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The Best Air Purifiers for Australian Homeowners in 2021

If you’re looking to compare the best air purifiers in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. We know what it’s like when allergens and toxins can create discomfort and complicate health. Thankfully today’s top air purification systems make it easy for anyone to improve their living conditions. 

While there are so many different models of air purifiers on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to begin. And if you’re investing a few hundred dollars for your family’s health, it is critical that you find a good product to get the job done well.  

To make it easy for you, we’ve taken the time to look at the best air purification systems of today and will share the products that have satisfied customers all across the country below.  

The Best Overall Air Purifier:

As the absolute best overall air purifier for Australians, the Breville Smart Air™ Plus Connect is the pinnacle of customer experience. Although we feature many great units in this article, the Smart Air™ Plus Connect is able to combine value, design, and function while making air purification as easy as possible.  

The Breville Smart Air™ Plus Connect Purifier

Why the Beville is number one:

  • Voice assisted and smart home compatible 
  • Automatic sensors and reporting
  • 4 stage filtration (HEPA, carbon, and more)
  • 2-year warranty

Ideal for larger rooms like family living areas up to 80 square meters, the Breville Smart Air can use any of its 4 fan speeds and still be effective. Utilizing a 4 stage purification system, microbe shield, and particle monitor, this appliance includes the most up-to-date technology and can even be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or simple voice commands.

While the Breville Smart Air Plus Connect may not be the cheapest product on the market, it is one of the few that can boast 360 degrees of airflow with the outlets intentionally designed for maximum performance. Portable and non-invasive all the same, this product is great for everyday use and includes a 2-year warranty to help protect your investment.  

Learn more about the Smart Air™ Plus Connect Purifier

6 More Great Air Purifiers Available in Australia

Of course, air purification is not a one-size-fits-all situation. If the Breville Smart Air Connect isn’t the ideal solution for your home, consider one of these great alternatives. 

1. Dyson Pure Hot Cool 

Why We Love The Dyson Pure Hot Cool:

  • Purifies, heats, and cools – all in one (this is huge if you’re thinking about purchasing an air conditioner as well) 
  • 350° oscillation for air everywhere
  • Smart sensing and reporting
  • Night mode and remote control 

Now if you’re looking for an air purifier that can do all it is expected to do and more, then why not consider the Dyson Pure Hot Cool? Manufactured by one of the most well-known appliance brands on the planet, Dyson’s Pure Hot Cool purifier/fan/heater helps adjust room temperature, all while making the air less toxic and more breathable. 

Ideal for the seasonal swings of Australia’s most populated regions, the Dyson Pure Hot Cool can heat up or chill out your living space with smart sensors and automatic reports on ambient air quality. With easy filter maintenance, year-round comfort doesn’t get much more simple than with an appliance like this, and although it may be a bit pricey, there is a tremendous amount of value in owning a 3 in 1 system. 

Read more information on the Dyson Pure Hot Cool.

2. Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier

What makes the Cosmo Prime great?

  • Triple filtration (HEPA and carbon)
  • Night mode and silent mode
  • Child lock and other safety features
  • 5-year warranty and 20-day free trial

German designed with free shipping throughout Australia, the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier is one of the absolute best models for your money today. Gaining international acclaim, the Cosmo is both quiet and efficient, which are two of the most critical things to consider when thinking about the day-to-day use of your next purifier. 

Again, the Cosmo Prime isn’t cheap, but annual to biannual filter replacements will keep cost and maintenance low compared to other small devices. Plus, with its aerodynamic 360° design, child lock, automatic shut-off, timer, light sensor, and operating modes, this purifier is one of the safest and most practical models for prolonged use on the market today. 

Learn more about the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier

3. VBreathe Tasman

Best Aspects of the VBreathe Tasman:

  • Multiple attractive colors
  • Patented VActive natural gel technology
  • Bluetooth and WiFi smart sensors
  • Portable and 100% Australian made

Unlike most of the purification systems for homeowners, the VBreathe Tasman taps into natural gel technology to work alongside traditional HEPA filtration for an extremely effective result. Hunting down more toxins and pathogens than most other systems, VBreathe’s technology is serious business for those who need clean air the most. 

The VBreathe Tasman has many credentials, as it is food-safe certified, tested in Australia’s top universities, and was the winner of the New South Wales Government Award for Coronavirus. And while it is marginally more expensive than most other purifiers on the market, more of your money will stay in Australia when purchasing this 100% Aussie product. 

