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Noirot Panel Heaters Review

Noirot Panel Heater Review
Noirot panel heaters provide an easy to install, toasty addition to any room in the house.

To help you find the best heating solution for your home, here’s the honest scoop on Noirot Panel Heaters.

Verdict: Are Noirot Panel Heaters Worth It? (Yes!)

Right off the bat, the short answer is, yes, Noirot panel heaters are fantastic for quick-heating, quiet-operating heat.

Right off the top of your head, you may recognize Noirot for their: 

  • Long-standing brand recognition
  • Single room and small home heating products
  • And a reputation for not being the cheapest option on the market

Of all the great panel heaters for sale today, Noirot manufacturers some of the most tried and tested products in the world. So let’s take a look at Noirot’s company history, most popular product ranges, and customer satisfaction trends, before comparing the brand’s offerings to alternative technologies and answering frequently asked questions. 

As a truly reliable, field-tested, and customer-approved space heater, Noirot products are definitely worth it to meet the heat demands in most homes. Delivering premium technology at a premium price, Noirot Panel Heaters are a wise investment for a long-term heat solution.

A single Noirot heater is great for small homes, while many customers also choose to purchase a few units to heat multiple bedrooms. The systems are both quiet and efficient, typically offering similar operating costs with comparable gas heaters. 

If you have a large PV solar array (or other renewable electricity generating system) on your home, Noirot’s electric panel heaters are a perfect complement to your eco-friendly decision-making. To sweeten the deal, Noirot panel heaters are available with all of the timers, thermostats, and other technologies necessary for the smart and easy operation of your power systems. 

Noirot Panel Heaters – Company Background Information

Founded in Laon, France, Noirot Panel Heaters has been in business for over 75 years, serving both residential and commercial customers all over the world. Today, Noirot (often stylized in all-caps as NOIROT) operates 23 corporate family entities around the globe, including manufacturing facilities and assets for thousands of diverse product lines. 

Down Under, the company owns and operates Noirot Australia Pty Ltd, headquartered in Oakleigh, Victoria. The international supplier sells systems in every part of the country, including our most populous cities as well as Tasmania and Western Australia. 

Products and Product Ranges 

In Australia, Noirot supplies two main product lines, each with its own set of models and capacities. Noirot Panel Heaters generally come in the “Spot Plus” or “Evolution Series” models with intentional purchases around the sizing for rooms large and small. 

While the company continues to improve and release new electric heater models within these product lines, below, we will outline some of the main components to be aware of when choosing between the Noirot Spot Plus and the Evolution Series. 

Noirot Spot Plus Panel Heaters

Noirot Panel Heaters – Spot Plus

The Spot Plus line of Noirot panel heaters is the company’s less expensive product choice when compared to similar-sized models in the Evolution Series. Spot Plus heaters are great for single-room use and systems come in wattage capacities from 1000W to 2400W. 

Spot Plus Noirot heaters are low profile and usually white in color. They are slim and designed to not occupy too much space while delivering tons of silent radiant heat. Spot Plus heaters are very long-lasting and are often considered a sensible investment for Australian room heating. 

Optional Timer – For a couple of extra dollars upfront, users can experience a world of difference with a Noirot Panel Heater that includes an onboard timer. Using the timer, heat adjustments can be automatically set to optimize your comfort around the clock without any ongoing attention. 

Onboard, the Noirot panel heater’s timer can be set for two toggled actions at once, typically in for the morning and evening. Timers are not included on all of the models but are generally seen as worth it for ongoing comfort. 

Digital Thermostat Upgrade-  In addition to the timer, Noirot allows users to upgrade their systems to include an LCD screen installed on the unit, which makes it easy to quickly set the heater to an exact temperature. On the fully digital display, users can adjust the ambient temperature of a room up or down and the system will adjust its operation accordingly. 

Performs as Promised – Although they are not the most energy-efficient product on the market, Noirot panel heaters have a strong reputation for performing as promised. While any manufacturer trying to make a quick dollar can guarantee anything, Noirot has remained in business for nearly a century by delivering products that work as advertised.    

Noirot Evolution Panel Heaters

Noirot Evolution Series

Although they are backed with a lot of the same technology, there is one key difference between the Noirot Spot Plus panel heaters and the Evolution series. In the Spot Plus series, all of the available models come in a fixed height. Within the Evolution Series, Noirot has made an additional effort to offer products better suited for a variety of customer homes. 

