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Noirot Panel Heaters Review

We’re proud to introduce the Noirot Electric Panel Heater Range.

Founded in Laon France, Noirot has been warming the hearts and homes of thousands of families for over 75 years.

Noirot’s sophisticated heating range is economical, reliable and exceptionally comfortable.

Noirot electic panel heater logo

Noirot sits at the very forefront of panel heater innovation and technology. The revolutionary Monobloc heating element is totally silent and the non-expanding front panel means no rattles or cracks whilst you’re keeping warm.

Every Noirot panel heater is also fitted with a Noirot precision thermostat that even after years of functioning maintains the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius, which ultimately leads to reducing your heating costs.

Noirot panel heaters have a Lifetime Warranty.

It it this commitment to developing the latest in technology and quality that allows Noirot to bring to you their Noirot Lifetime Warranty.

Comfort and peace of mind now mean Noirot is for life.

Installing Noirot panel heaters is easy and the fittings are unobtrusive, a one piece bracket hidden behind the heater simply clicks in, making removal and cleaning easy. There is also the option of placing your heater on castors, so you can move your Noirot panel heater to wherever you need it the most. Noirot’s extensive range also comes in many sizes for all applications both domestically and commercially.

We invite you to consider the Noirot range:

Spot Plus 7358-3100042044080$ 399.00
Spot Plus 7358-5150058544080$ 449.00
Spot Plus 7358-7200074544080$ 499.00
Spot Plus 7358-8240090044080$ 549.00
Spot Plus 7358-3 Timer100042044080$ 499.00
Spot Plus 7358-5 Timer150058544080$ 549.00
Spot Plus 7358-7 Timer200074544080$ 599.00
Spot Plus 7358-8 Timer240090044080$ 649.00
Evolution Tall 7384-3100034065080$ 549.00
Evolution Tall 7384-5150050065080$ 649.00
Evolution Tall 7384-7200066065080$ 699.00
Evolution Medium 7383-3100042044080$ 499.00
Evolution Medium 7383-5150058044080$ 549.00
Evolution Medium 7383-7200074044080$ 599.00
Evolution Low 7382-3100058033080$ 549.00
Evolution Low 7384-5150082033080$ 649.00
Evolution Low 7382-72000106033080$ 699.00
Evolution Skirting 7381-250058022080$ 649.00
Evolution Skirting 7381-275082022080$ 699.00
Evolution Skirting 7381-31000106022080$ 749.00
Evolution Skirting 7381-51500130022080$ 799.00