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Concrete Water Tanks

Though more expensive and difficult to deliver and install, concrete water tanks are an alternative to plastic poly water tanks, that can last up to 50 years.

They are extremely heavy duty, and very importantly, fire resistant. They typically installed underground, although some small tanks are installed above ground.

Because of their extreme weight, they are usually delivered using a truck and a crane, so they can be hoisted and lowered into position.

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues with concrete water tanks is that they frequently crack and leak. Although some leaking is to be expected, around the seams and edges of a concrete water tank, a synthetic or rubber seal is usually applied. In addition, cracks and leaks can usually be repaired, if the tank can be drained and dried.

One benefit of a concrete water tank is that it usually keeps your water supply at a more optimal temperature than a poly tank (particularly if it’s stored underground). Water stored in poly tanks will be considerably hotter in the summer and colder (or frozen) in the winter.

Another thing that some people reference is that with a concrete tank, the taste of the water is actually better than water stored in a poly tank.

For most people however, due to the high cost to purchase, deliver and install, a concrete water tank is not the best choice. Check out the best water tanks for Australians here.