Additionally, heaters in Noirot’s Evolution series come standard with an onboard thermostat and timer. Wattages vary from 500W to 2000W, with over a dozen specific models to choose from within the Evolution series line. 

Low, Medium, Tall Models – Designed so that the customer has more say in the matter, Noirot Evolution panel heaters come in low, medium, and tall models. Each version maintains Noirot’s low-impact aluminum frame taking up minimal width space inside of a room. 

Within each height class, Noirot also offers panel heaters in different wattage capacities and approximate heating area sizes. Noirot’s Evolution series is especially good at heating irregularly shaped rooms and unique indoor spaces. 

Skirting Around the Baseboards –  As a whole different class of comfort, the Evolution series is also offered in skirting around the baseboards of a home (similar to many radiant hydronic heating products). As heat rises, low-impact skirting is one of the most efficient ways to warm up a room. Here, the only drawback is that skirting systems may cost more to purchase and install than Evolution low, medium, or tall models.  

Heat for Every Room in the House – No matter where you put it, an Evolution Noirot panel heater can safely and efficiently fill the space with warm air. With shapes and sizes that can be specifically chosen based on personal constraints, many homeowners will purchase multiple Evolution heaters (same or different capacities) to fill the many rooms of their home.    

Accounts In the Wild (Screenshots of Real Customer Reviews)

So that all sounds great on paper, right? But what about out in the real world? No matter how good a product is promised to be, it will truly only ever be as functional as it is for an actual consumer. To help paint a clear picture about what to expect from a Noirot panel heater, we’ve captured several real reviews from customers on the company’s public page on 

Encouragingly, the Noirot Evolution Series has an incredible 4.8 out of 5-star rating in 2021 based on real customer assessments of build quality, value for money, temperature consistency, and safety. Not far behind, the company’s Spot Plus heaters currently hold an overall 3.6 out of 5-star rating for the same attributes, which is above average for most home appliances on the site. 

In this first review from user Jeff L. in the greater Melbourne area, the customer simply writes “This is a great heater” as the title to his online contribution. Admittingly, this is pretty attention-grabbing, and the review goes on to point out a few of the reasons for how this conclusion was reached. 

First, this Noirot panel heater review notes that there is absolutely no noise and the unit is easy to use. With the timer settings at his disposal, Jeff L. was able to quickly heat his relatively small room and thus claims to be “very happy with the purchase.” 

Second, we’d like to showcase this glowing five-star review from user “Baz” over in Adelaide. While we are always impressed with a great first run, a heater that can stand the test of time is undoubtedly going to be the best choice. And in this review, Noirot seems to have delivered.  

Purchased in 2009, the Noirot panel heater reviewed above is described as “a gem” with “excellent value.” The user enjoys the slim design, lightweight, and ease of use, and seems to have perfected a system for efficient winter heater operation. Compared to other technologies, Baz is also a fan of the draft-less panel heating system that provides a subtle overall temperature increase to the entire use area.

Next, user Helen Scott in Tasmania helps put an electric Noirot panel heater further in perspective with other space heating technologies. Compared to biofuels (firewood), and traditional gas heating, Helen recognized the economic advantages of choosing a Noirot electric panel product. 

As this is another 5-star review that points out the product’s ability to not take up too much space, Noirot’s heaters seem to be able to inconspicuously deliver tons of reliable heat. Although electricity costs will likely exceed ongoing gas costs for this customer, the difference may be marginal even before considering the lower upfront investment and Noirot’s considerable product lifespan.  

Finally, this 4 out of 5-star review takes us through the entire thought process of most customers considering a Noirot panel heater. User “Hilarys_Dad” notes the costly asking price, but quickly justifies it with its compact footprint, silent operation, ease of use, heating efficiency, attractive look, and lifetime warranty. 

As a member with over thirty reviews, Hilarys_Dad is one of the few reviewers with enough attention to detail to note possible problems with the system’s castors. Overall, however, he is very satisfied with “absolutely no complaints at all regarding its ability to function as advertised.”

Not bad.

Performance Notes: Noirot Panel Heaters vs. Alternatives

So it seems that most Noirot panel heater owners enjoy their systems. As an extremely reliable means to an end, Noirot products are great for specific heating solutions in bedrooms or throughout a home. Of course, this does not always make them the right choice for the heating demand of all Australian homeowners. 

Below, we will showcase some of Noirot’s high points and low points to give you a better idea of how their products stand up against the rest of the heating market. 


