Bladder Tanks:
The Ideal Storage Solution For Under-Deck &
Under-House Use

bladder-tankBladder tanks can be a brilliant answer when lack of space around the house means that above ground water tanks can’t do the job. Quietly sitting between the supports under your deck, or between the piers under your house, bladder tanks do the job out of sight and out of mind. Until now, price has been the problem.


bladder-tank-testUntil now, prices for bladder tanks have made them an expensive choice. Elsewhere, you are likely to pay anything between $1100 and $2000 for a single 2000 litre bladder tank. We’ve dramatically changed that.

Our new range of heavy-duty (1000 gsm flexible reinforced PVC tarpaulin) bladder tanks raise the bar on quality, and dramatically lower prices. They’re also tough- see the test on the left!

We buy direct from the importer, and you save. Now you can have a 2000 litre bladder tank for hundreds of dollars less than competition! We can supply three different sizes- 2000, 3000 and 5000 litres. All are the same height and width- only the length changes. Here are the prices and dimensions…

Rec. Retail
Our Discount Price*
2000 litres
570 mm.
1250 mm.
2810 mm.

$ 849.00

3000 litres
570 mm
1250 mm.
4220 mm.
$ 1099.00
5000 litres
570 mm
1250 mm.
7020 mm.

* Prices include GST.

Postage/freight to your location is extra.

Applications for bladder tanks…

  • Main water storage under-house or under-deck
  • Backup storage- take the overflow from your existing tanks- why waste it?
  • Under-pool storage, why not collect water to top up your pool?
  • Rural firefighting or stack watering- put one one the back of the truck
  • Renting a property? Use a bladder tank, then roll it up and take it with you!
  • Please Note: These tanks are not for potable water purposes.

 Background Briefing:

Bladder Tank FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions
Warranty (5 years)
Bladder Tank Installation Instructions

 Posted on : November 12, 2015