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Best Panel Heaters Review

If you’re ready to stay warm all year long, then one of Australia’s best panel heaters may be the most convenient way for you to do so. We love electric panel heaters because they are designed to be minimally invasive in a room, but still capable of producing great results quickly and sustainably.

Best yet, if you’ve got a solar panel system on your roof, electric panel heaters can be considered one of the greenest ways to heat your home. For this reason and so many more, we’ve put together this guide for the best panel heaters in Australia. Below, we’ll look at today’s top devices before helping you learn everything you need to know about electric panel heating products and technology.  

And the #1 Electric Panel Heater is:

Without further hesitation, we believe that the De’Longhi Ceramic Panel Heater (model HX65L22) is the absolute best panel heater for Australian homes in 2022. Although it may be out of the price range for some thrifty consumers looking to save a dollar upfront, De’Longhi can deliver a world-class product with today’s best technology in its Ceramic Panel Heater. 

The De’Longhi Ceramic Panel Heater

Why it is number one:

  • Extremely energy-efficient technology 
  • Whisper silent device operation
  • Sleek, slim, and easy to move on sturdy wheels 
  • Packed with intelligence and safety features 

If you’ll settle for nothing but the best to stay cozy through the cooler months of the year, then the DeLonghi Ceramic Panel Heater is ideal for rooms up to 65m3. Making use of its heat sustaining, energy-efficient ceramic technology, the device can be run on three different power settings or set to automatically adjust room temperature using Ecoplus mode.

Set on a set of sturdy wheels and shaped like a column to have a minimal room footprint, it is easy to bring the DeLonghi anywhere it needs to be. Plus, if there were an accident, such as a pet running into the device, the heater will automatically shut itself off to ensure safety at all times. 

Aside from the electric bill savings that this efficient device can deliver, the Delonghi Ceramic Panel Heater’s 24-hour timer, digital room thermostat, double insulation, and handle are built for customer satisfaction. And if you’re worried that this heater may take up too much floor space, fear not, as purchases come with everything you need to safely mount it on your wall.    

Other Great Panel Heaters to Consider

Although it’s very easy to imagine yourself staying warm with a DeLonghi device, there are plenty of other great panel heaters that can make for a smart buy on the Australian market. Below, we’ll take a look at a half dozen more panel heaters to consider for your home. 

Noirot Spot Plus

Reasons the Noirot Spot Plus is a good choice:

  • Extremely slim design with wall mounting option
  • Economical, energy-saving operation
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Ideal for those with allergies and asthma 

At an affordable price for long-term home heating, the Noirot Spot plus is an economical choice both upfront and throughout its lifetime. In addition to years and years of efficient heating, the Spot Plus comes with a free lifetime warranty so you’ll never have to worry about wasting your investment in your home’s comfort. 

The Noirot Spot Plus is thin and easily mounted on a wall and able to deliver a substantial amount of heat without taking up too much space in a room. Designed large enough for most bedrooms, offices, and small shared spaces, the Noirot Spot Plus can also be mobile, and a purchase includes legs and everything you need for safe and easy transportation.

With simple controls and advanced parts and systems (such as reading the room’s conditions every 30 seconds), Noirot’s Spot Plus is an easy way to ensure optimal room temperature without having to worry about massive utility bills. 

Heatstrip Classic THH-A Series

Great things about Heatstrips:

  • Ideal for outdoor use (or tough to heat indoor areas)
  • Easily mountable on the ceiling to save space
  • Australian engineered and designed
  • Sleek, attractive, and welcoming 

Although most panel heaters are used indoors, restaurants, event spaces, and backyards alike can all benefit from a little bit of outdoor radiant heat. In terms of effective and noninvasive panel heaters for the outdoors, few products are as great as the sleek, subtle appliances manufactured by Australia’s own HEATSTRIP®.  

With the Heatstrip Class THH-A Series, any large outdoor (or indoor) space can maintain a comfortable temperature and welcoming atmosphere with these panel heaters designed specifically to hang from the ceiling. To make it simple for patios, pergolas, alfresco areas, porches, and more, every Heatstrip comes with the appropriate hardware and an easy DIY guide for simple installation.

Above all, Heatstrips are designed to be tough and handle any weather that Australia may surprise you with. Although there is only a 2-year residential warranty on parts, maintaining smart ownership of a Heatstrip with appropriate care and precaution will likely have you enjoying warmer outdoor get-togethers all year long. 

Omega Altise 2400W Panel Convection Heater

Why buy the Omega Altise?