See the details on the VBreathe Tasman Air Purifier and Detoxifier

4. Winix ZERO+ PRO 5-Stage System

WInix Zero+ Pro features:

  • 5 Stage filtration system 
  • Smart air quality display
  • Hospital-grade purification
  • Impressive energy efficiency  

Utilizing PlasmaWave® 2.0 technology, Winix Australia boasts hospital-grade air purification with their Zero+ Pro 5-Stage Systems. Ideal for doctors’ offices, professional spaces, and even just large living rooms, this appliance makes it possible to easily access some of the most intensive air filtration processes used throughout the world today.

Aside from the filtration itself, part of what makes the Zero+ Pro so great is the unit’s impressive energy efficiency, rated as up to 12 times more efficient than an average home light bulb. Not only will this help keep costs down, but the Zero+ will also automatically adjust settings based on changes in its surrounding indoor environment. 

Find more information with Winix Australia

5. Arovec Smart Compact Air Purifier

Cool things about the Arovec:

  • 4 stage filtration system
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Compact and practical
  • Low upfront cost

As the lowest retail-priced option featured on this list, the Arovec Smart Compact Air Purifier is an intelligent way to clean the conditions in your home without breaking the bank. While this unit may not have all of the operating modes and advanced features of other purifiers, the Arovec has everything you need for better air with a built-in 4 stage system comparable to other, expensive units.

As another 100% Australian-owned entity, supporting Arovec is easy as their products are put through rigorous testing and the company always includes a 2-year warranty, For rooms up to 30 square meters, the Arovec is perhaps the most budget-friendly choice, without sacrificing quality, that is available today. 

Learn more about Aorvec’s Smart Compact Air Purifier

6. Phillips 1000i Series Air Purifier 

Phillips 1000i 

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% virus, allergen & pollutant removal 
  • HEPA & Active Carbon filter
  • 5-speed settings (including turbo)

Finally, we’d like to feature one of the best air purification systems that is becoming harder and harder to find: the Philips 1000i Series Air purifier. As an international powerhouse, Phillips is constantly introducing new and exciting products to the market, but few have been as well-received as the 1000i Series Air Purifier. 

Still available through many local retailers (as well as Amazon), anyone that can get their hands on the 1000i Series will not be sorry. Including 5 different operating modes, impressive purification stats, and a low upfront cost, the 1000i Series was an instant hit in Australia, and we hope that the manufacturer will continue to release high-quality products as such. 

Learn more about the Phillips 1000i Series.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Air Purifier

If you’ve been overwhelmed with options, it’s time to take a deep breath. Thankfully, this will be the last breath of potentially polluted air you’ll be breathing for a long time.

Let’s take a look at the most critical performance and purchasing factors to weigh in order to determine the best air purifier for your indoor space:

Working Range and Room Size

Have you ever heard the expression, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”? Well if you have a large living space that needs air purification, it is critical not to undersize your system. When evaluating room size, most manufacturers are actually talking about room area, although it is important to take all of the room’s dimensions must be into account if you have high ceilings.

For the best results, we recommend measuring your room’s length, width, and height and using these measurements when evaluating different air purifying systems. In many cases, large manufacturers sell a few models that coincide with small, average, and large rooms for easy purchasing. 

One quick way to choose between different air purifiers is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), a global industry term that refers to the volume of air that will be cleaned. The CADR rating should be equal to at least two-thirds of the room’s area.

For example:

A room that measures 5 meters by 10 meters has an area of 50 square meters. Therefore, a good CADR rating for an air purifier would be no less than 35. 

Power Efficiency 

As with heat pumps, solar hot water systems or pool heat pumps, a critical aspect that some people forget to consider when evaluating all kinds of appliances is power efficiency. Although you may think that you’re saving a buck on upfront costs with a cheap air purifier, shoddy systems may end up costing you more in the long run with increased power bills. If an air purifier advertises itself as power-efficient, that is a good sign, but certifications are critical when looking to find something of quality. 


Tied in with power efficiency, noise is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of most overeager air purification system purchases. A noisy, inefficient system may create headaches when in use, which seems almost counterintuitive when trying to improve life at home. While most air purifiers operate more quietly than a refrigerator, this isn’t always the case, especially as cheap systems begin to age.

