from a reputable manufacturer. 

More than anything, factory seconds water tanks are perfect for temporary, mobile, or high water demand users that need an extra tank, rather than a new primary storage unit.

Factory Seconds vs Used or Refurbished Water Tanks 

Of course, property owners today have many more options than just new or factory seconds. Given the consumer lifespan of a product, it is now more possible than ever to purchase both used or refurbished water tanks on the internet or in retail stores. 

Here, the key difference between used and refurbished is whether or not repairs have been made. If a water tank is labeled as “used” it is much more likely to be in worse condition than a refurbished tank. In some cases, customer returns and in-house fixes can even allow refurbished water tanks to carry their own warranty periods. 

As factory seconds and used water tanks are both budget-friendly options, weighing the two choices is a bit more complicated than simply new vs used. Below, we will explore the pros and cons of choosing factory seconds and used water tanks. 

Pros of Factory Seconds Water Tanks 

Obviously, the best benefit of purchasing a factory seconds water tank is the fact that you can acquire a fully functional item at a reduced cost. In most cases, strict manufacturer’s laws can prevent near-perfect water tanks from entering the market, and factory seconds outlets are a win-win for companies that need to offload extra materials. 

While most water tanks have a lifespan of 10 years or more, it is possible to save money with a factory seconds water tank if you are planning to only use it for a short period of time. During renovations and improvements, a factory second water tank is a great functional placeholder for years between moves or before an investment in a long-term appliance. 

Cons of Factory Seconds Water Tanks

Unfortunately, factory seconds are factory seconds for a reason, which means that some defect or damage prevents them from entering the ordinary market. Occasionally, factory seconds water tanks are not sold with enough information to quickly identify any current or potential future issues with the product itself. 

Beyond this, manufacturer’s rejects have a small identification issue. Before purchasing a factory seconds water tank, be sure to identify whether or not the manufacturer has refurbished the item or it has just come from the factory floor. It also may be possible that a tank will experience more damage while being shipped multiple times. 

Pros of Used Water Tanks

Like all long-lasting products, lightly used water tanks are a great way to purchase quality items at a reduced rate. When purchasing a used water tank from another individual (rather than a company), it may even be possible to negotiate a better price, delivery, or other purchase considerations. 

Although every seller is different, we would like to believe that most people selling used water tanks will mention any leaks, defects, or damage to sustain good conscience after the sale. However, purchasing a used water tank from a third party does carry an inherent risk of winding up with a faulty tank or bad deal. 

Cons of Used Water Tanks

Aside from the risk, realistically, there are actually not that many great reasons why you should purchase a used water tank as opposed to a factory seconds alternative. In almost every situation, water tanks are meant to be installed in a building to remain there until the system needs to be replaced. 

Of course, it is not uncommon for property owners to downsize, selling off extra water tanks they no longer use.  Beyond this, used water tanks may be misclassified on local listing sites if they are actually factory seconds tanks that have been repaired for safe, ongoing use. 

Verdict: Factory Seconds 

So clearly, when you are shopping for a discounted water tank for your property, it is strongly advised to seek a factory seconds water tank, rather than a “used” model. No matter the material, water tanks deteriorate over time and eventually need to be replaced. 

While a high-quality water tank will last for several decades, it is still best to acquire a tank with the least amount of existing wear and tear to ensure a long-lasting product life. Most factory seconds tanks have never been used aside from manufacturer testing, and are generally able to function properly beyond their initial warranty period. 

Are Factory Seconds Water Tanks Worth it? 

While they may not be perfect for everyone, factory seconds water tanks are always going to be worth it for the right consumer. With a huge discount on the initial purchase price, factory seconds water tanks are easy to invest in and can still be maintained for years of functional use.  

Quite honestly, factory second water tanks are so worth it that they tend to fly off of the shelves as soon as they are made available. After all, most reasonable consumers would happily accept minor damages on an item if it meant hundreds of dollars in savings. 

Unfortunately, this means that deciding that a factory seconds water tank is worth it is actually the easy part. Below, we’ll explore a few great ways to find your deal before someone else finds it first. 

How to Purchase a Factory Seconds Water Tank

Like a lot of things in life, purchasing the perfect factory seconds water tank has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. Factory seconds sales are a great way for smart consumers to snatch up good deals, so anyone looking to buy a water tank in the near future will likely jump at the chance of saving a few dollars upfront. 

Now if your brother-in-law works at the water tank factory, then you’ve got an inside man for the job. For those that aren’t so lucky, here are a few of the best ways to find and purchase a factory seconds water tank in Australia. 

Community Classified Sites 

Today, you can find just about anything on the internet, and that includes factory reject water tanks. While manufacturers typically try to make the most out of their sales by taking to a B2C marketplace, many of the best deals for water tank seconds can be found on community classified websites. 

To get started, simply search for water tanks on local classified sites such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Here, you may see a variety of used, refurbished, and second tanks with prices at the discretion of the seller. 

Of course, consumers are required to properly evaluate sellers on listing websites to ensure that the item is of sufficient quality. Although you can find great deals on sites like Gumtree, quality is typically more of a “sure-thing” when purchasing a factory reject directly from the manufacturer. 

The WaterStore Annual Seconds Sale

In Victoria north of Melbourne, the WaterStore has a popular annual seconds sale, which attracts many smart shoppers to their storefront in Marong every summer. Doors open first thing in the morning with great deals all day typically accompanied by a BBQ celebration. Sounds like a fun way to get a deal, right? 

If you are unable to make the annual event, the WaterStore ships its products throughout Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. During the seconds sale, customers can expect up to $600 off their premium water tanks. 

Polyword near Brisbane

If you’re looking for a factory seconds water tank on the Gold Coast, Polyworld is a large manufacturer based just outside of Brisbane. Nationally known, Polywood produces high-quality rainwater and industrial water tanks as well as swimming pools, farming accessories, and more. 

The company’s inventory of factory seconds is constantly rotating. For more information and to see what is currently available, please visit their dedicated seconds page online for year-round purchases here:

Team Poly Factory Seconds 

With facilities in Adelaide, Team Poly is a reputable rainwater tank manufacturer that has been around since 1990. Although the company does not maintain a dedicated factory seconds page, Team Poly has a history of random seconds sales whenever extra inventory becomes available. 

To find out whether or not Team Poly has factory seconds available near you, we recommend contacting the company directly. Learn more on our Team Poly page here.


In closing, we hope that this guide has cleared up some of the language, information, and considerations options when purchasing a factory seconds water tank. With one of the largest rainwater tank markets in the world, Australians are lucky enough to have a variety of opportunities for finding and using affordable factory seconds water tanks.