  • 7-year product replacement warranty 
  • Affordable option without feature sacrifice
  • Bonus filtration system
  • Timer, safety, and three heating mode functionality 

Circling back to slim portable and wall-mounted heaters, the Omega Altise 2400W Panel Convection Heater is a great product that is similar in power and design to the Noirot Spot Plus mentioned above. Not only is the Omega Altise also very affordable, but its 7-year warranty is among the highest of available panel heaters today.

Programmed with all of the necessary safety and operational features, the Omega Altise is designed for easy use to “set it and forget it.” Including a 24-hour sleep timer, economic temperature settings, and automatic filtration, the Omega Altise is incredibly unintrusive, but still very effective in any indoor space. 

Dimplex 2kW Convector Heater with Turbo Fan

Key features of the Dimplex Convector:

  • Turbo fan for quick heating capability
  • Freestanding with sturdy handles
  • 2-year warranty with built-in safety features

If you need a device to help you heat your room as quickly as possible, the Dimplex 2kW Convector Heater with Turbo Fan is the perfect product for real-time results. While panel heaters slowly radiate warmth throughout a room, the turbo fan allows the Dimplex 2kW to kick it up a notch and circulate air quickly. 

Although many heaters are great for extended comfort, the Dimplex 2kW is great for basements, bedrooms, or chilled areas that you do not inhabit all day long. Freestanding with handles integrated into the hardware for easy transport, the Dimplex is fit for use at home as well as on the go: heating any area where electricity is available. 

Including a 2 year warranty, the Dimplex Convector Heater is a wise investment for those with short-term heating needs, especially those in dire circumstances. While there is no included timer on the device and only minimal functionality overall, the Dimplex Convector Heater is still a much better alternative to choosing a small, cheap heat blower that does not utilize panel convection technology.   

Concerto Electric Fireplace

What to know about Concerto Electric Fireplaces:

  • Attractive wall-mounted systems
  • Crystal or wood fireplace design options 
  • Color and intensity options
  • Low wattage and overheating protection

While most people purchase a panel heater to be as least noticeable as possible, we’d like to feature one device that is designed to be the centerpiece of a room. The Concerto Electric Fireplace is one of the best panel heaters to light up a room (literally) with a false fireplace facade burning steady flames all night long. 

Unlike most of the other electric panel “fireplaces” out there, Concerto also includes a crystal module that can be interchanged for the logs. So no matter what the vibe is in your home or business, the Concerto Electric Fireplace can effectively warm a room with unparalleled style. 

Including 6 different colors and 5 different heat settings, the Concerto is designed for comfort and personalization. With timers, safety switches, remote control, and easy DIY installation instructions all packaged into your purchase, Concerto delivers an extremely customer-friendly panel heater with elegance like no other. 

Rinnai PEPH Electric Panel Heating Series 

What we love about the Rinnai PEPH series:

  • Well known brand name and 7-year warranty
  • Three sizes to choose from 
  • Noninvasive with minimal footprint, wall mount, and silent operation 
  • Digital timer and thermostat control

Finally, Rinnai’s PEPH Electric Panel Heating Series is full of excellent choices for varied room sizes from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. While many know Rinnai for their solar hot water heaters, the company can provide the same great results with their electric panel convection heaters. 

Featuring 1000, 1500, and 2200 watt devices, Rinnai’s PEPH Electric Panel Heaters are silent, slim, and multi-functional, just like all of the other great panel heaters featured on this list. Built for probability and wall-mounting, any home or office with many small and large enclosed spaces can benefit from having a few permanently installed or mobile Rinnai PEPH heaters around. 

Including a 7 year warranty, safety features, timers, and more, the Rinnai PEPH Series is among other premium panel heaters. Lightweight and reasonably priced, each Rinnai PEPH electric panel heater is a manageable device well worth the investment in reliable convection heating. 

How to Choose the Best Panel Heater

So there you have it: 7 of the best panel heaters you can buy in Australia today. Now, to help you narrow down these choices or evaluate new products in a consideration set, here are a few of the most important things to know about differentiating between potential electric panel heaters. 

Size and Shape

Above all, we chose the best panel heaters on this list for their ability to have a minimal impact on a room. Most panel heaters are designed to be slim, freestanding, and wall-mounting to ideally fit within an existing living space. If you’re planning to mount your panel heater on your wall, then be sure to verify the future space will be large enough to fit the device. 

Heating Capacity

A panel heater’s heating capacity is directly related to the amount of electricity it can draw from a power source and convert it into energy. Small panel heaters can be rated below 1000W whereas large panel heaters can be rated for 2400W and above. 

