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8 Best Double Glazed Doors in Australia

Double glazed doors are an effective way to keep your home safe, reduce noise, reduce maintenance costs and energy bills, and increase thermal efficiency. Double glazed doors are fitted with two layers of glass, while the centre of the two layers is filled with an inert gas. The sealed gap between the two panes acts as a layer of insulation, providing many benefits. 

Whether you want to install a double glazed door in your house, kit home or office, you will notice the benefits double glazing has to offer almost immediately. Double glazed doors provide extra protection against burglary, provide noise insulation, thermal insulation, and are energy efficient. 

Manufacturers of Double Glazed Doors 

Here are our top 8 choices of the best manufacturers of double glazed doors in Australia. These companies offer high-quality double glazing to ensure you get what you are looking for. Whether you want double glazing to keep the sound of your loud neighbours out of your home or you want a better temperature-controlled house, double glazing can help.

1. Prestige Plus

Prestige Plus is one of the best double glazed door solutions in Sydney. They create double glazed doors that are reliable, strong, provide noise insulation, and will look great with your home’s aesthetic. Prestige Plus is affordable and provides high-quality double glazed doors with a ten-year warranty. The production time of your door will take no longer than three to five weeks. 

Their company aims to have excellent customer service, as they offer expert advice and offer high-quality double glazing. Prestige Plus is a member of the Australian Window Association, Australian Passive House Association (similar to net zero status), and the Vinyl Council of Australia. 

In order to obtain a quote, you just need to provide your door measurements and some simple photos of where the door needs to be installed. Their experts will deliver your product to your property and professionally install it for you, without leaving a mess.

Prestige Plus is an excellent option, as they can provide double glazed sliding doors, french doors, balcony doors, and many more. The main showroom is located in Moorebank, Sydney, New South Wales. Deliveries can be arranged throughout all of Australia, using either their own representatives or a third party.

2. Ecovue

Ecovue offers security, value, and quieter living with its double glazed doors. Whether you are looking for noise reduction or better insulation, Ecovue will meet your needs while providing you with a high-quality and modern European double glazed door. They are committed to ensuring your needs are taken care of and you are offered friendly service. 

Their double glazed doors only cost about ten to twenty percent more than a commercial-grade aluminium door. Their doors are designed to regulate the inside temperature of your home year-round, minimising your heating and cooling costs. 

They have a range of styles and colours of doors, including French doors double glazed, sliding doors double glazed, and double glazed hinge doors. Ecovue will help you keep your energy bill down and help your home become more energy efficient. Ecovue can arrange to install your double glazed doors or you can install them yourself. 

Ecovue will provide you with a free quote when inquiring about the type of double glazed door you need to best suit your home. The head office is located in Silverwater, Sydney, New South Wales, and will provide shipping throughout all of Australia. 

3. PVC Windows Australia

PVC WIndows in Australia provides high-quality double glazed windows and doors throughout Australia. They ensure that their double glazing keeps your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, is energy efficient, and will reduce unwanted sound from outside. 

PVC Windows Australia ensures that its double glazed doors require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable. Their double glazed doors will not fade, peel, crack, warp, or rot.

They provide a range of double glazed doors, including double glazed bifold doors, sliding and stacker doors, tilt and slide doors, casement doors, and more. All of PVC’s double glazed doors are lead-free and UV-stabilised for the Australian climate, including being built to protect during a bushfire. 

Their double glazed doors are designed for maximum energy efficiency and a clean aesthetic, making them look as great as they work. PVC Windows offers delivery and shipping services in Melbourne and throughout the rest of Australia. 

4. Rylock Windows and Doors

Rylock Windows and Doors provides high-performance double glazed aluminium doors and windows to provide comfort and maximum efficiency in your home or property. 

Rylock designs their products in house and has been manufacturing aluminium doors and windows for the past 40 years. They recognise how important it is to keep Australia’s diverse landscape and local climatic conditions in mind when designing their products. 

Their knowledgeable consultants will work with you to find a double glazed door to best fit your home’s architectural features, maximise airflow, and help enhance the connection with the outdoors. Rylock’s showrooms are located across Southeastern Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Hobart. 

Rylock designs its double glazed doors to be stylish, but efficient. Their double glazed doors are also designed to prevent air leakage, have solar control, and have frame conductivity. 

Their website offers a brochure to help you get a better understanding of their products, about them, and which double glazed doors are best suited for you. You can call or send a message on their website to get a free quote.

5. Ecostar Double Glazing

Ecostar Double Glazing provides a range of UPVC double glazed doors for your home. Their doors are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate without splitting, fading, or cracking. With double glazed doors from Ecostar, your energy bills will become lower and you will reduce your carbon footprint on our environment. 

Their double glazed doors can handle extreme weather conditions and they do not require maintenance, other than regular cleaning. Outside noise will be reduced by ninety percent when using a double glazed door from Ecostar. They offer more than 700 different frame styles and have 10 different UPVC colours to choose from. 

Ecostar understands that you might want your double glazed door to be stylish and meet your home’s aesthetic. Ecostar also offers multiple glass options, including clear, opaque, obscure, decorative, bevelled, and lead lights. Their double glazing makes your home energy efficient and also helps add a personal touch when you design your door. 

Ecostar’s head office is in Dandenong, Melbourne, and they have mobile showrooms located in Chirnside Park and Narre Warren. Ecostar is located in Melbourne and services across Melbourne and Victoria.

6. Australian Glass and Glazing

Australian Glass and Glazing are constructed to add value and style to your home. They design their double glazed doors with energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability in mind. Australian Glass and Glazing offers some of the most sound insulated double glazed doors on the market, so you no longer need to worry about loud neighbours or traffic. 

