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Best Evaporative Cooler Australia

Are you sweating the journey to find the best evaporative cooler in Australia? In the blistering heat, it can be challenging to know where to start when evaluating your options, and even more difficult once you start to compare different brands and models. 

Well, don’t fret, because our team of home upgrade experts has done the research necessary to showcase the absolute best evaporative coolers available in Australia. Whether you are after a small, convenient system or would like to invest in the full-home evaporative cooler of your dreams, this comprehensive guide features all of the products and information you will need to make an informed decision.       

The Short Answer

To kick things off, we’ll get straight to the point. Bonaire’s Diet evaporative coolers successfully check all of the boxes necessary to claim the title as “the absolute best evaporative cooler” product line on the market today. 

Bonaire Diet Evaporative Coolers

What to know about Bonair Diet Evaporative Coolers:

  • Many different sizes including 10, 12, 22, and 35L   
  • Very affordable option
  • Slim and mobile 
  • Superior functionality

With options to fit any room size, the Bonaire Diet Evaporative Cooler line takes the cake in terms of quality products at an affordable price. Without completely running your wallet dry upfront, every Bonaire Diet model is also incredibly energy efficient to help you save money throughout everyday operation. 

Of course, don’t let its cost savings fool you, Bonaire Evaporative Coolers are premium pieces of equipment that feature multiple fan speeds, remote control operation, quiet technology, multi-stage air purification, timers, and more. Similar to other portable air conditioners, each of these models are also set on a sturdy set of wheels, for easy transition within or between rooms. 

Including a 12 or 24 month limited warranty (depending on which size you choose), Bonaire Diet evaporation coolers are a smart investment as a single room cooling system. Complete with a separate compartment for ice storage, there are very few easier ways to quickly cool a space than with a Bonaire. 

Other Top Rated Evaporative Coolers

Of course in a country as hot as Australia, there are so many more great evaporative coolers available, aside from those manufactured by Bonaire. For solutions and budgets of all capacities, here are a few other models guaranteed to cool down your indoor space Down Under. 

The De’Longhi EV250.WH Evaporative Cooler

Why the De’Longhi EV250 is the perfect #2:

  • One-size-fits all evaporative cooler
  • Effective indoor and outdoor capabilities
  • Optimal air quality ionization
  • Drip protection for added comfort

If you’re having trouble choosing between Bonaire Diet models, then we’d like to suggest the De’Longhi EV250 as the best one-size-fits-all option for easy cooling. Built for durability, portability, and indoor/outdoor use, there is no place on your property that the DeLonghi EV250 will not be able to effectively cool.

Beyond just the cooling, De’Longhi includes an ionizer within the EV240.WH, which improves air quality by filtering bacteria and dust during normal operation. With 6 hours of complete autonomy, it is very easy to simply set up the De’Longhi EV250 in a new space and instantly cool and purify the air. Plus with remote control, ongoing operation is possible from any room in the house. 

Including 3 separate wind modes (Natural, Normal, and Silent Sleep Water) and 3 unique fan settings, users can easily customize their device to fit the needs of any space. While in operation, a 24-hour timer, water level indicator, and included ice block compartment can also help optimize the system’s overall functionality. 

Rinnai Ducted Evaporative Cooling 

Why we need to mention Rinnai’s ducted systems:

  • Long-term alternative to small evaporative coolers
  • WiFi compatible and app control option 
  • Fast-acting and noninvasive

Next, we’d like to take a bit of a left turn and head up to the roof, where Australians can install a Rinnai Ducted evaporative cooling system. Although specific models may only be available in Southern Australia, New South Wales, and Western Australia, ducted evaporative cooling systems are a great long-term alternative to small, portable systems all over the country.

While there are many different ducted evaporative cooling systems available in Australia, Rinnai is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of many home items (such as Rinnai solar hot water heaters), which is why we choose to feature them in this list. Unlike many other systems, Rinnai’s A-Series also comes with app-control integration, which uses a built-in WiFi system to easily optimize your home’s interior temperature.

Non-invasive and carefully installed on your roof, a Rinnai Ducted system is one of the best ways to take advantage of the fact that “warm air rises and cool air falls.” Sealed for winter weather and featuring a quiet operation mode, a Rinnai Ducted Evaporative Cooler is a great way to guarantee comfort for homes of any size.    

Dimplex Evaporative Coolers

Reasons to love Dimplex Evaporative Coolers:

  • Great, low-cost options 
  • Sleek and attractive
  • Eco friendly and energy-efficient
  • 2-year domestic warranty on all coolers

Circling back to traditional, single-room evaporative coolers, Dimplex is another great international manufacturer with an impressive line of high-quality products. Featuring a wide range of 5L to 20L options, Dimplex can offer every size of room high-quality evaporative cooling, with each product guaranteed by a 2-year domestic warranty, no matter the device’s price or rated capacity. 

