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Best Low Flow Shower Heads

Hot water represents about 35% of the power usage of the average home, and the long, hot shower we love to enjoy is the largest user of our hot water. So, using a 3-Star-rated showerhead that saves up to 60% on water and power makes a lot of sense.

There’s just been one BIG problem with 3-Star showerheads– most people don’t feel that they’re getting a ‘good shower’! They feel cheated.

You can probably relate to that if you’ve had showers with some AAA showerheads when staying away from home- the jets of water were almost stinging, but you didn’t feel ‘wet’, and you didn’t feel warm. The sad result? Most homes don’t have AAA showerheads, and some of those that did, stopped using them. That’s wasted water, wasted energy, and wasted money.

Now, there’s a new a range of revolutionary 3-Star-rated water-saving showerheads. What makes them revolutionary, you ask? They give you a great shower, save you water, save you energy, and save you money. The way they do it is brilliant.

The “Secret” is a brilliant system that inserts an air bubble into the droplets of water, making the water stick to you and not bounce off like ordinary shower heads. The air bubble droplets cling and flow over your body like a warm champagne overcoat, spraying a strong gentle flow.

These AAA showerheads aren’t just for the home. Hotels, motels, schools, building managers, investment property owners and many others, can benefit from the valuable water and energy savings, and keep their customers happy!

A University of Newcastle ‘Flow rate Test’ produced a huge saving in water. The Laboratory Manager concluded,

“The results show that waterflow through the standard 50mm (2”)shower rose can be reduced considerably with the use of E-Co Shower fittings, however this is not at the cost of shower comfort.

The shower droplets look to be about the normal size one would expect from this type of shower and differ from a normal spray by having the droplets hollow, like thick walled bubbles. I directed the spray over my arm during the test to see what it was like and thought it felt very gentle and pleasant.”

How much water could you save? If your family spends a total of 15 minutes in the shower a day, and your current showerhead uses 15 litres a minute, your annual water saving would be over 40,000 litres a year. That’s a lot of water, and, increasingly, a lot of money.