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Carbon Tax Introduction: The Sky Won’t Fall In

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Carbon Tax Australia

This Sunday sees the introduction of  Australia’s ‘Carbon Tax’. The ‘Chicken Littles’ of our country, with Tony Abbott as chorus-leader, and assisted by complicit or compliant media, have been running one of the most-successful (so far) scare campaigns that I can remember. And I can remember back a long way… So, will the sky fall in on Monday?

No, it won’t, but for now, there are a huge number of people who don’t understand what is, and isn’t going to happen.

Editors at the Climate Spectator have pulled together 32 of their best articles on the subject, under the following headings

– What will be the impact on Industry

– What business should be doing to adapt to the carbon tax

– What will be the flow-on effects for households

– Is the carbon tax here to stay- Latest news in the build-up, and

– Other commentary pieces on the carbon tax

Proudly tackling climate change.

Discover a wealth of good, thoughtful and informative advice on the carbon tax, by checking the list of all 32 articles, with links to them …


Here are links to all the Climate Spectator articles on the introduction of the carbon tax.

1) What will be the impact on industry

— Who will pay the carbon tax?

What will be the price on carbon?

What are the likely financial impacts for different industries?

Opinions from leading business people, advisors, politicians and lobbyists

2) What business should be doing to adapt to the carbon tax

— The need to improve management of data on energy and carbon emissions

— The need to be careful around price claims related to the carbon tax

— The potential to offset the impact of the carbon tax through benchmarking energy use

ACCC ready to crack down on carbon cheats

3) What will be the flow-on consequences for households

— Impacts on energy and food costs

— How households could reduce or counter the impact through energy efficiency

Will it push interest rates higher?

4) Is the carbon price here to stay?

Coalition says will scrap tax within 12 months, if elected

— Business expect it to stay

Four reasons Abbott won’t repeal – Daniel Palmer

— Why it’s likely to stay – Reuters

— Would business have to be compensated if it were rescinded?

— What if the carbon price is repealed?

Gillard is sinking, Abbott is stranded

Betting on Canberra question marks – Alan Kohler

Latest news in the build-up

Households to share billions in carbon compensation

Gillard banks on carbon commonsense

Abbott fails to censure PM on carbon tax

Carbon tax will create green jobs: Milne

Combet says carbon price will win through

Carbon farming not just hot air

Other commentary pieces on the carbon tax

Coles will sell the Gillard carbon tax – Rob Burgess

Will social media kill the carbon tax? – Burgess

A one-off carbon bonanza – Burgess

Australia’s crushing climate trap – Kohler

Spooked by Abbott’s carbon price hype – Tristan Edis

— Is the carbon tax a waste of time? – Edis

2 cheers (1 blood oath) for climate law – Giles Parkinson

Please tell a friend about these articles. They deserve better information than either the government, or the mass media have been providing them!

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