On top of a low cost to adopt, Dimplex systems are also designed to be incredibly energy efficient, allowing each evaporative cooler to run continuously without excessive electricity bills. And while Dimplex does not sell its own products directly from its website, it is relatively easy to locate a dealer or online retailer to help purchase a system in most Australian cities.

Featuring auto-shutdown, timers, water fill indicators, and plenty of other premium features, Dimplex has a continuously evolving line of evaporative coolers that are near guaranteed to be effective. And with an included remote control, LED display, and set of 3 different operating modes, Dimplex evaporative coolers are just as user-friendly as any other brand on the market today. 

Midea Multifunction Air Cooler

What to know about the Midea Multi-Function Air Cooler: 

  • Very affordable product
  • Small, simple, and easy to move
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Bonus humidification functionality

Next, if you are looking for the absolute best deal on an evaporative cooler in Australia, there are very few cheap (but still high-quality) options other than the Midea Multi-Function Air Cooler. Available via Amazon, Kogan, or through a number of domestic brick and mortar retailers, the Midea Mulfiction Air Cooler is generally sold below $100, making it the least expensive system featured on this list.

And while we understand that skepticism may come along with purchasing a low-cost product, the Midea Multi-Function Air Cooler includes a full 1-year warranty so that you are guaranteed it will last all season. Plus with 3 fan and wind settings, the functionality of Midea’s systems is not that different from other leading brands.

Of course, as a “multifunction” air cooler, it is important to know that the Midea system also includes a “humidifying” function for those struggling with dry spaces. While running, the Midea can also utilize its internal oscillation, built-in timer, and remote control to optimize ease of use.      

EvaPolar EvaChill 

Cool things about the EvaPolar EvaChill: 

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Charged via USB
  • Quiet, effective, and energy-efficient
  • Available in 3 different colors

Finally, we’d like to feature a unique evaporative cooler that may be changing the technology as we know it. While we’ve highlighted some highly-probable devices so far, none of the evaporative coolers listed above are as small, compact, or lightweight as the truly unique EvaPolar EvaChill. 

Charged via USB port, EvaPolar’s products do not draw nearly as much energy as most AC and DC-powered alternatives. As a practically handheld device, it is very easy to plug your EvaPolar EvaChill into a laptop, outlet, or power bank and instantly begin cooling and purifying the air of an indoor space. Plus, it has a humidification mode if necessary!

In small spaces, campervans, or even in tents, the EvaPolar is one of the most convenient evaporative coolers available today for instances in which an enormous high-powered system would be unnecessary or wasteful. And while the EvaChill may not have all of the functionality of larger systems, its energy efficiency and convenience make it one of the most interesting options out there. 

Most Important Things to Look for in Your Evaporative Cooler 

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know you’re making the right investment with any particular evaporative cooler. To help you weigh the potential winners against one another, here are all of the things that you need to consider before purchasing an evaporative cooler. 

Size and Purpose

Before you buy an evaporative cooler, the best thing to do is to envision yourself using it. Will you be using the cooler in a small room, large space, or in many different areas throughout the house? Wherever you would like to use it, you’ll need to make sure that your evaporative cooler is rated to be effective within the space you plan to use it.

Most evaporative coolers are rated in liters, which refers to the size of the water tank in portable units. In general, 5 to 10L tank systems are great for small and midsize rooms while large rooms (40m2 and bigger) can typically only be autonomously effective with a tank large enough to hold 20L or more. 

If you are considering a rooftop ducted system, your appliance will likely be hooked directly into your home’s water supply so you will not have to worry about continuously refilling a tank. For cooling an entire home, a ducted system is generally more cost-friendly and logistically easier than purchasing a set of portable devices. With that said, portable and inexpensive devices are generally the best evaporative coolers for apartments and leases or for those who only need the device in a room or two within a home.    


Within the realm of the best evaporative coolers, there are essentially 2 different shapes available on the market today: cube and tower. With a cube or rectangular-shaped evaporative cooler, users can generally store more water with a larger physical footprint providing plenty of storage space. 

On the other hand, a cooling tower system is typically better at oscillating, which allows it to more easily spread cool air throughout a room. Plus, a tall and slender evaporative cooler tower can easily fit in tight rooms, both when in use and within small storage spaces. To combine the best of both the cubic and tower design, many of the evaporative coolers in this article offer space-saving systems with omni-dimensional fans and large storage basins.  