They care immensely about our environment and they do not want to contribute to carbon footprint. To be more conscious of helping our environment, Australian Glass and Glazing’s doors and windows are 100 percent recyclable. Their double glazed doors are designed to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

There is a wide selection of glass available, like clear and neutral, reflective glass, heat absorbing glass, and low emissivity glass. Australian Glass and Glazing’s main office is located in Lonsdale, Adelaide. Call or complete the online contact form for a free consultation regarding your double glazed doors in Adelaide. 

7. Architectural Windows and Doors Australia

Architectural Windows and Doors Australia (AWDA) offers energy efficient double glazed doors in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Their double glazed doors provide security and energy efficiency to your home while blocking out unwanted noise. 

They offer various styles of doors to suit any building type, and can adjust the colors and styles according to your personal taste. AWDA can serve domestic and commercial buildings and its main goal is to satisfy its customers. The types of double glazed doors they offer consist of french doors, contemporary doors, sliding door, sliding patio doors, bifold doors, and more. 

AWDA is a supplier of Marvin double glazed doors, which is a highly reputable brand. AWDA, a family-owned business, is committed to environmental sustainability and strives to protect our environment. 

Their sustainability policy is defined by five important factors – environment, community, workplace, marketplace, and economic. AWDA is located in Moorabbin, Victoria, and delivers and ships throughout all of Australia. 

8. APS Double Glazing

Whether you are looking for energy efficiency, improved security, noise reduction, or greater street appeal, APS Double Glazing can help. APS Double Glazing understands how important it is to choose the right selection of double glazed doors for your home. 

Their trained professionals will work with you to ensure you are provided with the best double glazing solutions for your home. Your double glazed door can transform your home by adding market value and street appeal, which is why it’s so important to choose carefully. 

All of their doors are very secure, have multi point locking, are energy efficient, and offer sound control. All double glazed doors are easy to use and are tailor-made in their own Australian factories. 

 APS Double Glazing can help you with back and laundry doors, french and double doors, front and entrance doors, bifold and invisible doors, sliding and patio doors, and stacking doors. If you are interested in APS Double Glazing, you can request a call back from them on their website. The main office is located in Kilsyth, Victoria and they deliver within the local region.

5 Benefits of Double Glazed Doors 

Double glazing offers many benefits, especially in a harsh climate area like Australia. Many Australians do not realise how double glazing can positively affect your home, finances, and the environment. 

These are some of the most common reasons people enjoy double glazed doors and windows in their home. 

1. Lowers Your Energy Bill

Since double glazing prevents heat loss in your home, you won’t need to set your heat to a high temperature during the winter months. You won’t even need to turn your heat on as frequently as before. 

Data shows that heat loss from the inside of your home to the outside can be up to 40 percent through doors and windows. In the summer, heat gains can be up to 80 percent. Using high-quality double glazed doors can help reduce this heat transfer and loss.

The double-paned glass will help keep your heat inside your home without escaping like it would with a single-paned window. With less heat usage, your energy bill will become lower. This will save you money and help the environment at the same time.

2. Improved Security

Two panes of glass are much more difficult to break into rather than one. Therefore, double glazed doors are more secure than regular doors. If an intruder breaks into your home, they will have to break the first pane of glass and then try to break the second pane. 

The entire process will be loud, so there is a good chance the burglar would get caught breaking in or they would give up. While double glazing does not prevent a home break-in, it can lessen the chance of burglary because the burglar will likely not want to get involved in something so loud and obvious.

3. Noise Reduction

Double glazing helps keep noise at a minimum. Whether you have loud neighbours, live near an airport, or have noisy traffic nearby, you won’t hear much of anything when you have double glazed doors and windows. 

The World Health Organisation has found that when you are exposed to prolonged noise, you can become stressed, develop sleep and cognitive issues, and develop health conditions such as cardiovascular disease. 

The reason sound is reduced is because the sound cannot travel through the two panes of glass as it does through one pane. So if your neighbour is having a party and you want to sleep, just shut your double glazed windows and doors and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4. Prevents Mould Indoors

The Australian climate can be quite humid in the warm months. With humidity often comes mould. Mould is known to thrive in warm and moist environments or areas that have above-average moisture.  Mould is an issue for many, especially those who suffer from asthma or lung disease.

Double glazed doors can help reduce condensation levels, preventing mould from forming. Good quality double glazed doors prevent heat from passing from the outside to inside and inside to outside. Therefore, the surface of the inner pane stays warm, and there is less condensation, so mould does not form.

5. Environmentally Friendly

It is no secret that double glazing is environmentally friendly. It helps improve thermal efficiency and makes our homes more sustainable. Double glazing doors and windows enhance sustainability because it effectively lessens heat transfer. 

The insulating gas between the two panes of glass prevents the heat from passing through, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter months. Since your home has better temperature control from the double glazing, you lessen your energy usage and help reduce the amount of energy you use.

Many Australians who have rammed earth houses make use of double glazing because it adds to the sustainability of their homes. These types of homes have incredible insulation properties and are made from natural resources. Adding double glazed windows and doors helps complete the home with more sustainability overall. 

Final Thoughts

Living in Australia means you have some of the best views of nature, filled with sunlight and beauty. However, it could also mean hot summer days and chilly winter months. 

Installing double glazed doors can help reduce your energy bills while keeping your home thermally efficient because of the extra insulation. Double glazing is not as complicated as it may seem, and many manufacturers can install your doors. 

When installing double glazed doors, you can design your door entirely yourself by choosing custom glass, frames, and colours that you like the most. If you are ready to have a more sustainable home, consider the above double glazed door manufacturers to help create an environmentally friendly home.