While devices of different wattage capacities may be able to heat an enclosed room to the same temperature, those with higher ratings will typically be able to accomplish this more quickly. Of course, before purchasing an electric panel heater, it is critical to evaluate whether or not your home or business’s power outlets will be able to safely accommodate a panel heater’s electricity demand.   

Power Efficiency 

No matter the wattage of an electrical panel heater, its power efficiency is the most important thing to consider when evaluating long-term usage. A device’s power efficiency will directly relate to the amount of electricity necessary to heat a room and thus will influence monthly utility bills. 

Most of today’s best panel heaters are designed to reach a certain temperature and automatically conserve power as it relates to the ongoing ambient temperatures in a room. With smart controls adjusting settings based on real-time data, panel heaters have become much more efficient in the last 10 years. 

Purchase Price

Unfortunately, the purchase price is an aspect of every home appliance that we wish we could ignore. In the case of the best panel heater, customers should be prepared to fork over a substantial investment if they would like to purchase anything that is both reliable in performance and includes a reputable warranty period in case anything were to go wrong. 

So while electric heaters can be a spontaneous purchase to alleviate cold conditions at home, a device’s upfront costs should not deteriorate a smart product choice. Unfortunately, cheap appliances like heaters are not only at risk of breaks and early malfunctions, but they are also typically not very energy efficient which will show up later on your electricity bills. Plus, you will thank yourself for finding a great heater if it includes sleep timers and other easy controls.    

Style and Technology

In the end, the best panel heater is always going to be the one that is able to meet the individual needs of any person or group of people. As some panel heaters are designed to be sleek, attractive, or even eye-catching (such as the fireplace models), most are built to be portable and only used seasonally. 

Beyond the appearance itself, technological functionality is also a huge part of owning a panel heater and using it throughout the cold months of the year. For the most part, multiple heat settings and specialty operating modes will be the first signs of a high-quality panel heater that can help warm any indoor space in whatever capacity is necessary. 


Although we probably should have mentioned “safety first,” the ongoing safe operational features of panel heaters should never be ignored when considering the best choice for your home or business. Tipping features, overheating settings, sleep timers, and other precautions are included in many of today’s products, and those without some sort of automatic shut-down function should only be purchased for areas with safe ongoing supervision. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Panel Heaters 

Finally, let’s explore the answers to some of the most common electric panel heating questions asked in Australia and all over the world. 

Are panel heaters worth it?

If you’re sitting there shivering and wondering whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on an electrical panel heater, then we’re here to say that it is going to be 100% worth it if you choose the right device. While some may find it easy to pick up a cheap heat blower for sporadic use, an electric panel heater can be one of the best long-term investments for heating single rooms and small living areas. 

Do panel heaters use a lot of electricity?

Yes and no. The amount of electricity that a panel heater consumes is based on its energy efficiency and wattage ratings. Most electric panel heaters are programmed to operate on a variety of power levels, allowing users to have more control of their energy consumption. While panel heaters rely solely on electricity, they are viewed as good alternatives for properties where gas or other heating sources are not available.

What type of heat is a panel heater?

Panel heaters create heat by a process known as convection. Sometimes called convection heaters, panel heaters work by raising the temperature of internal elements with electricity and spreading the warmth through the air to the inhabitants of a room (heat transfer kits are another application of convection like this). 

What is the difference between a panel heater and a radiator?

The difference between a panel heater and a radiator is that panel heaters are used to create and distribute heat, whereas a radiator is simply a heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one area to another. Panel heaters can be considered all-in-one devices and are often made to be portable, whereas traditional radiators are usually installed in a home. 

Are panel heaters noisy or silent?

While panel heaters aren’t generally noisy, they are also not silent, and therefore the answer lies somewhere in between. Before purchasing your panel heater, check the decibel operating range of the device to ensure that your heater will not be overly noisy, especially if you intend to use it in a bedroom or common living area. 

What is the most economical way to heat a room?

Although many would argue that a log fire is the cheapest way to heat a room in the right circumstances, panel heaters are one of many ways Australians can increase internal temperatures within a home (more heating and cooling solutions here). In many instances, the use of gas, heat pumps, and other technologies may be more economical than panel heaters. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, panel heaters are a great way to easily heat any room of a home, as an often portable and convenient way to achieve comfort quickly. As we are always on the hunt for new developments in the latest heating technology, we praise panel heaters as one of the many ways a person may be able to lower their utility bills or carbon footprint.