Operating Modes

When it’s the dead of summer and you’re trying not to sweat in your sheets, you’ll be thankful if you purchase an evaporative cooler with operating modes specifically designed for the evening. From sleep timers to quiet modes, the ability to safely, effectively, and comfortably operate your evaporative cooler is the most critical thing to consider when imagining yourself using any device. 

The sign of a premium evaporative cooler is typically one that includes at least 3 operating modes, one of which is designed specifically for sleep. Most great devices come with oscillation, and many systems also incorporate air-purifying and humidifying modes as an option. And for the sake of convenience, any evaporative cooler that comes with a remote control will always be better than one without. 

Warranty Period

The next surefire way to choose the best evaporative cooler for your home is to check the warranty period before you purchase. Although they can be fickle devices, most manufacturers are still able to guarantee a warranty period of at least 1 full year on most high-quality evaporative coolers. 

With that said, premium devices are typically sold with an even longer warranty period, so we encourage Aussies to also seek out evaporative coolers with manufacturer’s warranties for 2 years and more. While it can be tempting to purchase a cheap system or opt out of a warranty, defects are common when mixing electricity and water, so users should always be prepared for device malfunction or failure in the event of a large spill or accident.     

Cost and Local Availability

When looking at long warranty periods, it becomes very apparent that quality correlates with the cost of purchasing an evaporative cooler. Cheap systems may be effective for occasional use, but anyone looking to cool a room for an entire season should be prepared to spend at least $100 on a high-quality, long-lasting system. 

In terms of local availability, hidden and shipping costs may be added when choosing an online retailer, so shopping locally is encouraged for large devices like evaporative coolers. With that in mind, it is still very easy to find a great deal on an evaporative cooler online, and Australians should always double-check before purchasing a product to ensure it can be delivered to their specific region. 

Power Efficiency 

When looking at the long-term use of a premium evaporative cooler, power efficiency is the most important thing to check out when evaluating ongoing running costs. The more efficient the system is, the less power it needs to draw from your home, and thus saves you more energy and cost on electricity bills. 

Under the scorching sun of the Australian summer, a combination of solar panels and evaporative cooling is one of the best ways to combine green technology with energy efficiency for simple, sustainable, and affordable operation. 

Bonus Functionality

Last but not least for some big spenders, today’s absolute best evaporative cooling systems also come with premium bonus features like WiFi integration. There are many both high-end and affordable evaporative coolers that come with a wide range of premium operational and safety features such as spill-proofing, auto-shutoffs, USB compatibility, and more.  

Evaporative Cooler FAQ

Before concluding, we’d like to quickly tie together any loose ends and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about evaporative coolers in Australia. 

How do evaporative coolers work? 

An evaporative cooler is a device that evaporates water and turns it into cool air. More often than not, this is accomplished using a series of fans to circulate air through the system before cooling it and spreading it around a room or home. Evaporative cooling technology can be used to cool a single room or as an alternative to traditional air conditioning throughout an entire vented structure. 

Are evaporative coolers worth the money?

With plenty of models on the market to fit any budget, evaporative coolers are almost always worth the money in terms of upfront and ongoing cooling costs. As evaporative coolers are especially useful in arid climates, they are typically a great choice for many of the dry regions throughout Australia. Plus, the electricity costs of an evaporative cooler are generally much lower than most other air conditioning systems.

Which brand of an evaporative cooler is best?

We created this guide specifically to help point you in the right direction to a handful of great evaporation cooler brands. While there are plenty of international manufacturers constantly updating their models, evaporative cooling technology continues to evolve, especially in the green revolution. If you’re on the hunt for the next best evaporative cooler brand, we suggest starting local and researching new technologies within the Australian market.  

Can I use an evaporative air cooler in a closed room?

Yes, evaporative air coolers are designed for safe operation in closed rooms, however, they are almost always more effective in an area with some airflow. As most evaporative coolers are designed to be placed next to a window, operation in a closed room may cause the air to become more humid, which can actually counteract its ability to cool down a space.  

Is evaporative cooling cheaper than air conditioning?

Yes, evaporative cooling is cheaper than traditional air conditioning as it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to cool down an interior space today. In both manually filled and automatic water pump evaporative cooler systems, a minimal amount of electricity is used to operate the system which can help significantly save on utility costs when weighed against a refrigerated system. 

Can you leave an evaporative cooler on overnight?

Yes, evaporative coolers are designed to be passive and most systems can run continuously throughout the day and night. Of course, before you head to bed, safe operation can be guaranteed if you ensure that the evaporative cooler has enough water and is running properly to last throughout the evening. 


And that’s a wrap! We hope that this guide has helped you discover the best evaporative cooler for your home or has at least provided assistance in helping you find the perfect appliance for your particular needs. To make your evaporative cooler as eco-friendly as possible, you may even want to consider feeding your device with a rainwater harvesting system.