rural-water-tank (1)Water Tanks In Australia

The water tank in Australia has long been an obvious necessity in rural areas. The need has not been so obvious in urban Australia until recently. Now, a combination of record populations, high water usage, and the worst drought in generations has seen authorities change from opposing urban water tanks in Australia. Now they are encouraged, often with government rebates. In other cases, they are being mandated by government, and most jurisdictions require a water tank to be fitted to a new home.

Not only is government regulation of water tanks in Australia moving towards a water tank on most new homes, but a rapidly increasing number of existing home owners are installing water storage tanks for their homes.

clark-tanks-CT2200-10000-litreThe choice is amazing. Concrete water tanks aren’t often used in urban areas. Metal water tanks are very popular in both urban and rural Australia. We supply Tankworks Australia Colorbond® tanks, as well as Rhino large steel water tanks for rural, industrial and commercial use. Bladder tanks are great for under-deck or under-house use.

The most popular water tanks in Australia with urban customers are the modern poly tanks, also known as plastic, PE or polyethylene tanks. These long-life tanks come in a variety of shapes, a wide range of colours, and a bewildering assortment of brand names. There are more brands of water tanks than you can poke a stick at- Nylex Plastank, Bushman, Clark Tanks, Team Poly, Duraplas,Precison Poly, Poly Water Tanks, the former ARI Plastank and a host of others around the country. The proliferation of brands is a product of the cost of trucking the tanks long distances.

On this website, we have chosen an extensive range for our customers by a stellar cast of water tank suppliers…

clark-tanks-CT5000-22700-litre (1)Since 1997, Clark Tanks have been making superior-quality poly water tanks. Starting with just one factory in Dalby, Queensland, Clark Tanks have grown into Australia’s largest poly water tank company.

Today, Clark Tanks have five factories- at Dalby and Brisbane in Queensland, Bathurst in NSW. and Moama and Melbourne in Victoria. Their sister company, Tanks Direct, services Northern and Central Queensland.

Clark Tanks offer high-quality, top features and excellent pricing.

nylex-9000-litre-tankNylex has been an iconic Australian brand for generations, and recent years have seen them expanding their operations in the water tank field.

Starting with the purchase of the ARI Plastank business at Pakenham, near Melbourne, they now also have factories in Sydney, Brisbane and Bundaberg. Nylex water tanks are some of the best tanks in Australia. Nylex water tanks are available to customers in Victorai, NSW, ACT and Queensland.

team-poly-3000lAnother iconic Australian company is Hills Industries, now making it’s mark in the water and energy-saving field.

Taking over one of the largest water tank businesses in Australia,Team Poly Water Tanks, has helped propel Hills past the magic A$1 billion turnover mark.

You’ll immediately notice that Team Poly water tanks use the traditional corrugated-iron-style profile.

poly-2800-slimlineNot all tank manufacturers are $billion companies. Sometimes there are brilliant designs, high quality manufacture and extra geograhical spread from other manufacturers, and EFP is happy to supply water tanks from suppliers like Poly Water Tanks. With a unique range of round and slimline tanks from 700 to 5000 litres, you can purchase Poly Water Tanks in the Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide Regions.

As the business of water tanks in Australia has moved from just rural, to strongly urban, a new breed of water tank has emerged for space-challenge urban cutomers- the slimline water tank.

precision-3000-slimlinePrecision Poly saw the need for slimline tanks, and developed an innovative range of good-looking slimline tanks, from 1100 to 3000 litres.

Customers now enjoy the Precision Poly slimline style in the Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne regions.

tankmasta-bagel-undergroundA new breed of underground water tanks has developed, such as Tankmasta, and become common in new home construction. Featuring rugged, shallow design, they are the “best water tanks you’ll never see.”!

The Nylex DownUnda underground water tank also continues this trend.

onga-waterswitch-1sThe new breed of water tanks can not only save gardens, they can harvest rainwater and directly feed toilets, washing machines, even whole houses, using products such as the Onga WaterSwitch.

Watering gardens uses rainwater for half the year in most areas- using the water inside the house really starts saving water all year round. Most States have rebates to help you do this, and the WaterSwitch is the ideal product for the job.

As a customer, you also have to choose where to buy a water tank. Which water tank retailer, distributor or agent do you buy from? Here, we’ll give you the best advice and service we can, on the best range of water tanks in Australia. If you’re after water tank prices, we provide them all on this site. That puts us in front of most!

 Posted on : November 10, 2015