If this is your first time learning about electric panel heaters, you are likely not going to be alone. Although the technology is prevalent around the world, electric panel heaters are typically more common knowledge among home builders than average residents. 

Electric panel heaters sort of tow the line between a “quick fix” and an advanced solution for long-term heating. While systems can be designed to snake around an entire home, the convenient, portable devices are more likely to be purchased for heating one specific room at a time. 

For some people, a full home heating system offers more overall convenience than most of Noirot’s point-of-use products. However, Noirot’s panel heaters make it easy to quickly purchase an easy-to-use and efficient room heating system. 

Operating Noise 

Without a doubt, one of the best things about Noirot panel heaters is the near-silent operating noise. Compared to a large gas heater or a less advanced electric option, the Noirot completely changes the way your winter will be with no interior noise pollution on startup or throughout the ongoing operation. 

System Lifespan 

Perhaps second to its operating noise, long-standing Noirot panel heater owners tend to love the exceptional system lifespan that the manufacturer’s products provide. Backed by a literally unbeatable lifetime warranty, Noirot panels are built to last and will run as long as you need warmer ambient room temperature. 

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, Noirot panel heaters can be expensive to run in high-priced utility areas or during peak demand times. Compared to other electric panel heaters, however, Noirot systems run quite well, with low-expected operating costs for prolonged periods of use. Advanced Noirot systems include power-saving modes to minimize costs of operation. 

Heat Output

Whenever you activate your Noirot panel heater, you may think that it is broken because it does not emit any noise or blow air around the room. Instead, the heat output slowly seeps from the panel, efficiently filling a room’s interior space. To the surprise of most, Noirot panel heaters can quickly heat up a room and efficiently maintain the desired ambient temperature. 

Warranty, Customer Service, and Support

Now before we begin to wrap up, there is one very important aspect of Noirot panel heaters that potential buyers should be aware of  And this is, of course, that every Noirot system is sold with a lifetime product warranty that users can register online. 

Once applied, Noirot customers can live worry-free, with maintenance and parts replacement for life. Sounds too good to be true? It’s truly not! 

The only real catch here is that all maintenance, repairs, and part replacements must be carried out through a Noirot-authorized company or person. If you live in a remote rural area, contacting and fixing your issue with an international company may be difficult or untimely without any immediately available representatives. 

For the most part, however, Noirot is only a call away, with a good, long-standing customer service reputation. If you are lucky enough to live in the great city of Victoria, Noirot customers can even take their lightweight units direct to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement. 


Compared to your average electric space heater, Noirot panel systems have a much higher price tag, often double, triple, or quadruple the size of a small, portable unit. This is for good reason, however, as the advanced panel heaters are much more effective in heating a room both quickly and evenly, without any operating noise or warm air drafts. 

With an unbeatable lifetime warranty, the value of a Noirot panel heater is undoubtedly in its long-term effectiveness. While cheaper heating solutions may need to be replaced in as little as a few winters, return on investment is strong for Noirot panel heaters that operate for years on end.   

While it may not be necessary to upgrade your Noirot to include all of the bells and whistles, the company typically delivers as promised with unique systems designed for specific rooms, uses, and temperatures. If you choose your Noirot heater wisely, it can be infinitely valuable to your home’s comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 75 years of customer inquiries, we will answer three of the most frequently asked Noirot panel heater questions below. 

Are Noirot heaters economical?

As an electric panel heating system, Noirot heaters are economical in areas with low electricity costs or in homes with onsite renewable energy generators. If you are looking for a more economical Noirot panel heater, we suggest the Evolution Series as a more efficient alternative to the Spot Plus. 

Is Noirot a good brand?

Yes, as a nearly century-old international company that offers lifetime warranties, it is easy to say that Noirot is a good brand. The company typically offers great customer experiences and exceptionally reliable products. 

How good are Noirot heaters?

If you need to quickly warm a room without taking up a lot of space then a Noirot electric panel wall heater is one of the best options on the Australian market. For both immediate use and long-term reliability, Noirot heaters can be a very good choice. 

Wrapping Up

Although there are many great ways to heat a room, Noirot panel heaters are one of the best ways to do so as a long-term solution. If you’ve already sunk too much money into your home remodel, it can be easy to write off Noirot panel heaters as too expensive. However, these high-quality electric heaters are sure to get the job done, which is critical when you need them most.