Before you purchase an air purifier for your home, see if you can identify the manufacturer’s expected decibel [dB(A)] ratings. Most of the noise that is emitted during the use of an air purifier is typically from the fan operation, which shouldn’t sound much louder than a personal computer when set on the highest power settings. 


Now while we would all like to have the newest top-of-the-line air purifier on the market, a brand new appliance isn’t typically just “pocket change” for most Australians. While a small, cheap air purifier may seem like a good idea, these may only be realistic for occasional use and generally reserved for small spaces. 

Air purification systems are an investment in your home and health. If the difference is only a matter of a few dollars, we almost always recommend eliminating regret and purchasing the largest purifier that can fit your living space. 


And because an air purifier is an investment, taking a peek at the manufacturer and store warranty periods is an absolute necessity when purchasing a system. If you intend to run your purifier at all hours of the day, you’ll be sorry if it decides to give up in a few months and leave you out of luck. 

High-quality air purification systems are typically warrantied for at least one year of ordinary operation and use. Throughout the warranty period, owners will need to replace the filter as it relates to local conditions in order to maintain the most efficient and safest operation. 

Required Maintenance 

Speaking of replacing the filter, one must consider all of a purifier’s required maintenance when thinking about the overall improvement in home life. Pay close attention to what kind of filters a potential purifier uses, their expected lifespan, availability, and cost. After all, low-quality systems that burn through cheap filters can end up becoming more of a financial and operational hassle than a smart home upgrade. 

Filter Type

Depending on the kind of purification you are looking for, there are a few different kinds of air purification filters to choose from. Right now, most high-quality systems will use three, four, or five-step filters that combine technologies such as HEPA, ozone, ionic, carbon, and ultraviolet. While purely HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters are perfect for trapping allergens, those suffering from smoke or chemicals in the air will also require specialized carbon, ionic, or ozone filters to fully purify the air. 

Frequently Asked Air Purifier Questions

Finally, let’s answer some of the most common questions Aussies are asking when it comes to home air purification.

What is the best air purifier on the market today?

We’ve created this guide to help you find the best air purifier for your individual home because there is no true, universal “best air purifier” on the market today. With that said, there are plenty of great brands that produce long-standing and exciting new products year after year. Although we like the Breville as the best overall, it’s hard to go wrong with a purifier from Dyson, Phillips, or other well-known manufacturers. 

Do air purifiers actually work?

Yes, today’s top air purifiers have been proven to improve air quality and eliminate most indoor airborne pollutants. In addition to fresher feeling air indoors, purifiers are effective in reducing health complications from allergens, smoke, mould, and more.   

Are air purifiers worth the money?

Although a few hundred dollars may have a different amount of value to different people, yes, we can say that air purifiers are almost always worth the money for improving the quality of life at home. If you are in an area with bushfires or simply have been feeling the effects of possible indoor pollutants, the most reliable purification systems are well worth their weight in breathing clean air at home.  

What are the pros and cons of an air purifier?

As more than simply “a breath of fresh air,” air purifiers are a great investment in the health of your home and its inhabitants. With an air purifier, you can significantly improve the air quality to help fight allergies, fatigue, disease, and other airborne ailments. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to purchasing an air purifier. Some systems may be noisy, especially as they age, and cheap appliances may not solve all of the issues experienced in air quality. 

Can I sleep with an air purification system running?

Yes, most air purification systems are designed for safe, easy, and efficient overnight running. In fact, you may never sleep better, as your system purifies the air throughout the evening. While some users may be concerned with possible noise pollution when trying to get some shut-eye, most systems are designed for low-noise modes, with a gentle operating hum. 

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

While obviously influenced by the strength of the appliance and the size of the room, average air purification systems will begin improving the indoor air quality within minutes, and slowly influence the adjacent areas. In an isolated situation, an average room will typically have all of its air improved within 2 to 3 hours of purification

Where should I put an air purifier? 

While avoiding tucked-away nooks and crannies, there are not many “wrong” places to put an air purifier. Typically, you’ll want to put an air purifier somewhere with the most airflow, in a place where clean air can be distributed to the rest of the house. Unless your system is permanently mounted on a wall (which does work great), moving your appliance around may also be effective in larger spaces

Final Thoughts

We hope that this comprehensive guide has helped inspire you to wake up and breathe the fresh air with a new purification system. If you’re looking for more information on other smart home solutions, feel free to read up on all of our sustainable home upgrades